Seed Store Vintage Sign Stencil

The next vintage sign stencil in my new line is based on an early 1900’s seed store advertisement that has really charming lettering.  I absolutely love this one, and could use it over and over (and did)!

This stencil includes 2 sizes of the design.  The larger size measures about 16″ x 4-1/2″ and the smaller size measures about 8-7/8″ x 2-1/2″.  Both options are on 1 stencil, so you can select the size you need for your project.  This stencil is available in my online shop HERE.

antique sign stencil

I used the stencil on several different projects, which are all available in my shop.  I used the larger size of the design to create this sign on pallet wood.

antique sign stencil vaughan's seed store

It’s available in my shop HERE.

pallet wood sign

The larger size was also used on this salvaged piece from a drop-leaf table.

It’s available in my shop HERE.

antique sign on wood salvage

I used just the “seed store” portion from the smaller size part of the stencil on this wooden scoop candle sconce.

wooden scoop

It is available in my shop HERE.

vintage wooden scoop

Stenciling Tips

When I’m painting on bumpy wood, like pallet wood, I generally just use painters tape to keep the stencil in place, and I use a stencil brush with VERY LITTLE paint on it.  I dab just a bit onto the brush, then dab most of it back off on a paper plate, to reduce the risk of paint bleeding under the bumps and roughness of the wood. I dab very lightly and allow the first coat to dry a bit and if needed, I go over it again with another very light coat.  Better too little than too paint much when using stencils, because it’s easier to add more than it is to take it off, and you don’t want to ruin your piece with images that don’t have crisp lines.

I’ll be talking about how to stencil on slick surfaces and glass soon, and how that differs from wood.

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  1. Sandy Park says

    Hey Angie, how you doing? Seeing you vintage sign reminded me that I wanted to ask you if you have any vintage flower seed packets you could share with us. Have a beautiful weekend. Sandy

  2. What lovely lettering! I LOVE that wall sconce…never seen anything quite like it before!

  3. This stencil is very pretty, too, Angie!

  4. I found your Milk and cream sign on Pinterest.. So charming! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques.

    Tamara 🙂

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