Antique Ephemera and Rusty Scissors

There’s a fine line between owning collections and hoarding collections.

I think I may be leaning just a wee bit too far on the hoarding side of the line.

            ….actually, I think I the line may have gotten buried under my hoard.

It all started quite innocently.  I bought a small stack of antique magazines several years ago at an auction.  I instantly fell in love with the amazing advertisements in them.

The rest was history…I became like a squirrel with a nut – if one was good, 200 were better.

To justify my addiction collection, I started sharing those images with you all.

Now, I own a small mountain of antique ephemera, and let’s face it – most of it won’t see the light of day after I share it.  I’ve already wallpapered my living room, entryway, and part of a bathroom in book pages.

There’s a limit of how much old paper one can wallpaper their house with, right?  

Even I have my limits.

I like turning some ephemera into mixed media displays, once I get some cool “junk” to add to the old papers, and I found a few old pairs of scissors in my stash this week to use.

antique ephemera and old scissors

I used 2 vintage French papers with a large pair of old scissors for this display.  I shared the French pages as a printable HERE.

antique scissors

I used another French invoice (the printable is HERE) with a rusty little pair of child-size scissors on this display.  These scissors are so rusty, the were rusty into the open position you see them in – they couldn’t be closed.

antique ephemera

I bought 2 of these frames a few years ago.  I painted them both, and used one on the roller skate trunk that I turned into a wall cabinet, but I never did anything with the 2nd frame.  The opening was the perfect size for the Lion Coffee advertising trade card that I shared a few weeks ago HERE.

ephemera art

Obviously, I made a very small dent in my mountain, so I need to dig through more of my stash for old things to pair with my ephemera to make more displays, and get some more thrift store frames,

                                 ….or I may need to wallpaper my bedroom too!

These 2 displays are available  in my online shop HERE.

signature pin

antique ephemera and rusty scissors displays

signature fountain pen


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  1. Oh my gosh, Angie! You are so funny. Thank you for the chuckle about hoarding. It hits close to home though. My son hates throwing anything away. Anything……. o_O I, on the other hand, hate clutter so much that I throw everything away. Poor kid.

    Have a blessed day.

    • Kim, without fail, almost every time I to a purge and get rid of things, I end up getting rid of something that I later regret!

      • Sarah Nelson says

        I’m with you on that one! I did a huge clean-out of my craft room last summer. My daughter, like my mom, is the “get rid of it” tribe, and she was helping me. Yes, the room is much more accessible, and our garage has a lot fewer boxes in it, but at least once a month I go looking for something I just KNOW I have, and realize that we got rid of it! I wish I had Mary Poppins’s expandable-inside bag trick for my boxes!

  2. I love those Angie! Great use for rusty old scissors… not sure why you have them LOL but you definitely put them to good use! 🙂

    • LOL – I actually seek out old and rusty scissors, Susan – I have a bit of an addiction to them, as much as I do to old papers! I’ve never met a rusty pair of scissors I didn’t like!

  3. A really good idea and cute, too. Angie, you could frame anything! Blessings

  4. I love this. It’s like those little scissors rusted open were saying make me useful again! How cute would these be in a sewing room alongside some framed vintage sewing patterns. I also agree with Nancy’s comment, you could frame anything and make it beautiful.

  5. Very cute idea!!! I am wondering though….how did you attach the scissors? I am guessing hot glue but…. You never fail to come up with some really inventive ideas, things I would have never thought of, which isn’t saying a lot but….LOVE seeing what new creations you have to share. Thank you.
    Treasures by Renee

  6. I love the rusty scissors with the ephemera, such a beautiful idea!

  7. I had to google ephemera LOL
    These are so neat and I was also wondering how you attached the scissors?

    • LOL – I did too the first time I came across the word, Debbie! 🙂 used E6000 glue – It’s my favorite super strong glue, and it comes in clear, white and black colors.

  8. Marlene Stephenson says

    I don’t think i can keep up with you but hopefully if i pin your wonderful ideas when i need them, i can recall and look them up.You make me smile Angie you are so cute and full of life never change.I am older maybe wiser but,slow. lol

  9. You’ve taken an object (rusty scissors) that most people would discard and turned it into an objet d’art! How lovely would this be hung in a sewing or craft room or anywhere, for that matter? And this is a project that even I might be able to manage without screwing it up too badly. 🙂 You’ve got my wheels turning now!

  10. What fun! I have quite a stash myself. Probably, if it were all in one place, I have more than you because I think I”m older and have been picking things up for a loo–oong time! Add that to living in the same house for thirty years–yikes! But I love having my stash of stuff because I forget what I have exactly so when I go poking around in it I find great surprises and treasures as if I”d never seen them before! Anyway, you are using your things little by little and selling the results, so that makes it absolutely okay! Keep doing it; soon I’ll get into my piles again and maybe come up with something I can either alter, use or sell. What fun!

  11. You are so creative. Thank you for the great ideas. I have a rusty pair of scissors from my grandmother’s garage that will possibly end up in a frame.

  12. This is a wonderful creative project. This would be a great addition to almost any room in the house. You have turned a throw away into a definite keeper.

  13. I love this idea! I have a pair of rusty old pinking shears that I haven’t known what to do with, this is a beautiful way to display them!

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