Chippy Wood and Vintage Plates Wall Display

When my mom and I hung antique Bible pages on my living room walls a few years ago, I used a few illustrated pages on a small strip of wall between the hallway, and a closet.  Although the images were beautiful, I’ve always wished that I hadn’t used them, and just put the regular text pages there instead.  They just look a bit out of place in my living room.  I still have a few pages left from that Bible, and thought about covering them up with the regular pages, but have been hesitant to do so.  Instead, I decided I would just hang something else over them, but leaving the pages underneath for now.

I looked for something long and narrow to hang on the wall, and found this chippy wood panel from an old door that was the right size and shape.

chippy door panel

They must have been used as doors in a horse barn, because both of them have lots of chew marks on them, and they chewed all the way through to the front of this panel in a small area, but I would be able to hide that spot for my project.

My daughter’s horse has done the same thing.  I have all my antique window stock stored in my barn, and made the mistake of leaning some really tall windows up against our horse stalls.  Her Quarter Horse leaned over the  stall divider and chewed up the back side of one window, but I hope to salvage it for a project.  If I succeed, I’ll share the project with you all.

horse chewing wood

I attached a piece of scrap wood to the chewed up side of the panel, and added 2 D-ring hangers to it.  This made it thicker, so putting screws through the front wouldn’t allow the screws to come through the panel and scratch my wall.

salvaged wood for wall display

On the front, I put 3 screws to hold some vintage white plates.  The plates were wide enough to cover the hold in the panel.

salvaged chippy wood

I killed two birds with one stone with this project, because I found a use for a horse-chewed panel, and my wall space has a new display that fits better with the rest of the room.  It’s similar to the plate display I made for my kitchen, which I love.

white vintage plates display

Someday I hope to get this room cleaned up, and photographed, so I can show you the whole space, but I’d rather make things than clean, so don’t hold your breath.

Remember the little lace chair I shared here?  It sold last week.  I felt a mixture of happy/sad, because I painted it to match other decor in the room, in case it didn’t sell.  I hope its new owner loves it though!

Vintage Plates Display

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  1. This is a lovely idea, Angie…and looks perfect in the space!

  2. Love this project! But I don’t understand HOW you used 3 screws to hold the plates. Can you give a little more detail about that part of the project? Thanks!

  3. Looks GORGEOUS!

  4. I really like this idea-I think I’ll borrow it!

  5. Hi Angie! This is the perfect combination. I’m a huge fan of reclaimed wood, and those plates are such a great addition to such a beautiful piece of wood. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. JaneEllen says

    I like and visualize really rough projects put together on a whim, they don’t have to be perfect or gorgeous, just want them to look like I envision. Every time I try this with hubs tho he changes everything and has to make it just so, (in other words his way), well that ruins my whole idea then. Can’t put things together without him as he’s always home. The minute I go out to wood pile he insists he’s going to burn he’s right out there taking over. Can’t I just nail some old boards together without interference, sheesh. Keep telling him the ruff old weird boards are what I want to nail together to make a planter box or ? Really love how you put all that old stuff to look like something (only people like you and I think looks good). Maybe I”ll have to start getting up earlier. Do ya think? lol Happy week

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