Pine Cones – Nature’s Christmas Decoration

Those of you who are regulars here, know that I’m a magnet for “junk” and have a workshop and barn overflowing with every type of junk imaginable, that I think I might ever be able to do something with, but there’s something else I’m a magnet for, and that’s pine cones.

Pine cones make their way home with me on a regular basis.  I can’t walk by pretty pine cones laying on the ground, without picking up at least one or two and bringing them home.  Junk and pine cones – there are worse things, right?

I think pine cones are one of nature’s prettiest Christmas decorations, and you can’t beat their free price tag.

pine cones Christmas decor

I’ve found them in all shapes an sizes, from very large, down to very tiny, and from round and fat, to long and slender.  I love them all, and probably have at least 100 pine cones in my collection.

pine cones natural Christmas decor


Usually my pine cones are just hanging on pegs in baskets, or displayed in old bowls, and I wanted to find some other ways to use them.  They are all-season decor in my  book, so you can just rearrange them into new displays for each season.

I did use a few recently when I made my brown paper bow on the evergreen swat that is hanging on my front door.  I finished painting the other side of the door this week, and if the sun ever cooperates enough for me to get decent photos of it, I’ll be sharing it soon.

front door paint color

The pine cones are a perfect accent against the brown paper and the evergreen branches.

evergreen swag

I feel a little bit dumb because I glued the twine to my pine cones when I made the bow, then I came across this tip to attach hangers.  I like this a lot better, and will remember that next time!

pine cone hangers

{Source – Miss Renaissance}

Here are a few more of my favorite ideas I came across in my search.  I love this simple arrangement filled with evergreen, pine cones, and candles in jars. Such an easy look to recreate.

{Source – A Piece of Rainbow}
Frosted snowy pinecones and branches in holiday and winter decorations
Or a rustic wooden box centerpiece that’s so pretty.
Pine Needle and Glitter Berries with Pine Cone Arrangement in a Rustic Wooden Box Centerpiece
These pine cones in a glass vase are so simple and pretty.  Again – super cheap and easy to do.

pine cones glowing

 {Source – Stylish Eve}

I love this wreath and swag with pine cones on them, but I also love the door, and the siding and the lights, so the whole thing just grabbed me.  These have battery powered LED lights on them, so I’m sure they look beautiful at night.  The price tag is pretty steep, but it looks like a pretty simple DIY project.

pine cone wreath and swag

 {Source – Pottery Barn}

These pine cones look a winter wonderland.    I think I need to go add “snow” to some of my cones.

I like this idea, because you can display it at Christmas time, and not take it down until after Valentine’s Day.  It looks super easy to make as well.
And I’m definitely planning to make some of these scented pine cones!
{Source – Meadow Lake Cottage}
Pine cone Chandelier Swag
Source – Country Living
And this Pine Cone Crescent Swag is so affordable and pretty.
Pine Cone Crescent Swag

 Now that I’m armed with new ideas to use my pine cones, I think I might need to increase my collection!  Pine cones are like baby puppies though; I don’t think you can ever have too many.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. I was so excited to read about and see your pinecones collection on Pinterest! I’ve been looking for ‘other’ ideas to use mine! I have several large ones that my sis brought me from North Carolina that I’ve bleached, sealed and used glitter gold spray on. Just don’t want to put them all in a basket as I have about 25 and would need to use a very large basket! I’d love to see any other ideas!

  2. I have a passion for pine cones too! I have them all over my house year round. So pretty any way you use them…..real ones and faux ones! I made a wreath with them last year and spray painted the whole thing white…so pretty!

  3. Angie, I love all your ideas. We have white pine that border our property so I have an abundance of pine cones. I mixed them with some shatterproof ornaments and filled a red egg basket and a granite bucket with them by my front door along with some white pine greenery. Inexpensive and really preety too. Years ago the Christmas tree we got was covered with little mini pine cones. When we took the tree down we saved the pine cones and strung them with buckeyes and red wood beads and made garlands out of them. I still use them every year in the house somewhere. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. I display my North Carolina pine cone collection on a glass vase year around in Florida. But I will definitely be adding the twigs to the vase to give it a wintertime look. Might spray the twigs with snow as well as that is the only way we get to enjoy some snow down here.

  5. I have been into pinecones this year too-love all the inspiration and the heart pinecones is my fav. and I might have to try this one!

  6. Me too. I have many many many many pine cones. I have plans for those pine cones. I think I need to start my pine cone plans in summer so that I don’t get overwhelmed in the fall and winter and not ever get anything done! Good luck to you and your pine cone plans! Have a wonderful holiday!

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