My New Picnic Table

Sometimes, you have to be patient to get what you want.  Last year I found an old picnic table at thrift store.  My husband didn’t want me to get it, and assured me he could build one for me.  I translated that to mean, he’d do it by next week, but I was mistaken.  Having impatiently waited a year, I will admit that it was worth the wait.
A few weeks ago, he came home with a big stack of culled lumber that he got at a great price – you know, the lumber that is somewhat warped, so stores want to get rid of it.  First, he built a deck for our above-ground pool.  He’s painting it now, but I’ll be sharing it soon.  He had lumber left over, so he informed me that I would get my long-awaited picnic table – just in time for some summer meals on our front lawn!
The top of the table and benches aren’t actually wood – they are composite wood flooring boards, so they are weather-proof and won’t fade, split, etc.  This table is heavy as heck, but we don’t have to worry about strong winds flipping it over, and it should last for years!
wooden picnic table via Knick of Time


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  1. It looks fabulous. I love the style and detail. Looks like it was worth the wait for sure.

  2. That is beautiful, Angie…love the design…

  3. Oh it’s so perfect and has unusual legs. I think you were very patient!

  4. I love it! Great job! Have fun on it this summer.

  5. How wonderful your husband is such a helper with building things for you, even if he did it in man time , lol. Super cute table!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  6. I love it! Great guy!

  7. Love your table-wonderful husband!

  8. Wow, what a fabulous table, much better than anything you’d be able to buy. Hope you have many happy family meals on it for years to come.

  9. Now THAT is well worth waiting for. Love it! Great style and colour.

  10. Oh, I think that was really worth the wait. What a wonderful addition to the outdoors!!! Love it, and congrats on getting the table off the bucket list. 🙂

  11. Love!! I’m on the wait for a hubbie-made picnic set – maybe one of these days!! So glad you are enjoying your awesome set!! xoxo

  12. I love the design of it and the separate benches!

  13. Your hubby did a great job again, Angie! He’s a keeper :). Enjoy your summer meals!

  14. That is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth the wait!

  15. Looking fabulous so far. Love the table.

  16. would love a tutorial, or close up of the design! Looking to make my own bench,LOVE this:)

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