DIY Apothecary Sign Display Shelf

If you’re feeling under the weather, or are feeling sick and tired, today’s project is just what the doctor ordered to make you feel better – guaranteed! 🙂

apothecary sign

Here’s the back story on it though…

Last week I was brainstorming some ideas for my next stencil design, so I looked back at all the antique graphics I’ve shared in the past, to see if any of them would give me some ideas.  One that caught my eye was an 1800’s drug store receipt.

I knew I’d found my inspiration, so I set to work designing the stencil, with some help from my son who tweaked the font I wanted to use.  I ran some test cuts to make sure I liked it, and was ready to proceed.

apothecary sign

If I wasn’t already convinced about the design, The very next day, my blogging buddy Bliss shared THE most amazing IKEA hack I’ve ever seen.

Feast your eyes on the Apothecary Cabinet she created from the most basic, boring wood dresser in the world.  She is crazy talented!  By the way, you can vote for her cabinet in a contest she is in HERE – Please VOTE! 🙂

I oohed, and aahhed, and told her how much I adored it, and she responded back something like, “do I see an apothecary sign in your future?”

apothecary cabinet

I don’t know if I read her mind, or she read mine, but little did she know, I was starting work on it!

I always make an inspiration project when I introduce a new stencil design, but there wasn’t even the slightest  chance that I was going to attempt something like her cabinet.  That’s WAY out of my skill set!

I did want to use the sign on something useful though, and I decided on a display shelf for my collection of apothecary bottles.  That was way more doable!

My husband made a frame to fit on a piece of beadboard left over from my drawer -turned-farmhouse cabinet.

beadboard sign frame

I stenciled the beadboard, then I tried to decide what I wanted to do with  the frame.

apothecary stencil

The decision was harder than I thought it would be!  On the back side of the frame, I tried light gray paint, I tried dark gray paint, I tried white paint, and none of them looked right.

apothecary 4

I flipped the frame over, and tried dark stain, but I just still wasn’t crazy about how it looked, then I remembered how I’d done the frame on  the rustic farmhouse frame, and decided to do the same thing on this one.

rustic wood frame

I did a shabby layer of white paint over the dark stain, and was relieved that I liked it, because I was out of ideas!

apothecary 8

The frame got attached to the sign, and a salvaged piece of old wood was added at the bottom for a shelf, and tada – an apothecary sign shelf!

DIY apothecary sign

stenciled sign

rustic  shelf

vintage apothecary bottles

beadboard farmhouse sign

The Apothecary Stencil is available in my shop HERE.

The Apothecary Sign Shelf shown above is available HERE

signature pin

Apothecary Sign

PLEASE be sure to vote for Bliss’s apothecary cabinet HERE!

Here are two more amazing apothecary-inspired projects I know you’ll love.  This apothecary cabinet is by 4 the Love of Wood.

Apothecary3 And this one is by The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill.

apothecary cabinet


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  1. I love the shelf in the frame… the white is perfect!

  2. LOVE IT!! one of my fave things I have sen in awhile.
    So, are you selling the stencils???

    Great idea for other words too.

    thanks for always sharing Angie.
    Be blessed

  3. What a pleasant surprise to see my apothecary cabinet featured! Thank you; you made my day!

    I LOVE your shelf! It has some of my very favorite things: beadboard, reclaimed wood and ‘old’ signage. Looks great!

  4. Love it, Angie! Bliss outdid herself with that cabinet!

  5. Rosie Virok says

    Angie, I just finished a projected using your Vaughn Seed Store sign and it turned out wonderfully. Thank you for such great stencils and the daily creativity you constantly share on your blog. Hope to do many more projects with your stencils. Sure like your newest. Guess I’ll have to save some more pennies.

  6. I’m still reeling from that cabinet makeover! Amazing.
    However, the simplicity and practicality of your sign is really terrific. I tend to over-complicate things and you make these projects that come out beautifully and, though they require work, they are so do-able! It’s perfect. The new stencil is gonna be a hit!

  7. Voted for Bliss’ amazing apothecary cabinet a few days ago – definitely my favorite IKEA hack too.

  8. Marlene Stephenson says

    Love the cute shelf and sign. I also love your friends cabinet,very clever,she deserves to win and hope she does. Have a great day Angie.

  9. WOW…such awesomely beautiful and insanely ingenious apothecary-inspired projects! I can simply not believe my eyes when it comes to Bliss’ IKEA hack…how on earth she could look at a simple Rast dresser and envision something as magical as her apothecary cabinet is completely beyond me…she most definitely deserves to win that contest hands down, imho!

    And, WOW again…your apothecary shelf is just outrageously gorgeous, Angie! I really love it with the beadboard which gives it lots of texture and has such a unique farmhouse feel and the way you framed it really makes this beautiful sign pop…the white over the stain was most definitely the right choice! Such a great new stencil, too! Brava!

  10. Wow, it’s just beautiful! Love the beadboard paired with the rustic wood and black lettering… and of course how you styled it :o]


  11. Chris Mondella says


    Wow, its beautiful Angie! I have a question though. How do you apply the stencil so perfectly across the bead board lines/indents? I have a project started that I plan on stenciling but I can’t wrap my head around making perfect edges inside the stencil when its not laying flush over the indents.

    Chris Mondella

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