Keeping Time – a Repurposed Chair and Horse Business

Normally today would be Farmhouse Friday, but I went to lunch and ran errands with my daughter and didn’t get it finished, so I thought I’d talk about something else…

So did I mention our pasture flooded a few weeks ago?

If I did I forgot, so I’m assuming you did too.

Anyhow, the water was so strong, it carried grass and branch debris  over the fence wires, which was so heavy it broke the fence.

What does that have to do with anything, you might be wondering…

Well, we had to tie the horses in the front yard while my  husband and son fixed the fence, and horses being horses

they do “business”

they do a LOT of business.

So why am I telling you about our horses and their, um… “stuff”, you might be wondering…

Well…I’m a contributing blogger at My Repurposed Life, and this month my post is about a little repurposed chair side table.  I decided I didn’t like my original photos, so at the last minute I carried it to my front yard to get new photos…

where there was lots of horse “stuff”.

I’m not sure how much I stepped in, but I was running out of sunlight and didn’t have time to rake it away.

I will tell you I did some serious photo editing to remove that it from the photos.

Don’t look too closely or you may spot some I missed. 🙂

Pop over to My Repurposed Life to see how I made the little table!

repurposed chair table

You can see more of my Repurposed Chair pojects HERE.

repurposed chair projects

Here’s one I don’t think I ever chaired on my blog.  The back of the chair was broken, but the seat and legs were still sturdy.  It’s perfect as a repurposed chair side table!

repurposed chair side table

On to less messy business, here’s some things that caught my eye this week…

I love this beef cuts poster seen at Sonoma Seven.  I have a similar antique graphic (it’s free here), that I’ve never done anything with, and I think it’s time I make a poster out of it!

cuts of beef poster

I’ve been admiring the creative photography composition at French Larkspur.

vintage French letters

This photo makes me want the apron, the fence, the apples and the bowl (which sold in her shop).

French zinc bowl

Even though I can’t keep a flower garden alive to save my life, I adore this “type” (ha ha!)of garden at Organized Clutter!

repurposed typewriter

Seriously, her garden tour is a must see!

repurposed bed springs


And isn’t this lace bunting by Vintage with Laces absolutely gorgeous?

lace bunting


I’m honored to see these 2 amazing projects that Betsy @ My Salvaged Treasures made with my Milk and Cream Co. stencil.  I’ve gotta find me a little milk can and stool now!

milk and cream company

milk stool

Happy weekending!



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  1. Hi Angie, I had to chuckle at your photoshopping task to remove the “stuff” but I’m sorry about the flooding and the broken fence.
    Thank you for including my lace bunting :)!

  2. Christina says

    Angie, I adore the stool and give your horses, husband and son a hug for me! Lots of raw fertilzer eh? 🙂
    Also, I saw this in my email this morning and imagined your making a smaller version.
    Take care and thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. Nancy Marino says

    No wonder you have “green green grass”.

  4. Wendy Johnson says

    Nice substitute for farmhouse friday-you are quick on you feet. I was going to make a pun but gave up.

  5. Thanks Angie for sharing my junk GARDEN!!!!!

  6. joan clanton says

    my grandpa always called horse “stuff” horse apples. he said “ohhh, horse apples” when he needed to vent!

  7. Hi, had to laugh because it reminded me of our ranch and your post brought me some happy memories. Your pics were just cute as can be and loved the horse shoes and typewriter. Have a good day and watch out for the “stuff”!!!! LOL

  8. I’m peeing my pants here laughing Angie – between my laying on the floor with my legs splayed up in the air trying to get a decent shot – and John asking ” what the hell is going on around here ” and you traipsing around in horse$hit – is there nothing we won’t do for the blog?
    LMHO !
    But your chair to stool is gorgeous !

  9. Annette McPeake says

    Hi Angie,
    I just loved your repurposed chair so I shared it on my Pinterest for others to see. Since doing so most days I get a notification to say others have repinned it, seven so far. I am scouring the Op shops to find a wee chair to do something similar with.

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