Cleaning Tips from the Hate to Clean Queen


Saying I “hate” to clean might be a bit of an overstatement.

There are things I hate much worse…like lima beans, and root canals.

Actually, it isn’t really that I hate to clean at all – it’s just that there are so many other things I’d rather do.

When I actually make up my mind to do it, I’m an excellent house cleaner.  You just wouldn’t know it by the looks of my home, because I usually choose to do the things I want to do, versus the cleaning that needs to be done.

BUT…photos of a dirty house just don’t go over well in the blog world.

It’s really too bad, because I could share tons of them.  TONS.

I’ll share my strategy with you.  I generally only clean  exactly what will be in front of my camera.

Whenever you see a photo of something on my kitchen table…there’s a mess on both ends, and only the middle is clean.

When I shared the photo of my kitchen window the other day – you would have died had you seen the condition the rest of the kitchen was in.

Ssshhh…that’s just between you and me.

Because of that, you’ll rarely find me doling out cleaning tips, so if I have one to share, it’s just this side of miraculous.

We are just this side today! 🙂

cleaning tips

When I can’t possibly avoid house cleaning any longer, I look around at the messes, trying to decide where to begin.

Just thinking about it is enough to wear me out…

housecleaning meme

And as a total side note…

No, I don’t color my hair, and Yes, I recently got my hair cut.  

My 4 kids gave me that gray hair  – I earned it, and I’m proud of it.  Embrace your gray, I say! 🙂

Back to cleaning…

So, to give you an idea of how high up the shelves above my kitchen window are, I’m on my tiptoes reaching up in this photo.

hard to reach cleaning

Even if I get on my step stool, I can still barely reach the top, and I certainly can’t see the surface of the shelves.

That’s always been my excuse for not cleaning them…except when my mother-in-law comes to visit.

She wouldn’t climb up and check them or anything, but she’s a great housekeeper, and I don’t take chances!

In the past when I’ve cleaned them, I’ve always stood on top of the sink counter, and scrubbed away a year’s worth of grease and dust that has accumulated.  It’s a nasty and embarrassing job, but it’s my own fault for not cleaning them for a year.

house cleaning tips Dirt Devil

But then a miraculous thing happened.

Attachments…amazing attachments showed up at my home.

The good folks at Dirt Devil sent me the Dirt Devil® 360° Reach™, and my shelves will never be the same.

vacuum attachments

Oh my word, that fuzzy microfiber attachment goes onto the bendy tool (technically called the pivot extension),

and I can REACH the shelves, without climbing on the sink to do it!

Of course, I still need to bribe my teenage son to climb up and take things off the shelves first, but he’s easy to bribe!

house cleaning tips

But, my favorite tool is the hard floor microfiber pad attachment.  We have wood and tile floors in every room in our house…and we have 2 indoor dogs.  That means LOTS of fur to clean up.

Not only does it suck up the dirt and fur, but the sides bend up so when you go along your baseboards, it dusts them at the same time.  How smart is that?!

wood floor cleaning

And then there’s the fan tool.  It cleans the top and bottom of the blades at the same time – no step stool climbing required to clean the fan either.

cleaning tips ceiling fan

The 360 Reach also comes with a powered carpet nozzle, a powered stair and upholstery tool, and a crevice tool, which is great for cleaning between cushions on the couch or seats in a vehicle.

It’s lightweight, and includes a shoulder strap, so you can carry it with you, as you waltz around your house singing and cleaning.  🙂

cleaning tips

Some details about the Dirt Devil 360 Reach

        • 4-in-1 Stick Vac – Go from floors to ceilings to couches in seconds.
        • Cyclonic Filtration – Cut through any mess with powerful suction.
        • Vac+Dust Tools with SWIPES™ – Pick up heavy dirt & debris while the SWIPES™ microfiber pad captures the dust.
        • Powered Stair & Upholstery Tool
        • Extended Reach – Stretch from floors to ceilings and catch everything in between.
        • 27ft. Power Cord – Easily Clean your couch then your stairs without unplugging.
        • Reusable Quick-Rinse Filter– Don’t bust your budget on expensive replacement filters.
        • Crevice Tool -Get to hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.
        • Pivoting Extension Tool
        • 3 Year Limited Warranty
        • And everything fits inside the carrying bag!

vacuum storage

It just swept away all the excuses I had for not cleaning more often.

Come on dirt…make my day.

Who knows – I may become a house-cleaning freak, and start sharing cleaning tips on a regular basis.

Stranger things have happened!

See the Dirt Devil® 360° Reach™ in action here

A  special package price of $149.99 is available at and includes an additional attachment package valued at $75, available while supplies last.

Now, I’d love to hear one of your BEST cleaning tips!


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  1. Carole H says

    WOW!!! I love the ceiling fan cleaner attachment thingy! That is awesome, do they have a blind cleaner attachment too? Thanks for the great info!!

  2. Good Morning Angie~ I’ve been procrastinating cleaning also. 8 year old twins keep me hopping during
    the summer and it is almost next to impossible to catch up. Thank you for sharing the cool Dirt Devil tools.

  3. Good morning Angie….I could not help but chuckle when you said the areas past the lens were quite messy…..seems to me…its more work trying to get a clean shot, and avoiding the mess…than it is to go ahead and just clean it…then NO WORRIES of any peek a boo mess!!! LOL it was just something that made me laugh…HAPPY DAY CLEANING!

    • Karen, that WOULD seem logical, but projects are ongoing on my kitchen table every single day…so it’s a pain in the fanny to totally clear them away to take photos, then put them back on to resume working on the projects.

      Every so often…we actually EAT at our kitchen table! 🙂

  4. Wow, as a person who cleans houses for a living, I must say this vac with all these attachments would really cut the work time. I will have to check it out.

  5. WOW! What a cool little machine!!
    My favorite tip is the little cheap mops from Dollar General. I buy them 2 or more at the time and use them to clean baseboards and places I can’t normally reach. I mostly use blue Dawn and vinegar to clean with, I soak the mops, ring them out and go to town cleaning. Then I toss them nasty suckers!

  6. CherylinKS says

    I just have to have one of those!!! I love shelves and stuff sitting on them but HATE the dusting…gets done once a year when putting up Christmas decor! By the way…love ur blog and thanks for sharing ur Printables!

  7. Angie, this is the best sponsored post I personally have read yet. You rock! The folks at Dirt Devil should be very pleased. Now excuse me while I go check out the link to the products. Cheers, Ardith

  8. Angie
    As soon as I saw the title of your post I moved the mouse to click to the link – and then I saw the photo and I couldn’t click fast enough.
    Absolutely hilarious.
    Loved it!

  9. How about, on top of your shelves, you just put down some wax paper. Every 4-6 months, just throw out the paper, dust off the jars, and redo the paper. There is something about that sticky dust that gets on top of kitchen cabinets and shelves…yuk!

  10. I think that gadget looks wonderful. I have some shelves in the closet I can only reach on the top step of a ladder. Needless to say my gracefulness over the last few years makes that ladder climbing stuff seem a little scary. This little vacuum might lead to some deep cleaning.
    On the gray — I am in complete agreement!

  11. That looks like a great tool to have in a house.

  12. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thanks i will look into it makes cleaning look easy and that is what i am all about. I don’t color my hair, gray shine on. lol

  13. LOL I love that you ‘hate’ to clean! And boy, can I relate that while I can clean, there’s sooooo many other things to do that are higher on my list at this season of life! Grandkids, being outdoors, projects calling my name in the garage, to name a few.

    Oh, for those greasy places above the kitchen cupboards, I lay newspaper down after cleaning well so that the next time, scrubbing takes a lot less time.

  14. Love the tip on laying down newspaper or waxed paper. I am hoping to remember that for whenever I finally get to the top of my cupboards. I will not even tell you how many years it has been. I reach up and dust what I can with the extended pole duster, but we all know that only gets so much. Sigh. I am totally the same – when I finally do decide it is time to clean, I usually do not know where to start.

    And go grey! I only have a few, which are noticeable, however more are coming and I am okay with that. I’ll spend my money on other treasures instead of paying to have the grey removed. I have earned them!

  15. I certainly can relate to your dislike of cleaning. It’s not my favorite task either, but I hate cooking more. And, like you say, there are just so MANY other things I’d rather be doing. Well, that sweeper/cleaning gadget is flashy, and it might be fun to use, but for me, it’s really not worth that amount of money. I’d rather just use some water, vinegar and a little baking soda and a damp cloth. I quite hate the idea of having another “appliance” in my house.

    I’m with you on the gray hair! I’ve always said I earned them and I have the right to keep them, if not even flaunt them! And, yes, it was the kids what gave me ’em!

  16. Oh m’gosh, Angie…reading this post just made my day…what a keen sense of humour you have! That first pic of you had me in stitches…yes, I can certainly tell from this pic that you hate to clean and I can’t say as I blame you! This little Dirt Devil and attachments looks like it might be worth checking into…I’ve been a Hoover girl for years but I’m not sure who they have designing these things now because my last two Hoovers have been just awful with attachments smaller than my fist and very little reach…you can’t clean properly like that…I won’t ever buy a Hoover again! I wonder, though, how easily do the attachments clean up after you are done?

    Before I go here, I also have to compliment you on your ultra-cute housecleaning outfit…you actually look adorable while cleaning house…no wonder you hate to get dirty! My housecleaning outfit is generally an old shirt and pair of pants with paint or bleach stains on them…I look like something that could use a good cleaning in my own right…hehe!

  17. I love this post…you look like a version of American Gothic, sans the hubby…and the pitchfork. Haha

  18. These are really good cleaning tips! I also hate cleaning but I need to do it so me and my family can live in a healthy and clean environment! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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