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Since my workshop/storage area is still overflowing, I’ve been limiting purchases for my online shop to things I really love.  I’ve found quite a few neat items in the last month, and now that our vacation is over and our company has gone home, I’m finally starting to take photos and get them listed.  Some of them weren’t bargain purchases, but I liked them enough to overlook their higher price tags.  Of course, I’ll be happy if they sell, but if they don’t, I won’t mind keeping them.  These are a few of my favorites.  
Wood, Wire and Words – this old shipping crate has 3 of my favorite things.
Vintage Wooden Shipping Crate
It’s unusual, because it has wire that wraps all the way around it, but was clipped apart when it was originally opened.  I think it makes a perfect crate for an open display.  It’s available HERE.
Antique Wooden Shipping Crate
 I love bottle carriers, and the metal label on it sold me.
Vintage Bottle Carrier

I was a little stumped by the name,  “Hereford’s Cows”, because Herefords are beef cattle, not dairy cattle, and wondered why a milk carrier would say, “30 proof, so when I got home and did some research, I discovered that this wasn’t a milk bottle carrier, it was a carrier for an alcoholic milk drink that enjoyed brief popularity in the 1970’s.
Hereford's Cows Bottle Carrier
I used it to hold some roses in my guest room for my mom’s visit.   I always feel like I get my money’s worth when I buy cut roses, since they look as pretty dried as they do fresh.  This carrier is available in my shop HERE.

Vintage Bottle Carrier Metal Tote

I love all old wire office trays, but this one also had a metal label still attached.

ACME Antique Wire Paper Tray
 It says, “ACME Wire Letter Tray”, which translated to “Take Me Home”, as soon as I saw it.
Vintage Wire Paper Basket

It’s available HERE, but I think I’ll let it rest on my antique piano-turned-desk until it sells!
Vintage Wire Office Tray
I have a thing for clocks, so I couldn’t pass up this beautiful, brass clock mechanism.
I love the gears, and both sides look wonderful.

Vintage Clock Gears

 You can’t see them all in this photo, but between the front and back are lots more gears.  It’s available HERE.

Brass Clock Mechanism

 The day before my mom went home, we went to a local antique store.  I was focused on only finding things that were more reasonably-priced, and found a few things I loved, like this set of 3 pewter goblets, available HERE.

My real bargain was this old lidded tureen.

Antique Lidded Tureen

 It was clearly used often, but that adds to its character, and I got a good deal on it, so I if it doesn’t sell, I don’t have to feel the least bit guilty about keeping it.

 The lid has some chips, but I love the shape and the crazing on it, so the chips don’t bother me.  I’d probably use both pieces together, but the lid would look so pretty hung on a wall as well.  It’s available HERE.

I did pass up an enamelware milk pitcher, because it was more than I wanted to spend, but regretted it the rest of the day, so I may go back for it.  If I do, I will keep it, and try to get over feeling guilty about it.

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  1. Angie, the crate is unusual and great! I love crates and wire baskets and you have them all! I also like the old clock. I collected a few a while back and sold them because I really want to find the ones like you have. Still looking. Great finds!

  2. what great finds….and never feel guilty. :0)

  3. Wire, wood, words………yum. It’s an addiction isn’t it? Do most of your finds spend a little time in your house before heading to the shop? I know I find myself having a little trouble letting go more often than I care to admit!

  4. I love the letter tray! wonder how much it would cost to post it to Australia? 🙂

  5. I love wire letter trays too and like how you have displayed yours. In fact, love all your treasures and sure you will have quick buyers for them
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Love the crate!
    I’ve been selling vintage/antiques since 1996 and always felt somewhat guilty keeping things for myself. And I have let some really cool things go over the years. 🙁 I’ve been adjusting my thinking and finding it easier to keep things that I love, knowing they can always be sold at a later date if I so choose. Enjoy that enamelware pitcher if you decide to buy it!!

    Smiles…Bev @ Tymes Past

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