Lighting in the Guest Room

It’s crunch time.  My mom arrives on Tuesday morning, so my husband and I are cramming to finish up the guest room, as well as get the house cleaned, which has desperately needed it.
One of the final projects he has worked on, was getting lighting installed.  I was in Lowes a few days ago, and found the most awesome barn-style wall light.  They sell a larger one as well, but this one was perfect to use as a bedside light, although it’s actually an outdoor light.  I purposely purchased as few things as was necessary for this room, other than actual supplies needed for the remodel,wanting to keep our costs as low as possible.  I was just going to put a lamp on a nightstand, but I couldn’t resist this light, and it was very reasonably-priced.  It looks perfect next to the corrugated sheet metal we used on the wall near it.
My husband and I were trying to decide exactly how to describe the style of this room.  It’s a little bit industrial, a little bit cottage, a little bit beachy, and a fair amount of rustic, like a camping cabin.  We decided it’s French Cottage-Industrial-Rustic-Beach-Camping Cabin, or FCIRBCC…for short.  Even the acronym is long though!
Industrial barn light lighting via Knick of Time @
He also wired 2 pendant lights for me.  I found the wire flower baskets at an auction during the winter, and although they aren’t very old, they have nice patina from being outdoors.  I love that they don’t block any of the view of the rafters or ceiling.  
Industrial hanging lights lighting via Knick of Time @
We used vintage-style, twisted cloth-covered cord, and metal bulb sockets from Vintage Wire and Supply Co. on these lights.   They are sponsors of my blog, but this isn’t a paid post.  I’ve purchased supplies from them and have been 100% pleased with the quality of everything I’ve gotten – and their prices and service have been excellent.  They offer free shipping to my readers as well, when you use the code KNICKOFTIME.
Industrial hanging lights lighting via Knick of Time @

I hope to see you tomorrow for Knick of Time Tuesday – I’ve got some great features to share with you!

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  1. great lights! I have that same light from Lowes in my guest bathroom – put it up 12 years ago – love it too!

  2. it’s looking great!! love your lighting choices!!! Your mom’s not gonna want to leave 🙂

  3. I love the lighting you chosen for you FCIRBCC—
    whew! can we pleeeease just call it the guest cottage? hahahaha!
    You find the neatest things to make lights with!

  4. LOVE the look, Angie! And let’s talk about that room… I can tell it’s going to be AMAZING.

  5. So funny, I was already trying to think of an acronym for your style description before I got to the next line and saw that you already did it : ) The wall light is just adorable. So perfect with the wood and metal! Love your hanging light as well. I’m sure your mom will be completely charmed!

  6. Oh Angie! I love the light and the sneak peek of the guest room!

  7. Pinning, I love all the unique looks 🙂

  8. Love the lights! I’m thinking your mom just might want to move right in. Enjoy your visit.

  9. Don’t you just love how projects get done when you have a deadline? I love this look!

  10. I love all of your new lights! They look beautiful!

  11. Just stumble on your site through Pinterest and this is your first post I came across. I totally fell in love. I am guilty of clicking, looking and leaving without leaving comments, but I am smitten. I love your FCIRBCC guest room as I to am a “smasher-together-er” of styles! One always seems a bit to staged. Thank you for sharing your fabulousness.

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