Spring Printable Antique Sheet Music

Have you seen this video clip that made the rounds on Facebook awhile back?  This is precisely how I feel!

Are you sick to death of winter yet?  I always am by this time of year.  I really only like winter when we get snow close to Christmas, but it seems like we always get the majority of our snow in January and February, when I am SO over winter, and am ready for some sunshine and green again.

Okay, I’ll stop whining now, but I guess I’m hoping if I share this pretty spring printable with you, it might make it seem like it’ll be here soon!  It’s an antique sheet music page, called “Spring Serenade”, that came from a 1920’s magazine for musicians.  It is funny that this music piece was published in a November issue of the magazine, but I guess that gave musicians plenty of time to learn to play it before spring arrived.

So, let’s all start serenading spring, and encourage winter to go away! Spring printable antique sheet music

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You can find more free printable antique sheet music HERE.

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  1. Amen, Sister! I’ve been over winter since the day after Christmas and now there’s nowhere to put the new snow!!!

  2. My mom used to play the piano for fun and for our Church. She would have LOVED to play this piece!! I love this little fellow with the snow too…..just too cute that he was Jesus to change the weather!
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane with the music and the chuckles for this snowy day.
    Treasures by Renee

  3. haha…what a cute little one and I sooooooo share his frustrations in regards to shoveling! I guess I’m a bit of an odd duck in that I do love the snow, but my family and I are involved in winter sports, so I guess that makes all the difference. However, shoveling is a much different matter and we’ve done plenty of it this season. The real frustration comes into play when a few hours after you’ve shoveled your walks and driveway, the plow comes along and plows it right back full of snow…OY VAY! 🙂

    What pretty sheet music…I’ve always loved the piano…wish I could play it! I envision this printed out on a nice quality paper and put into a lovely, rustic sort of frame to use as a backdrop for a pot of hyacinths or some other flower equally pretty, lively, and bursting with the gorgeous colours of spring…I think that would make a lovely vignette and may serve to ease some of the winter “blahs” a little.

    • LOL – I like snow best when I’m indoors looking out! The only other time I enjoy it, is when we used to go sledding in the mountains, but we don’t have any mountains in IL, so we don’t get to enjoy doing that anymore.

  4. Your snow is running through my front yard…I live on the river where average temps are 3 digits for 9 months …so I love seeing it in liquid form…I say yes melt and give relief to all who are buried with the white stuff…we had snow for the first time here in 30 years on new years day…thats my kind of snow

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. I also put my valid email in and it says it is invalid. ?

    I’ve tried printing your freebie music sheet and it will not print. Any ideas?

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