Little Child’s Chair

A few weeks ago, when I went to Arkansas to bring my college son home for Christmas break, we stopped at an antique store along the way, and I found this little child’s chair sitting outside the shop.

vintage child's chair

Aside from being filthy, it looked kind of scrappy looking, but the size and shape were adorable, and I new some fresh paint would fix it right up.

child's chair

I got it home, cleaned it up, and sanded the surface a little, getting ready to paint it.  The sanding brought out a little more of the original green layer of paint, and as I stood there looking at it, I started having second thoughts about painting it.  College son walked in just then, and said, “that’s the most adorable little chair I’ve ever seen”.

I told him I was trying to decide whether or not to paint it, and he said he thought it was too cute just the way it was.  It’s pretty rare that two generations agree about what is wonderful, so when your college age son thinks a scrappy little vintage chair is adorable, you know you should just leave it alone.   I wouldn’t try to get creative with it, or “improve” it with new paint.  I just sanded a little more to reveal a bit more of the under layer of paint, then waxed it, and left well enough alone.

distressed child's chair

Yes, I think it would look adorable painted as well, but by sanding it more to expose the bottom layer of paint, it reveals some its past, and makes you wonder about the child it belonged to.

vintage blue child's chair

I think this would look adorable in a little boy’s room, or used as a photographer’s prop for photo shoots with children.  It’s available in my shop HERE.

antique child's chair



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  1. Ellie LaJuett says

    Love your chair!

  2. It’d adorable! Seriously tempting me

  3. Looks beautiful…..I wouldn’t have painted it either 🙂

  4. So cute! I think it’s perfect just as it is!

  5. I love childrens chairs. Adorable. I also love blue and this is perfect. It probably won’t be in your shop long. If I was back in the states I would buy it now.

  6. It’s really cute. Furniture wax always brings out the best in painted furniture too.

  7. Even more adorable with the new paint treatment!

  8. Marlene Stephenson says

    It certainly is adorable just the way it is,or not.

  9. Love your cute little find. I have a thing for kids chairs, currently I have 3 in the house and no little kids. LOL

  10. I agree, this chair is precious. I’m loving the little “peek-a-boo” of green coming through. Looks like it will be a good one to hang onto for grandchildren.

  11. What a cutie and so glad you left it that way!

  12. Precious, just like I sat in at Sunday school when I was little. I could have my house full of these!

  13. Love the blue!! I live in Arkansas could you tell me what shop you found it at? Maybe I need to do a road trip!!

    • Kim, we were traveling back from Searcy, Arkansas, but the store was someplace along the route between Arkansas and Illinois. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where.

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