Industrial Barn Wood & Metal Wall Bins – {Can you guess the parts}

metal wall bins
For all you “junkers” out there, here’s a test of your junk knowledge.  Can you guess what these metal parts originally were, that I used to created my newest Barn Wood Wall Bins?  The answer is at the end of the post.
Industrial Style Storage

I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t buy more of them, but I found them at an indoor flea market, while we were visiting family in New Mexico, so space was limited in our Jeep, and I only bought 3 of them.

Repurposed Barn Wood Wall Bins

The wood I attached them to was inside our barn when we bought our home.  It is really beautifully weathered, complete with some tiny little insect holes, which I love.  I made a stencil, using the numbers from an 1800’s sewing pattern graphic (shared here), to paint onto the bins.

Well, have you guessed what the metal parts came from?…….

Numbered Wall Bins

According to the dealer I bought them from they are parts from an elevator.  Pretty cool, huh?
This Barn Wood & Salvage Wall Bins is available in my shop HERE.

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Sweet Magnolias Farm
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  1. I think I’ll have some left over wood from my latest project. Just may have to try something like this! Thanks for sharing. I always look froward to your creative ideas.

  2. These are great. Too bad you didn’t have room for more!

  3. That made a real cute wall hanging. Wonder how they were used on an elevator?
    Have a great week.
    Audrey Z.

  4. I believe they are from a grain elevator, not a regular person or freight elevator. They would have been on a conveyor belt that lifted the grain up into the tall grain bins.
    Love your project!

  5. These are awesome and adding the numbers was perfect. Lov’n this Angie!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  6. Elevator?! Well, I’m so in love with this project I wouldn’t care if I found them underneath a burn pile! They are gorgeous on that wood mount!

  7. I absolutely LOVE those bins + barn wood! My dad was an elevator repair man, so I bet he would have guessed right from the start 🙂 Beautiful piece for your home!

  8. I love the look of the old metal against the wood plank Angie. Great find and an even better repurpose project. you must be so pleased.

  9. This looks so awesome. It would look great in my kitchen!

  10. Fantastic! Angie, your projects are always so creative and interesting… I think they make amazing decorative accents and talking points for a room design!

  11. elevator parts?! I never would have guessed! they look great 🙂

  12. So sweet! x

  13. This is great! But I was way off. I totally thought they were dust bins — you know, for sweeping — with the handles removed! 🙂

  14. I love this Angie.. it would make great storage in the craft room!

  15. elevator parts eh? I was gonna guess some kind of scoop. 🙂

    great job working your magic with junk Angie!


  16. I am with Gail. I immediately thought they were the drawer insides from an old Hoosier, flour, sugar, etc. storage. An elevator???? Whatever, the project turned out gorgeous!!! Please share at my new group link party tomorrow afternoon!! Would love to share this with my readers. -K

  17. I thought they were mailboxes! Love it, Angie! The typography is the perfect touch.

  18. I would be kicking myself too! I love them and this turned out perfect!

  19. What a great shelf!!! 🙂 So perfectly rustic and industrial!

  20. Love them! I too thought they were mailboxes at first! How Clever! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. So cool! Now I’m curious about where on the elevator…

  22. What an adorable way to add storage! Love it–where do you get these ideas!

  23. I adore this so much, now I’m on the hunt!!! The perfect mix of farmhouse and industrial, sharing everywhere!

  24. This is beautiful! It looks gorgeous on your walls. I may need to do this in our guest bathroom for extra storage.

  25. Super cute Angie! Love them on the barn wood. I did not guess right. Thought they were either some type of feed pins or used with heating or plumbing. lol! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  26. Amazing! I wouldn’t have expected them to be from an elevator. Love your original idea!! I can think of lots of places I could use something like this 🙂

  27. Love it Angie! Pinned and sharing 🙂 thanks for linking up to Inspiration Monday!
    Happy 4th of July,

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