DIY Lavender sign

Ever since I started dreaming of the future lavender harvest I hope to have, thoughts of lavender keep creeping into my mind, so I had to do something lavenderish (spell check says that isn’t a word – it should be!)  I’m going to think positive that I’ll have lots of lovely lavender soon, but in the meantime, I made a new lavender sign for my obsession.

lavender sign on salvaged wood

I grabbed an old board in my stash, and put a light coat of light paint on it.  I did it a little heavier than dry brushing, but not so heavy that it is solid white.  I left all the edges of the wood alone, because I wanted it to look like an old sign.  I asked my hubby to pick me up some lavender craft paint on his way home from work, and I whipped up a stencil to add the word.  I lightly distressed it it, so the word looks a bit worn, then used E600 to glue an old little bottle onto the board.  I had just a few sprigs from the few little plants I bought last year to put in the bottle.

salvaged wood sign

You can’t read the words on the bottle, but it actually says “motor oil” on it!  You have to get up close to read that though, and I like the raised text on the bottle, so I didn’t mind.  Since I only used a tiny bit of the lavender craft paint, I’m going to need to think up more lavender-inspired projects to use it on!

dried lavender

See more of my SIGNS on SALVAGE HERE.

salvaged wood signs

signature Angie

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  1. Angie, in regard to the Lavender sign, when you say you “whipped up a stencil” do you meat that you disigned and cut the stencil yourself? I like the sign a lot because I have been thinking lately about growing lavender to sell at market. I haven’t really worked with stencils so I just wanted to be sure I was understanding how you did the lettering. Love your shop and all the neat projects you do. Thanks for sharing!

    • Naomi, I designed and cut the stencil with my Silhouette machine. If you don’t have one, it’s very easy to just select a font from Picmonkey to design your word, save, and print it. Just use tracing paper to transfer the design onto wood and paint the letters.

  2. I love the pretty sign you made!

  3. Angie I love your sign. I have had good results growing Lavender. It is a very easy perennial to grow that needs no pampering. They love poor soil, not too much water, no fertilizing needed. The only thing is, in my zone, if we get some harsh winters I tend to loose a few plants so I have to cover them with hay over the winter.

  4. That is perfect! I need to make one to bring a little lavender cheer and hope to my kitchen. Lavender doesn’t winter over up here, but I’ll be buying plant starts to put into my garden. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Pretty sign Angie … maybe I could grow lavender in my weedy garden. I had one plant but it never really looked good. Need to do some research.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with this sign! This is just soooooo beautiful and would look great in my little sun-room! And I will, for certain, be adding lavender to my herb garden and, perhaps some near other plants prone to pest invasions as I hear lavender can help with that sort of thing. Not only a very attractive looking and smelling plant, it is also very functional…much like the projects you share here! Thank you so very much!


  8. I love lavender and love your sign. It looks great!!

    Blessings from a cold Tennessee!


  9. LOVE this, Angie! the bottle for a few sprigs, makes it extra special and unique! thanks so much for joining in for the Party!

  10. LOVE that sign!!

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