DIY Rustic Farmhouse Peg Rack

Suppose your family has a bajillion coats, hats and dog leashes (like mine)…

and suppose those coats, hats and dog leashes have taken over every single wall hook in the house (like mine)…

and suppose you have pretty things you want to hang up to display, because the aforementioned coats, hats and dog leashes are hogging all the space…

What do you do?

I’ll tell you what you do, you make your OWN place to hang your pretties…

and you forbid your family from putting one single coat, hat or dog leash on it…

THAT’S what you do!

(well, that’s what I did anyway)

I made myself a rustic wooden peg rack, and I double-dog dare anyone to hang a coat on it.

I’ll show you how easy it is to put one together, so you can ban your family from using yours too! 🙂

farmhouse peg rack

Supplies you’ll need:

1.  a rustic board – I used pallet wood

2).  a thicker board, at least 1/2″ thick

3) paint

4) old nails (round up some, or get antique ones from my shop here)

5) screws & D-ring hangers


1)  Paint your rustic board and allow it to dry.

farmhouse peg rack

2)  Because pallet wood isn’t usually very thick, you’ll need to attach another board behind it.  I used a new pine plank that is 1/2″ thick.  I just attached a screw on each end and one in the center.

3)  Attach D-ring hangers on the back – one on each of the top 2 corners.

peg rack

3) Determine how many old nails you want on your peg rack, and mark their placement on the front of your rustic board.

4).  Drill holes for your old nails.

**Select a drill bit that is close in diameter to the diameter of the old nails you use – you don’t want the hole larger than the nails.  It should be just a tad smaller.

DIY peg rack

5.  Pound the nails into place.

date nails

That’s it – you’re done!

Hang your pretties up, and give your family a warning that these pegs are OFF LIMITS.

your first warning could be given sweetly, but if your family is like mine, it’s best to just threaten them right off the bat…they take me more seriously that way. 🙂

wooden peg rack

This kind of peg rack is perfect for farmhouse style decorating.  It’s very simplistic looking, much like you would find in an old farmhouse.

Doesn’t it look perfect hanging above my new antique sewing machine table?

Too bad this is in my kitchen…right where our kitchen table goes.

That’s okay though…I just need to finish painting another section of plank wall in my bedroom.  I’m working on it now, and hope to have it finished before the weekend is over.  I’ll just relocate this whole arrangement as soon as the paint is dry!

 farmhouse kitchen

If you’d like to make your own peg rack, I have sets of 5 date nails available in my online shop HERE.

signature fountain pen

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  1. Hi Angie,

    what a nice rack. I really like it. But be carefull! I tell you what could happens.
    My doughter is looking for her first own apartment. And she told me: No Problem, Mama. I will take all this coats with me. Than with an bright smiling face: And the rack too!

  2. haha…your description of how you have to keep your family from hanging their coats on your special wooden peg rack along with Claudia’s comment above has me in stitches! It’s as if all of our kids are related somehow! 🙂 This is really beautiful, Angie! When I first saw it, I thought for sure those were wooden pegs you had used…I’ve never seen nails that big…and I love the numbers on them, too…is this ever sharp! You know, this might be, technically, a rustic piece, but there is something very fresh and clean about it…maybe it’s the simplicity of the design or even the white you’ve chosen…but it’s really gorgeous and would suit any room! And seeing some of your enamelware hanging up there makes me think that I need one of these, too, so I can showcase some of my recent purchase of enamelware! I may have to stand guard over it, though…I don’t want someone hanging their coat over my enamelware pitcher…things may get a bit dangerous around here…hehe! 🙂

  3. Love your idea! In fact I find myself pinning a lot of your creations. You have such a clever mind!

  4. I love your coat rack and I love the number nails to go with it. I am horrible at diy but I am trying to think of something to use those nails for!!

  5. I love this….how simple to do. Those nails just make this project even better. Thank you also for listing the supplies…very helpful. I may just have to steal this one.

  6. Beautiful Angie! Love your vignette!

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