Christmas Music Page Printable – Perfect for a Placemat!

Here’s a beautiful old Christmas music page for you.  I think it would look lovely printed as a ledger size page, and used as a  place mat on a Christmas table setting. Ledger size black and white pages only cost about 17 cents (at Staples), and full color ledger size prints cost around 67 cents, so it’s an inexpensive way to dress up your holiday table with vintage style.

By the way, ledger size pages measure 11×17, and this image will fill the page, as long as you select “fit content to paper”, and select the landscape orientation.


Christmas Music Page Hymn The Bethlehem Babe][

After a whirlwind trip down to Arkansas to pick up, and bring back home, my middle son from college, it was so nice to stay home and relax today.  My husband and all my sons were gone at a tae kwon do tournament that my youngest son was in, and my daughter had worked an all-night shift, so she slept all day.  Even our dogs were lazy and slept, so the house was completely quiet, and I was able to sleep in, then get up and get some much-needed straightening up done in the house.  Although I’ve made a bunch of Christmas projects and decor, I’ve actually done almost no Christmas decorating, because we were waiting for my son to get home from college, so we could all go look for a live Christmas tree as a family.  Now that he’s home, we realized the place we hoped to get a tree from, may not have any more available, which is a real bummer.  We were looking forward to having a live tree this year, but we may just need to put our artificial tree up again.  Oh well!

Merry Christmas!


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