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Last week was a super tiring week.  My husband and I took one of our college kids back to school, which was a 16 hour drive there and back.  My husband did 95% of the driving, but I stayed awake most of the time, and have’t slept well since we got back home, and it’s catching up with me now.  I hope to get a really good night’s sleep tonight, because I have a full agenda planned for this week, and don’t want to drag my way through it.
When my kids were young, I always looked forward to back to school time.  As homeschoolers, I always enjoyed planning their studies for the year, ordering their curriculum, and planning a fun first day of school.  Now that 3 of my 4 kids are in college, and the youngest is in high school, I seem to dread it.  The house is too quiet during the day, and my youngest son misses having his older siblings around.  Only 1 of my older kids is going to school out of state this year, so at least the other 2 will be around more.
Anyway, aside from taking one son to college, I was busy all week finishing up the remodel of my teenage son’s room.  Actually, we remodeled my husband and I’s bedroom for my son, and we took over his room.  That’s a long story, which I’ll share more about later this week, but I wanted to share the makeover I have his dresser.
We’ve had this dresser for about 9 years, bought at a consignment shop.  It was sturdy, and that’s about all that could be said for it.

Two of my sons have used it, so they added plenty of wear to what it had when we bought it.

I recruited my son to help me sand the heck out of the top of the dresser, removing all the scratched up finish, then stained it with Minwax stain, and waxed it.

One of the drawers was wonky, and I wasn’t crazy about the look of the top drawer, so my husband cut the support brackets off, and cut a board to fit inside, to create a shelf.  I found wire baskets  to go on the shelf at Hobby Lobby, which were 50% off.  I love the vintage look they have.

I thought about replacing the handles, but just wasn’t in the mood to fill holes and sand them first, and I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into it.  Inside the back board, I adhered a few pages from a vintage atlas, which makes the baskets on the shelf stand out a little more.

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  1. Wonderful redo, Angie. Great color and love the atlas pages. The original handles look perfect.

  2. Love the idea of just removing the drawer on top AND what you used for the back. I have some drawers to line on a few pieces and never thought of using something unconventional like you did.

  3. The dresser is great, the house is quiet, and Angie can’t sleep….must mean your mind is in creating mode.

  4. Michele Cook says

    love it…..the old atlas pages, the wire baskets, the color – GREAT!!!!

  5. It turned out fabulous Angie – love the background AND the baskets – and that blue is beautiful – love it !!!

  6. Cute! It turned out so cute, Angie! Love the color and the baskets are the perfect addition!

    xoxo laurie

  7. This turned out terrific! Great job! I love the color and finish!

  8. Wow… this is just awesome, Angie! Adore the opening with the baskets so much! The colour is amazing. Good call on everything!

  9. This looks great! Love the color and the shelf removed updates it so much!

  10. Angie-
    I’m with you on looking forward to planning school and getting it all lined out for the year. I do miss those days…but, haven’t got a clue what it is like to have a quiet house. or even a day alone.
    This dresser looks fantastic! I love those baskets… i made some baskets this week. It was fun!
    Love how this makeover turned out.

  11. I love the idea you had for this dresser, we have one here that’s almost just like it and it needs a make- over real bad. Now I have another project to get my son’s to help me with. Thanks so much for sharing.☺💕Love this! One if my favorite colors, the baskets, the EVERYTHING( lol ) it’s ME . Now to tell my son I want to swap dressers.☺ Have a great evening.

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