Red Barn with Weather Vane

Can we pretend that today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Friday?

You can do that for me, right?

Oh good…because as hard as I tried to finish Farmhouse Friday for today, I just couldn’t get it all finished in time.

Believe me, it’ll be just as good tomorrow as it would have been today, and I’m telling you, it’s turning out amazing!

The theme is farmhouse lights, and you really don’t want to miss it, so come back and see tomorrow evening.

banner lights

Okay, so pretending today is Saturday…

A few weeks ago, my husband and one of my sons went on a road trip to pick up a part for my son’s Jeep, and I went along for the ride.  We hit the road a bit late in the day, so all of the thrift shops and antique stores were closed by the time we came across them, but I kept my eye out for old barns along the way, and spotted this one.  It’s an old barn that got a facelift with pretty red siding.  It has so many incredible details, like the dormer windows, sliding barn doors, and the weather vane on top.

{Click HERE for this image without my watermark}

Old Red Barn with Weather Vane via and

I shot photos both up close and from a distance, because I wanted to include the old wooden fence in a photo as well.  Isn’t it beautiful?

I  think it would make an amazing house.

All of these images are available as free printables, without my watermark, HERE

old red barn with weather vane via Knick of Time

Directly across the road from this barn was an old wooden shed that I couldn’t pass by.

old wooden shed via Knick of Time

 When you go to download any of these photos, you’re going to notice they are on a new blog I  recently started – just for farm country printables!

It’s called A Farmhouse Day, and I hope you’ll pop over and follow me there too!

A Farmhouse Day

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  1. These are fabulous shots, Angie! Thanks for sharing them. I would love to live in one of these, even the small grey one 🙂 I pass by numerous old barns on my work route. I am drawn to them….. There are a couple of them that I have watched slowly sag, and now completely collapse, and it makes me sad that no one takes care of them.


  2. mary scott says

    I love driving country roads to see country buildings! THANKS

  3. Marijean Jenson says

    Beautiful red barn. I think it would make a great house too. Great photography Angie !

  4. Naomi S. says

    Nice photography, Angie. I just love old barns and rickety little out-buildings. What is it about them that just calls to us, that pleases our eye so? I think it’s maybe the variety of shapes, colors, textures. Or the fact that they are usually in beautiful, pastoral settings. Each of us smitten with these old buildings would probably have a different answer as to why they hold so much appeal for us. Anyway, whatever it is, they just speak to us and I love looking at the ones you are photographing. I might even get out there and shoot some myself one of these days.

  5. I never tire of looking at all the beautiful barns! Thanks!

  6. I went to new blog and there is no place to subscribe by email address. 🙁 I love barns and looking forward to seeing them on your new blog, Angie!

  7. Such a sweet-looking little barn and it’s good to see it being taken care of and given some love! You did an awesome job of capturing its essence…I’m glad you included the old fence, too, as it is imbued with such rustic charm! Speaking of rustic charm, that little shed is just wonderful…love the patina of the wood…it looks like it’s been standing for a hundred years and yet, not a plank out of place, which is good to see…someone is obviously looking after it, too! Thank you for sharing your lovely pix of these lovely structures!

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