Dog Tired – Repurposed Drawer Pet Bed

Last year when my son went off to college, I don’t know who had a harder time with it, me or his dog, Pico.  Pico seemed “lost” for several weeks after he left, and it broke my heart.  He would sit in the front yard and look down our gravel road, and I know he was looking for my son.  He didn’t know what to do with himself inside the house, because he was used to following my son wherever he went.

It took him a while, but he finally adjusted to my son’s absence.  During the day, he often sits on a chair at the kitchen table and keeps me company while I work at my computer.  He always slept in bed with my son, and he usually sleeps with my husband and I now (or occasionally with my daughter).  But Pico has a bad back and can no longer get on and off our bed, so we started throwing a pillow on the floor for him to sleep on.

boy and dog

Since we are remodeling our bedroom, I wanted to make a bed for him that looked nicer than throwing a pillow on the floor.  I removed the top two drawers when I fixed up this dresser for my youngest son’s room (his room remodel is HERE).

Dresser Makeover

I turned one of the drawers into a wall shelf in his room, but I still had the top drawer left over.  It was a good size to convert into a drawer pet bed for Pico.

repurposed drawer

I added a pine board over the front of the drawer and wood blocks on the bottom for “feet,” then painted it all white.  But then it sat this way for several days.  It looked too plain to leave like this, but I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  Since his pet bed will be in my bedroom, I want it to look nice there.

drawer dog bed

While I was waiting for an idea to come to me, I started working on a pillowcase to put on the pillow to go in the drawer.  I looked through my fabric stash, and found this grain sack fabric that I’d never done anything with.  I doubt that Pico will appreciate that I used this fabric, but at least it’s eye candy for me when I look at his bed!

grain sack fabric

After putting the pillowcase on the pillow, it finally came to me – I’d put grain sack strips on the front of the drawer too!

grain sack drawer

Now when he’s dog tired, he has his own little drawer bed he can get in and out of on his own!

grain sack dog bed drawer

signature fountain pen

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  1. Poor little guy! But now he has his own designer bed to sleep in! Love the stripes – they are the perfect finishing touch!

  2. Such a sweet story Angie. Not only did was have a cat named Pico, but I bought that same fabric from Decor Steals and just did a post on how I made a pillow for our bed and changed things up with one of our guest bedrooms. We think alike!

  3. Awww..such a sweet story. And an adorable bed for Pico.

  4. Pico is adorable and I love his bed, very chic. Smile…….

  5. Wow. This was the best story. Poor little Pico. I am so glad he has his own bed in your room. And it looks awesome!!

  6. Nice project! I have (for reasons that escape me) several random drawers lying around. Now I just need a dog!

  7. Angie-

    What a sweet thing to do for Pico!!! I love what you’ve done but I liked the looks of the drawer front before you covered it up! Maybe something could have been done with it like that? Just thnking out loud!?!

  8. Awwwww, bless…it looks like Pico really appreciates his new bed…now he can be close to you without struggling to get up on your bed! You did a beautiful job on it…I love how you utilized the drawer you had left over…most people would’ve just thrown it into the landfill. It makes the perfect size for Pico! I wouldn’t mind that pillow for myself…hehe! And what a genius idea to repeat the stripe on the bed itself! I’d need a pretty big drawer for my dog, but this would be a wonderful bed for my cat! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Awww, that story is heartbreaking. The bed is lovely for him, he looks quite content sleeping in it, most likely dreaming of your son’s return.

  10. How sweet. That made a perfect dog bed. Pico seems to be happy there.

  11. this turned out so great, love the grain sack fabric and stripe on the drawer. Pico is a champ, so glad to hear he adjusted by now being YOUR shadow.

    • I truly adore this dog, Debra – he’s almost like my 5th child. I love all our pets, but there’s just something extra special about Pico! Thanks for your sweet compliment! 🙂

  12. I LOVE how this looks, Angie…and Pico is a heartstealer…

  13. Pico is a lucky dawg! But my heart goes out to him missing his buddy so much. Major changes like that can be very hard for pets–dogs especially, I think. It’s wonderful that you have not only let him sleep with and near you, but have created this stylish little bed for him. I bet he feels really cared for. Can you tell I love dogs? I have a Labradoodle who is probably 3-4 times Pico’s size who is like a stick-tight. He sleeps with me and follows me around all day and gets really upset when I leave him for too long. He has his own chair and my bed at night and isn’t lame at all, but if it becomes hard for him to get up and down, I don’t know what I would use to make him his own bed! It would certainly have to be bigger than a dresser drawer. Maybe I should just invest in some of those pet steps! Anyway, I loved hearing about Pico and about making his special bed. Thanks for sharing, Angie.

    • I seriously thought about buying Pico some pet steps too, but I knew I would probably break my foot on them when I wake up during the night, Naomi! The pet bed is much safer for Pico and I!

  14. Angie
    I have a cruddy little spot where my remaining pooch sleeps under my desk – and now you’ve inspired me to create a more comfortable and attractive place for little Max to snooze.
    Thanks – as always – for the inspiration.

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