2 Vintage Christmas Clip Art Images

I know many of you, (not including myself), are already working on some Christmas crafts and decor.  I really need to get on the ball, but inspiration just hasn’t struck yet.  I have been playing around with a few antique Christmas clip art images though, and wanted to share some with you, as well as ways you can modify it to suit your projects.

Christmas Clip Art Graphics holly frame

These holly frame images came from an early 1900’s magazine, and were used as a headers with titles, for columns in the magazine.  I removed all the text, and the background, so that they could have other images added inside them, and can also be layered over the top of other backgrounds.  To start, you’ll need to save the images (click on them to enlarge to full size).

Christmas clip art Holly Frame

Christmas Clip Art Holly and Candles copy

Then I selected the red page from these antique floral papers.  Previously, they were only available to new email subscribers, but now everyone can access all 8 colors of the pages HERE.  You’ll need to save each page you want to your computer.

Vintage Floral Paper

I opened the red paper image with Picmonkey, and layed a frame image over it – just so I could see what shape to crop the red paper into, then I removed the frame image, and saved it, so I was left with this (for the small holly frame).

red floral paper cropped

Next, I opened that red image and layered the holly frame over the paper (click on the butterfly shape to select the holly image from your saved file), and stretched the paper to fit correctly inside the frame.  Those who know Photoshop well, probably know a better way to do it, but I’m still learning Photoshop, and this worked for me.  My apologies if this sounds clear as mud, but it’s much easier and quicker than it looks written out.

Christmas Red Holly Frame Border

From there, you can add any text you desire.  Once you save your image with text, you can then add it over other images, so it works great as a printable for a handmade card, or even as a website graphic.

Christmas Clip Art Graphics holly frame

Follow the same method for the round holly and candles image.

Christmas Clip Art Image Candles and Holly

Don’t forget to click on the CHRISTMAS tag at the bottom of this post, for more Christmas projects and printables!

PIN now, and PRINT later!

Vintage Christmas Clip Art

I just want to say a special THANK YOU, to each and every one of you that left a comment on yesterday’s post – you totally made my week, and brought such a smile to my face.  I truly loved hearing from so many of you – especially those who had never left comments on my blog before.  It’s so nice to “meet” you!!



  1. Hi,
    I’m new to visiting your site but am LOVING all the great ideas! About these images…since I do not have Pikmonkey….is there another program I can use to get the same result? I have irfanview, Windows Media Center and a few others but, not sure how to get one item inside of another. Am new to all of this. :}

  2. Thank you Angie for sharing your images and your teaching tips. Your generosity is amazing and appreciated.

  3. Thank you, Angie, for the images. I am collecting ideas for this year’s Christmas cards.

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