Repurposed Book into a Wall Hook

My apologies in advance, for those who hate to see repurposed books projects.  I know there are many  passionate book lovers, who can’t stand to see a book turned into anything that isn’t still readable, and I do respect their opinion, but I wanted to share my viewpoint about it, so they can understand I’m not trying to destroy books – I’m trying to keep the out of landfills.  Although a book may still be in perfectly readable condition -that doesn’t make it a book that is wanted.  If you can’t find someone who actually wants a book  – those are the books that end up in landfills, and my goal is turn books that thrift stores can’t get rid of, and auctions sell for a few dollars per box, into books people can still appreciate when turned into something else.  In my opinion, it’s a “green” project.  Okay…I’m done defending my position – now, on to the project!

I was digging through my stash in my workshop, and came across a book about birds, with a pretty cover, patterned with bird feathers.  I’m not even sure where I got it, but I remembered that I had a bird wall hook in my stash too, and they seemed to belong together.

Upcycled Book Wall Hooks

This is so easy to do!  I just grab a scrap piece of wood, and cut it so that it’s smaller than the opened book.  I open the book at the halfway point, and position the wood in the center.  Screw it in place with screws that are long enough to go through the book, and part of the pages, but not so long they come through the front cover.  Next, flip the book over and position the wall hook on the front of the cover, and screw it into place, then add hangers – I used D-ring hangers, so it won’t tip back and forth when things are hung on the hook.

salvaged book wall hook how to

You could place hooks on both sides of the cover, but I thought it would clutter the look of this particular book to have more than one hook.

I think it would look awesome to select a set of old books, and make multiple hooks, for keys, backpacks, purses, etc.

Repurposed Book Wall Hook

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  1. That’s so cute Angie! I have that same exact book! I just found it in my basement yesterday. I probably have a great hook I could use too, to make a hanging hook like that for my daughter’s friend that loves birds!

  2. Wendy Johnson says

    I love your hook and the saving the book idea. I couldn’t help but notice the pretty bird picture inside, I might have to tear out nice frameable pics before using that way.

  3. Clever idea Angie … some of the small Readers Digest books have real pretty covers and they would be fun to use.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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