Vintage Farmhouse DIY Decor Ideas: Rustic & Repurposed

Rustic & Repurposed Vintage Farmhouse DIY Decor Ideas to inspire you to think outside the norm before you throw away or donate old wood, metal, and just random stuff!

Typography Stenciled Chair and Chair Back Shelf

If you’ve been a regular visitor of my blog for awhile,  you may remember the grain sack typography chair makeover I did a few years ago (seen HERE).  Well, today is a day of totally trashed chair projects, and I have other typography chair to show you that I finished, as well as a broken chair that I turned into a shelf. Here’s the first chair.  I bought it at an auction several years ago, and stored it in my barn {Read More}

Keeping Time – a Repurposed Chair and Horse Business

Normally today would be Farmhouse Friday, but I went to lunch and ran errands with my daughter and didn’t get it finished, so I thought I’d talk about something else… So did I mention our pasture flooded a few weeks ago? If I did I forgot, so I’m assuming you did too. Anyhow, the water was so strong, it carried grass and branch debris  over the fence wires, which was so heavy it broke the fence. What does that have to {Read More}

Sidewalk Chalkboard from Wooden Folding Chairs

How to turn a wooden folding chair into a standing chalkboard. Today, I want to show you one of my favorite kinds of projects.  I seek out broken things at yard sales, thrift stores, and auctions, because I get a real kick out of taking something broken and turning it into something usable again. You may recall that last fall I bought 35+ antique wooden folding chairs at an auction.  I sold all of them that were still in good {Read More}

Don’t Just Sit There – Repurposed Chair Parts

Don’t Just Sit There – Repurposed Chair Parts I have a bunch of old, broken chairs out in my workshop that have been hanging on my walls and taking up space, so I decided to finally do something with a few of them this week. I bought 3 of this style of chair at an auction.  This one had a broken seat, and the other 2 only had seats – no back rests.  Originally I thought maybe I could combine 2 of them to get 1 complete {Read More}

Local History Seed Bag Chair

I love reusing things with some history behind them, so I was thrilled to find a seed sack from a local business, which has been family-owned since 1880. Geo. Keller & Sons I decided to put it to use on this harp back chair. The chair was originally dark, stained wood, so I repainted it Bungalow Gold. I would have preferred an antique white, but I already had a full can of the Bungalow Gold. I was a little paranoid cutting {Read More}