Rusty and Dusty to Farmhouse Flower Holder!

I know my husband and kids are always dumbfounded by the “junk” that I think are treasures, but occasionally I even dumbfound myself!  All it takes is the sight of some old wood, or rusty metal, and my common sense completely disappears. repurposed vintage dustpan

Last year I was at an auction, and there was a large crowd around a flatbed trailer full of stuff up for bid.  I’m not very tall, and I was frustrated because I couldn’t get a good look at what was being bid on.  All I know is I heard the auctioneer say something about an old metal thing, and I usually like old metal “things”.  The bid wasn’t going high at all, and I foolishly stuck my hand up to bid without knowing what I was bidding on.

The next thing I knew, I had just become the proud owner of a dirty, rusty, vintage dustpan, that looked like a box on a stick.  Now, what the heck was I going to do with it?!

antique dustpan

Well – I did nothing with it, that’s what I did.  I stuck it behind my antique piano desk, because isn’t that a logical place to hide a metal dustpan you feel embarrassed you bought?

It’s been sitting there for over a year and every time I reach behind the piano desk to retrieve a big piece of foam board I use for photography, the dumb dustpan comes tumbling out with it.

I finally got sick of putting it back, so I pulled it out and put it on my kitchen table where I stared at it for awhile.

It’s sort of box-like, so I supposed it could be used to hold file folders, but that didn’t seem very exciting.  Suddenly it hit me.  With a little “primping”, it might make a really cute flower holder!  It was worth a shot anyway.

I slapped a little paint on the flap first, which covered the instructions that were originally there.  I left the cobwebs there – no point in cleaning them until I knew if my idea was going to turn out.

repurposed metal

Then I added the word “Welcome” with a vinyl stencil.  I removed the wire handle, because that just make it too long to hang on a door or wall.

Now, to put flowers in it…the moment of truth.

It was either going to look adorable, OR I was going to throw it away…

adhesive stencil

Adorable wins!

salvaged garden art decor

Isn’t it amazing how the addition of JUST PAINT can transform something, and totally change its purpose?

This thing started out as a dirt collector, and ended up as a wall pocket for flowers!

There’s hope for all of us, isn’t there?!

metal flower vase repurposed dustpan

It’s available in my shop HERE.

farmhouse decor repurposed vintage dustpan

Farmhouse decorating

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  1. Oh Angie- you sound so much like me- particularly the paint it with the cobwebs on it part!! That is so cute! If I ever see an old dust pan I will snatch it up!

  2. Funny, amazing, and adorable!

  3. Hey Angie … that made a really pretty plant or flower holder. I love those dust pans with the long handles to actually use for dust pans … but, I tell l you … it is much prettier with flowers instead of dust bunnies.
    Good job … love that you painted Welcome on the flap.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. You turned that into something so cute! Great re-use project, Angie!

  5. I just love the way you always see the beauty in everything!

  6. Looks great! Kind of like an old metal mailbox.

  7. I like the story on how you bid on something you couldn’t see just because the auctioneer said “old metal thing!” I’m not sure, but maybe there is a name for that disease? LOL Regardless… you turned it into something lovely.

  8. Hello, this is my first time responding, and I love your sight. I love things you can turn into something beautiful. I am a decorative painter and a regular ole crafter, I LUV IT.

    • Thanks so much Jacqueline! It’s nice to “meet” you, and I hope you’ll comment often – I love hearing from visitors! I wish I was a decorative painter, but my skills are pretty limited there – I’m a regular ole crafter!

  9. Great re-purpose! I love the flower holder.

  10. Marlene Stephenson says

    You are a clever person and i love what you did.

  11. Sandy Park says

    Angie, you did it again. Good thing I didn’t know you when I was hitting the auctions in the Texas Hill Country. We would have been “trouble on wheels”.

  12. A lady with a vision.
    I would never buy that before your creation and now I am searching my brain to see what I have that I can slap a little paint on and come out as dreamy as your dustpan.

    It is lovely!

  13. Hi, love that about put your arm, and bought it ! I am not tall either, sounds like what I would do.. well you have a great eye, and turned it into something cool. Love your news letter blog, inspires me to get busy. I have the same thing too with family, (they don’t see it and think your crazy ! ) yup Audrey 🙂

  14. You amaze me with your creativity! That is so cute!


  16. Your intuition is so fine-tuned towards recognising overlooked treasures that it even gets ahead of you sometimes! 🙂 Anyone would be very fortunate to have this lovely dustpan turned beautiful flower holder proudly hanging on their front door or entrance-way! You can bet that I won’t ever pass by an old dustpan now…in fact, I will actively look for them, thanks to you! And btw, I had a look at your piano desk, too…it is just off-the-hook amazing, Angie! Oh, to have just 1/10th of your ingenuity…but I can only dream…that’s why your blog is such a blessing…we can let you do all of the creative thinking for us! 🙂

  17. Oh it is wonderful! love how you painted just a bit of the front!

  18. Beautiful! I’ll certainly be featuring it on my next ‘5 of the best’ – if you don’t mind? x

  19. Well, I’ll be dag-nabbed–you sure did make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! With hardly any work at all! I’ll be switched! But, you know, Angie, this is not a good example for me as I am going to have a harder time than ever getting rid of some of my junk, like my daughters remind me quite regularly to do. I guess I”m just gonna have to get busy and make some neat stuff so maybe they’ll leave me alone! You rock, girl!

  20. I just love your blog & the creative ideas you come up with out of the most ordinary (& sometimes not so ordinary) things. This one is no exception! I can’t believe that I’m now going to have to add this to the ever growing list of “junk” I NEED to pick up if I see it. Lol You’re one of my favorites!

  21. This is so perfect ♥ Alexandra

  22. Great idea! Do you ever stop? LOL

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