The 5 words I hear every morning and a $100 VISA Card Giveaway

I’m a homebody.  Running errands and driving around town zaps my energy.  I’d be perfectly content to stay home all week, only going out to hit a yard sale… or five on the weekend.
But my teenage son’s idea of a great day is to be on the go constantly.
Within the first 5 minutes of waking up every morning, I know what words are going to come out of his mouth.
“Are we going anywhere today?”
roller blading
We may be homeschoolers, but that doesn’t mean this boy never gets out.  He takes Tae Kwon Do lessons, he’s on a basketball team, he takes violin lessons, and he goes roller skating at least twice a week.  And then there’s church on Sunday, going to his friend’s house, running around with his big brothers, and any other activities that pop up during the week.
I get it though.  I vaguely remember being a teen.

Teens don’t love staying home the way their moms do.  They want to be on the go, doing things – except things like washing dishes and doing yard work.  He mumbles something about needing to practice his violin when I mention those kinds of things.

There are 5 other words that come out of his mouth several times every day…

“Is there anything to eat?”

When I hear those words, I know what he really is asking.

1)  Will I make him something? (ha, ha, ha!)

2) Is there anything EASY to eat, that doesn’t require much effort on his part?

I usually suggest he make himself a sandwich, or cook some eggs to hold him over until the next meal, but that isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

He wants something quicker… and easier… and something I make, not him, because he has more important things to do… like climb a tree.

always on the go

I get it though.  I vaguely remember being a teen.

And it’s times like that when I pull out my Super Mom secret weapon.  It’s a weapon every mom should have in her arsenal. Are you ready for it?

teen activities

          I give him cereal.

    Now I realize this may not sound revolutionary or anything, since cereal has been around, um… for a long time – longer than I’ve been alive.

But I don’t give him any ol’ cereal.

I give him cereal in a cup.

          Yes, in a cup.  Straight off the store shelf, already in a cup, as the perfect on-the-go snack because he’s burning a lot of fuel during the day.

He isn’t going to dirty any dishes to fulfill his munchy cravings, he isn’t going to keep opening and closing the refrigerator, waiting for something to magically appear since he last checked 5 minutes ago, and he doesn’t need ME to make him anything.

Kellogg’s Cereal-in-a-Cup is available at Walmart Supercenters, and comes in 4 varieties – Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Raisin Bran Crunch, and Frosted Mini Wheats.

quick breadkfast

It’s convenient to take on vacation, or camping trips, or any time you need a quick snack to grab and go, like when he’s skateboarding… because teens can multitask that way.

teen summer activities

Visit  for many fun summer ideas!

Now, I’ll bet you are wondering how I got my teen to cooperate for these photos, aren’t you?

on the go cereal in a cup

 It’s every mother’s second secret weapon…

Good old-fashioned bribery.  It works every time!

Oh yeah… I mentioned a giveaway, didn’t I? (Bribery works with you too!) 🙂

How are you #MakingTheMostOfSummer? Leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. Sandy Steele says

    Count me in! What I am doing to make the most of my summer? Well that is pretty easy, my two teenage grandkids will be visiting me all summer so they will keep me busy and make it a full summer. So I will have to have lot of that cereal on hand to curb those teenage cravings! And of course I am going to make sure I follow every post on your blog! You inspire me to make my farmhouse in the city more warm and cozy with all your ideas and tutorials. Please keep them coming, I love them!

  2. Sarah Bingham says

    This summer I plan on spending as much time as possible at our lake cottage with our girls who are growing up so fast. In a few years they’ll be off on their own, so I really treasure this time.

  3. I am making the most of my summer by simply going on day trips with my two girls (4 & 6). Making memories!

  4. I am going to spend as much time with my only grandchild. He is 10 months old and lives 2 hours away. He is coming to our house this weekend and we can’t wait!!

  5. Carol S. says

    I am making the most of the summer by spending quality time playing with my children making lasting memories.

  6. I’ll be crafting,garage sailing, and spending time with my two sweet grandchildren. Oh Boy! Do I remember those days when my son was a teen! He could devour a box of cereal in two days! I used to tell him I was going to buy him a cow! Thanks for offering the giveaway. Enjoy your summer.

  7. Hi, Angie! I am a homebody too!! This may sound a bit crazy but I actually even love doing housework and working out in my yard. Once I discovered your blog (which I sooo look forward to each and every post) I have found the inspiration to redecorate my home. I love your farmhouse look and so that is what I will be doing this summer to my home!! I love LOVE how you also share Bible verses and inspiration in your blog and recycled/reloved creations! Please count me in for the Visa Giveaway! Blessings to you and your family!

  8. House hunting now and for the summer unless an offer is accepted – then I’ll be moving with my elderly mother and aunt into a condo! Decorating and having less worries! Maybe even some flea markets and antique markets!
    The gift card would come in handy!
    Thanks for all you do!

  9. Love your posts! I’ll be working in flower garden & spending alot of time with our only granddaughter. Trying to fit in a few projects inbetween. Great giveaway!
    Blessings, Candy

  10. I am going to declutter my house. Way too much clutter stuffed in the closets and corners. I figure it will be fall before I see the project finished. I could use some fun bins to organize things into.

  11. Jenny Briggs says

    ill be working on expanding my furniture restoration and painting business, by starting a DIY blog/ video diary series explaining how to do what i do. :0)
    Ill be attempting all of this (somehow??) AND giving my boys the attention they most definitely deserve. while my new business is def one of my top priorities, i pray that i will keep my number one priority the way God expects out of me.
    So while i will ATTEMPT at being a new owner of a local business in the great state of TN, i will for sure without a doubt fill my days with play dates, church camps, swimming pools, swings/slides/ local parks, fishing holes, fireflies, s’mores at the campfires, sleepovers, and more.(if you can imagine…) Most of y’all know, having boys around the age of 3 and almost 8 you know thats just the tip of the iceberg! Happy summer to you!! Love reading your blog

    You are very inspiring to me! Have a happy “busy” summer. i hope you still find the time to blog like you do. i look forward to it daily!

  12. I plan to spend time in the garden and yard with my two little guys. We hope to set up a pool this year too. The six year old might as well be a teen by the sheer amount of food he eats. Boys! Anyway, thank you for the great giveaway!

  13. Love your blog. Thanks for a chance to win the gift card. Summers are always fun, time spent with family and friends.

  14. Cindy Brown says

    I am thrilled that my Coast Guard son and family are transferring next month–wait for it–only one hour away from me and to the east coast of Florida!! So my plan for the summer is lots of beach time making memories with my 7 and 8 year old grandchildren!

  15. Amy Huber says

    I will be arm wrestling a worm that is eating my squash plants, and getting ready for a missions trip with my daughters.

  16. We’re spending this summer working in our new yard! Just moved in 4 months ago and it’s been like a treasure hunt finding all the flowers and plants in the yard, and trying to identify them. We’ve started vegetables in containers this year as we just didn’t know what was in the flower beds, what will stay and what will go. We’re loving almost everything, I think we need a bigger yard! Thanks for the giveaway, if I win, it’ll be useful for yard tools!

  17. I would love to win! My 3 boys go through so much cereal!

  18. I would love to win this giveaway!!! I would use the gift card to liven-up my patio. It has the basics, but no pizazz!!!

  19. Hi Angie! Ha! Love the post! I can identify totally having raised our grandson! Cereal is the secret weapon! Ha! And bribery! I will be spending my summer working on the farm! Enjoying our chickens ! Goats and hopefully very soon! My first horse at my tender age of 57! Yikes! Hope I don’t fall off and break anything! Oh well! Lifelong dream ! So! Love your farmhouse stuff! Always enjoy it! I look forward to it! Blessings to you and family,Cindy

  20. Hi Angie ! Love your post We raised our grandson and cereal and bribery are the secret weapon! I will be spending my summer on our farm! Tending the vege garden! Enjoying our chickens,goats,our cat and dogs! Eieio! And soon to be my first horse at my tender age of 57! Yikes! Hope I don’t fall off and break something! Oh well! Life long DREAM! I’ll just pet it if I have to! Love your farmhouse blogs! Look forward to them! Blessings to you and family! Cindy

  21. Hi Angie
    I plan to plant a kitchen herb garden this summer and have the grands over for a visit.
    I had a cousin who wouldn’t eat anything but cereal-good thing there are so many varieties
    Thanks for the give-away. please enter my name!

  22. I’m making the most of my summer by gardening up food for next winter! What ever happened to the cereal in the little box you could open up to add milk?

  23. This summer plan on working in my flower garden. And go along with grandpa and take the grandkids fishing….. We only have 14 of them!! Love your post!! Great summer to all!!!

  24. I am going to make the most of summer by continuing to purge and organize my new house, spend time with friends & family. As well as, go berry picking and make my year’s supply of jam! Oh, many naps, too! 🙂

  25. I am making the most of my summer by enjoying the outdoors in beautiful places, starting with camping on Lake Michigan.

  26. Denise Marie says

    Hi Angie, I Love to getting my “Knick of Time” each day. I have twin 18 yr old sons and two other daughters who I plan on spending loads of time with this summer. We will hang out at the community pool, participate with the swim team and hopefully finish lots of projects from the garage so the ping pong table can fit in the fall. My husband has threatened to get a cow more than once. Cereal is a lifesaver.

  27. This summer just like last summer I will be teaching kids art classes at our local co-op gallery. It takes a bit of planning ahead of time though so before hand, I have to make up a lesson plan, get supplies together (which may entail heading to my local art/craft store) and test any class that I’ve never done before. THEN, I Have to write it all up so that my fearless leader can get it to the local newspaper and then we are set! Wait wait wait for the class date and BOING! Gate opens and all the kids flood in! The excitement on their faces is worth every minute of prep work.

  28. KATHY B. says

    Hi. I will be spending more time with my family! My husband and I now have 4 adorable grandchildren! We are so blessed!!!…Remember those teenagers years, our son grew to over 6 feet by the time he was 15!! They eat all the time as you know!! Our daughter was 3 years older so it was a bit of a shock to see how much he could eat when he came along!

  29. Mami2jcn says

    I’m #MakingTheMostOfSummer by taking my kids to the pool.

  30. Mami2jcn says


  31. I can’t wait for all of the goodies from my garden to get ripe so I can start grilling them! I love gardening and having friends and family over to share it with. That’s summer for me.

  32. Awwww, what lovely photos of your son, Angie…he has such a radiant smile…those are definitely keepers! I think all teenagers must be hardwired to become voraciously ravenous at the drop of a hat and that hunger must be satisfied immediately…by Mom, of course…hehe! Glad you found an easy way around that…cereal actually works for me, too!

    I’m not eligible to enter the contest because I’m a Canuck, but I’ll tell you what I’m doing this summer, anyway, because I know you are dying to hear…hehe! My summer is all about WEEDS! We moved into this place last summer and the previous owners weren’t much for doing yardwork, so the entire yard is like a jungle. It seems the more I do, the more I see that needs to be done…this may take me three years to get fully under control because I refuse to use chemicals. When I sleep, I dream in roots, dirt, and worms…no kidding! But I’m sure this is the sort of problem many people without yards wish they had…I know I am blessed…and a little hard work never hurt anyone, right?

    I hope you and your kin have a most beautiful and blissful summer, Angie!

  33. I am trying to plan activities for my kids that are fun and educational.

  34. I am #makingthemostofsummer by working hard in my garden for a bountiful harvest.

  35. Julie Wood says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by getting outside with the kids, by biking, hiking and swimming. I also have snacks that are fun and easy to make to take with us! And we love the cereals on the Go!j

  36. Julie Wood says


  37. I am making the most of summer by going to the beach every weekend

  38. Naomi S. says

    Well, my summer has so far been spent weeding my flower beds and planting flowers. I am nowhere near done so I think that the rest of the summer will be spent the same way, except for the days that I go to my daughter’s an hour away and help her in her flower beds! What is that saying? “No rest for the wicked”? Or is it “No rest for the weary”? I don’t think I’m very wicked but I know I can get pretty weary our there with my hands in the dirt. But, there really isn’t another place I’d rather be, except sitting on the deck watching someone else weed the flower beds! Happy Summer!

  39. Brenda J says

    I plan to make the most of my summer by enjoying every moment I have with my 3 precious grandchildren, by not taking my health for granted and by just doing the next thing that has to be done to accomplish my goal of getting my surroundings organized!

    Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  40. I am going to spend my summer straightening up my barn. I admit it..if one is good five is better and I have gotten to the point where I don’t don’t remember half the projects that I was collecting stuff to make. So clean up and organize then get busy on some of those projects. I am sure that I will still be guilty of hitting a few garage sale, flea markets and worst of all….online auctions. But I will get organized this summer.

  41. Betsy Hartmann says

    I will be making the most of my Summer by contacting all the family and friends that I can think of to make plans to get together. Since I know how busy every is, I will do the initiating as I have found that this makes things really happen!

  42. Summer is a great time to putter …. will be spending any and all spare time puttering with my extensive to do list in hand …. I still enjoy my cereal … especially as a summer dinner when it is too hot to cook!

  43. MARTHAIA says

    Summertime will be walking on the boardwalk & feeding the ducks as we enjoy the sun & fun in Myrtle Beach S C…Also will be bringing some of the to go cereal to munch on enjoy eating frosted flakes and fruit loops….TY

  44. rachel cartucci says

    Well, I am making the most of my summer by being pregnant this summer. I suppose completing our family is the task for this summer. All the while I will be trying to survive the Mississippi heat.

  45. rachel cartucci says my tweet! Thanks and have a terrific summer. I will be homeschooling my son through the summer….no break for us.

  46. With my son being home from college, I have BIG plans for him to help me with a few plans I have for my yard! We’re planting a small vegetable garden, and also a couple of rows of…. cotton! Last year, I was determined to try my hand at growing my own cotton so I could make a wreath for my fall decorations. It turned out so well that I now have orders to make 4 more! It sure beats paying $8-10 a stem! In hindsight, I wish I had thought of growing some with my Girl Scout troop because it’s not only an educational experience, but also a very fascinating one!

    Angie, I must tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog everyday! From watching your progress with your farmhouse to each revamp of found treasures, it’s always an inspiring read. Thank you!

  47. This summer is all about family!! New granddaughter coming in June and new daughter in law coming in August!!!

  48. We are making the most of summer by having new flooring put in. I’m grateful to be able to do this, but…ugh I don’t realize how much I need to dust until we start moving things around! Then it snowballs, new flooring, new curtains? New bedspread? New this, new that. I need to win something! Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  49. Pattie Neu says

    Summer in the UP/MI ?Has taken it’s time in coming. 55 baby chicks later.
    The next new arrival is our sheep 2 ewes & 1 ram. The fresh smell of summer is here.
    I wish I could say,,,, we’re kicking back. But, know sleep for the wicked up here.
    But, when we catch a break. It’s fresh veg’s & paste salad time !! We enjoy simple
    food & good friends & of coarse there’s always “fire pit” time. Ya,hey !!!!

  50. Stephanie Phelps says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by spending time with family and friends cooking out and going to the lake!

  51. Stephanie Phelps says
  52. Jessie C. says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by riding bikes and hiking with kids.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  53. Jessie C. says


  54. I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by taking my kids to the park, beach and by spending lots of time with family.

  55. We make the most of summer by spending a lot of time outdoors at the beach or the park.

  56. LAMusing says

    We’re making a list of cool summer events in our city and adding them to the calendar!

  57. Excited to get the BBQ going!

  58. steve weber says

    I’m making the most of summer by going camping and attending alot of concerts.

  59. steve weber says
  60. Ashley C says

    We’re trying to be as active as possible! Swimming, being in our garden, running around outside, etc


  61. I am organizing our new home and spending time with my grandsons. Di

  62. Tracy Robertson says

    I’m making the most of my summer by planning short getaways. I just planned one for June and will get in another probably in August. I work a lot, but I always save a few vacation days for some summer fun.

  63. Tracy Robertson says
  64. Cynthia C says

    I will be taking a road trip to the beach to make the most of summer.

  65. Cynthia C says
  66. I’m trying to take it easy this summer as we prepare for our new little one to arrive.

  67. I’m checking out moving back to my hometown!

  68. Brenda Haines says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by spending tons of time playing with my son at the beach.Thanks for the chance!

  69. Janice Cooper says

    We are #MakingTheMostOfSummer by going to the park on the weekends. In fact my hubby just bought an annual pass.

  70. Janice Cooper says
  71. I am making the most of my summer by traveling to Ireland and going on a road trip!

  72. Hoping to take the kids on a road trip this summer Possibly mall of America or Ohio havn’t settled on plans but we’d love to give Kellogg’s cereal bowl along for the ride.

  73. I am making the most of summer by visiting different places with my kids. the museum, science center, the park, the beach, friends’ homes, etc. It’s better to experience and explore first hand. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  74. I am making the most by visting family and being outside more

  75. Madeline says

    I’m #MakingTheMostOfSummer by camping with our in-laws, and going to the beach.

  76. Madeline says
  77. Stacey b says

    I’m #MakingTheMostOfSummer by taking a couple weeks off of work to spend some time having fun with the kids!

  78. Stacey b says

    I’m #MakingTheMostOfSummer by taking a couple weeks off work to spend time doing fun things with the kids!

  79. sherri crawford says

    by spending time with my grandkids every chance i get

  80. I will be off for the entire Summer, so this is the ideal time to spend in my sewing room creating quilts and other sewn items. Our little granddaughter will be here for 6 wks., so we will be going to summer school and then to the “splash pad”, fishing and having picnics. I am ready to do some biking also, since I am fully recovered from hip surgery now.
    Hope you have a grand summer too!

  81. We’re planning a vacation next month! So pumped 🙂

  82. Dawn Monroe says

    We are #Makingthemostofsummer because we bought zoo passes and we have a camping trip planned with our grand kids.

  83. we are going to biking and camping with family.

  84. I’ll be spending as much time outside as possible enjoying the warm weather!

  85. I’m #Makingthemostofsummer by trying to keep 3 active boys gainfully occupied. 🙂 Oh, and lots of cereal makes my boys happy too. 😉

  86. What am I doing with my summer? I am teaching two kids with fun science experiments or art projects every Monday after I do their Daddy’s books. I am playing with my new granddaughter every chance I get. I am constantly working in the garden and yard making it beautiful and enjoying being outside since I am a summer girl. And projects…even though I have slowed them a lot this year, I always have projects, like painting furniture or transforming something.

  87. What am i doing? I’m painting my entire first floor. I just really need to see some fresh colors inside to match the ones in the garden outside. So if I won, I’d buy paint!

  88. Denice Metz says

    I want to win and then I can do something this summer

  89. I just heard cicadas for the first time today so summer is officially here! I’ll make the most of it by growing vegetables, picking blueberries for jam, and eating juicy peaches that drip down my chin!

  90. LOL I love Frosted Flakes best dry. I munch them like popcorn when we’re watching a movie.

  91. In my spare time, I will be taking turns with my 74 year old mother shooting hoops on the basketball court(driveway) with my youngest who is obsessed with becoming the next Kobe Bryant. They’ve got the moves. I’ve mostly got a smart mouth going for me. Thanks for the giveaway. I always enjoy your projects. God bless.

  92. I’m super excited, this summer we’re having a family reunion with my siblings, and their kids. We’re camping… the easy, entertaining thing to do. The kids have so much fun and it’s not very expensive.

  93. I always feel like I don’t spend enough quality time with the kids. So I’m trying to do more with them, Trying to teach my girls sewing, and everyone DIY projects has been great. And having them help clean the house is helping to alleviate all of our stress levels. Bring on the home improvement projects!!

  94. love the blog!

  95. I plan to spend lots of time playing with granddaughters in the outdoor play kitchen we built and hope to finish their sandbox and playhouse! Love these grandbabies!

  96. Love your blog – have been inspired by many of your fabulous creations! Thanks for the inspiration – thanks too for the cereal idea – with 2 teenagers at home that may be something I can get them BOTH to eat!

  97. Painting and transforming flea market finds. And exercising before our summer vacation at the beach!

  98. I am spending my summer teaching my love of old and repurposing to my 14 year old daughter. She loves going to flea markets and checking out all the cool stuff.

  99. Lynda Adams says

    My husband bought me a recumbent bike a month ago. Every Saturday we ride a path, or a trail together. We have so much fun. I look like a big sack of potatoes on this bike, but I love using it. Making memories this summer with my hubby!

  100. Kimmy Ripley says

    We are going to #MakeTheMostOfSummer by spending a lot of time at the playground and go to the carnivals that come to town.

  101. We are making the most of the summer by going to the beach and the pool

  102. Liz Peters says

    I miss those crazy days with teens! Enjoy the time, as hectic as it might be! (Ecc) God has made everything beautiful in its time- and set eternity in our hearts.

  103. Margaret Smith says
  104. Debbi Wellenstein says

    We are #makingthemostofsummer by working in the garden, swimming and hiking.

  105. We will be #makingthemostof summer spending lots of time outdoors

  106. Barbara M says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer with lots of outdoor activities like gardening walking and fishing.
    thank you

  107. Barbara M says
  108. Nicole Dziedzic says

    Where making the most of our summer by heading to the downtown events, parks, and the water parks.

  109. Nicole Dziedzic says


  110. Denise S says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer with lots of fun activities.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  111. Ashley C says

    I’m #makingthemost of summer by spending lots of time just hanging out with my family and heading to the pool every chance we get!

  112. Jennifer B says

    making the most of my summer by relaxing and enjoying quiet time before the arrival of my baby mid- july..then its going to be very busy.

  113. Henria O. says

    We are #MakingTheMostOfSummer by doing outside activities and taking advantage of the free events in our city.
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  114. Henria O. says

    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  115. Kathleen says

    We are making the most of Summer by visiting the pool a lot and just relaxing.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  116. sarah hirsch says

    we will make the most of summer by planning lots of fun outdoor activities

  117. Chi Shannon says

    Spending as much time with the kids as they’ll let me! lol 🙂 Getting a lot of photos of the summer landscapes & enjoying the air conditioning 🙂

  118. Susan Smith says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by taking my children to the park and pool this Summer.

  119. Susan Smith says
  120. We are planning to #MakeTheMostOfSummer by spending tons of time at ur neighborhood pool!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  121. tweet–

  122. I’m making the most of my summer by traveling more. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  123. I’m #MakingTheMostOfSummer by spending as much time in my garden as possible.

  124. Birdiebee says
  125. Birdiebee says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by losing weight and getting outdoors.

  126. We’re #MakingTheMostOfSummer by planning several long weekends.

  127. maria cantu says

    We’re going bike riding and taking walks.

  128. We’re seeing all we can see.

  129. Going to concerts

  130. I have a ton of family activities planned with my kids

  131. Erica B. says

    We are spending time outside everyday.

  132. We are #MakingTheMostOfSummer by crafting, cleaning and getting things done around the house.

  133. Richard Hicks says

    We are making the most of summer by taking day trips

  134. Richard Hicks says
  135. Lisa Brown says

    I am planning to make the most of summer by going camping with the family.

  136. Lisa Brown says
  137. We’ll make the most of summer by going to some fun city events like the Pirate Festival!

  138. LAMusing says

    I’m looking forward to summer BBQ! Better clean up the patio 🙂

  139. Tabathia B says

    I am spending time with my kids doing arts and crafts, taking them to the park, museums, water parks and to the beach

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  140. Tabathia B says
  141. Daniel M says

    hope to get to the beach more

  142. We are making the most of summer by taking lots of camping trips!

  143. I’m making the most of summer by getting out as much as possible while planning and hunting down items for my daughter’s upcoming wedding

  144. ANGEL JACKLYN says
  145. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  146. joe gersch says

    i am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by gardening

  147. My summer is all about the family, cottage, road trips, estate sales, friends. We always host a huge reunion every August and this year we’re having it at our cottage on a lake so I’m thinking of themes etc. Like you, I have been snapping pictures of barns, fence rows and long driveways for years. I just shot 2 beautiful barns last week and I wish I could show you! Thanks for the contest. Love your blog and your son is darling!

  148. We hope to be moving soon, so this summer will be more downsizing and clutter control. But I think my husband and I will take some day trips. Our 56th anniversary was last week and I forgot it! And what is more strange is that my husband remembered! We need to have a bit more “us” time. I think I will start planning some fun things for us to do. Thanks for the give away.

  149. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I will be traveling a lot this summer

  150. Amanda Sakovitz says
  151. Stephanie Galbraith says

    We are getting Married!!!

  152. I am utilizing my bicycle each day!

  153. Thomas Murphy says

    I am #MakingTheMostOfSummer by going to the beach when ever I can.

  154. Thomas Murphy says
  155. We are making the most of summer by spending a lot of time as a family visiting parks, swimming pools and local festivals.

  156. We are making the most of summer by taking road trips to the coast.

  157. I enjoy going on evening walks with my dog. Thanks!

  158. Ellie Wright says

    I’m #MakingTheMostOfSummer by spending lots of time with my 3 grandchildren.

  159. tina reynolds says

    I am #makethemostofsummer by playing outoors a lot with the kiddos

  160. I’m trying to relax and enjoy the outdoors during backpacking trips.

  161. Sonia Nafarrate says

    Am making the most of my summer by visiting family out of state : )

  162. Francine Anchondo says

    Spending as much time outside as possible.

  163. I’ll be tending our garden and hoping for time to get to the lake and do some fishing.

  164. I am spending lots of fun times with my daughter who is home from college.

  165. I’m #MakingTheMostOfSummer by spending more time with my extended family and making a genuine effort to be more flexible with my schedule (I’m a planner LOL). 😀

  166. we are making the most of summer by going swimming whenever we can!

  167. thischickwins says

    i’m planning some backyard shenanigans and making lots of lemonade and iced tea

  168. I like making the most of summer by spending time with family and friends as much as possible.

  169. We are making the most of summer by spending as much time as we can outside, at the beach and on the boat!

  170. Bert Ruiz says

    we are #MakingTheMostOfSummer by playing outside, going to the park, taking family walks, having family game and movie nights, and we plan to hit the beach and the water park soon and go on road trips next month

  171. Denise L says

    We are #MakingTheMostOfSummer by spending a lot of time in the garden. My son loves digging!

  172. Denise L says
  173. Kathryn C says


    #MakingTheMostOfSummer by enjoying the county fairs, shows & other family friendly outdoor events in the area


  174. Kathryn C says
  175. Laurie Emerson says

    I am making the most of summer by doing some things I have had on my bucket list for years like sky diving, snorkeling and learning a new language.

  176. Kathy Pease says

    I am spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine

  177. Kathy Pease says
  178. John Kershaw says

    We’re making the most out of our summer by taking our son on a lot of zoo and park trips.

  179. I am making the most of summer by savoring the great food in the summertime at picnics.

  180. erica best says

    i love fishing in the summer time

  181. erica best says
  182. Debbie B says

    i am making the most of summer by spending lots of time at the lake

  183. Debbie B says
  184. So far summer hasn’t officially started for one of my kids since she opted, voluntarily, to do 2 weeks of summer school. Usually we spend a ton of time outdoors and at the beach during the summer so once school is out completely for her that’s where we’ll be.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  185. We’re spending lots of time with family and friends

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