DIY Sheet Music Placemats

I really wish I was musically inclined, but one of my regrets in life is that I quit taking piano lessons when I was young.  I just didn’t have the patience or drive to make myself practice every day.  I’d like to think that some day I’ll try again, but I’m not sure I’d have any more patience or drive now than I did back then, but I do love old sheet music.

I’ve got bunches and bunches of it.  I sell most of it in my online shop, but occasionally I like to use it on my own projects, like my sheet music dresser and my sheet music bathroom wall.

repurposed sheet music

I was looking through my pages recently, and got the itch to do something with some pages, but didn’t want to use up too many of them, and I realized making sheet music placemats for my kitchen table was the perfect project.  It only requires one or two sheets per placemat, depending on the size of the pages.

DIY placemats

I selected pages that only had musical notes, without lyrics on them.  I could have used Contact paper to cover the pages, but I wanted them to be more durable.  I don’t have a laminater, so I took them to Staples to have them laminated.  They charge by the size, but my pages cost less than $3 per placemat to have made.

repurposed sheet music


I think these would look so pretty for a wedding, or for a holiday table setting.


sheet music projects

Of course, if you aren’t a piano lesson drop-out, these would also make a great way to preserve and display the sheet music you’ve collected from your lessons. 🙂

repurposed sheet music

book page projects

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  1. Always enjoy your projects…this one is easy enough I might actually take the time to do it!

  2. Oh,Angie – great idea. I think I would do a transfer onto white cotton as a topper for a table setting for a special occasion
    Thanks for the great idea!

  3. You are an inspiration! Thank you for another great idea.

  4. What a neat idea – and thanks for the information on how reasonable having them laminated at Staples is. I would never have guessed that! Love the additional little sheet music wrapped plant in the center of the table as well.. Thoroughly enjoying your ideas, hints, photos….. your creativity in general!!! 🙂

  5. Oh, these are just darling…and it’s a project even I might be able to tackle! My eldest daughter is getting married next year…I’m going to show these to her. I always wished I was musically inclined, too…my family valued athletics over pretty much everything, unfortunately. I did play clarinet and flute on the school band and enjoyed that, but like you, always wished I could play piano or even guitar. When I was left my father’s guitar after he died, I thought I might finally take those guitar lessons, but sadly, soon after, we had a fire that took everything, the guitar included. It’s never too late, as they say, though…you and I should really do something about our yearning to make music, yes?

  6. mary scott says

    Beautiful table!

  7. Kim Croul says

    They are very pretty. What a great idea!

  8. You always have something interesting on your blog and give me ideas on crafts to decorate my house with. Those are my favorite kind. I love when you post old prints from your vast collection of antique books. I have made many things from them. Thank you so much!!

  9. As a musician since the age of 5, I LOVE playing the piano/organ/accordian!! I HATED to practice, too, but my parents just wouldn’t give in and let me stop lessons. My dad played a trombone and started his own band at age 12, and mom played violin in grade school. Most of my 6 siblings also played an instrument when young, but I am the only one who stuck with it my whole life! As a woman of 60 now, I’m so glad that my parents were determined creatures, and I thanked them often for forcing me to stick with lessons! I was church organist for 18 yrs., and have given lessons since I was 19. I’ve even taught my niece to play, which enabled her to give lessons and earn money by the age of 18. Music is in my soul, yes, part of my being! As such, I am grateful for the artistic sheet music ideas you give, and many thanks, Angie!!!!

  10. Great project and it’s giving us lots of other ideas too. Thanks, Angie.

  11. Naomi S. says

    I love this idea! They look so nice with your white dishes. I, too, am a piano lesson drop-out! I did learn enough so that I can play some, but only for myself. And I, also, toy with the idea of taking lessons again. But, what a great way to use old sheet music, which I, also, love. Thanks, Angie!

  12. These are adorable!!

  13. Angie this is a great idea.
    Great for holidays, even for Valentine’s Day (by picking love songs).

  14. There is something very beautiful about sheet music. I love your use of the music for decor. Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We’d love to have you for a visit. The Door is OPEN. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  15. Really beautiful idea Angie! totally featuring this in this weekend’s Party Junk! Thanks for linking up! 🙂


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