Galvanized and Metal Decor – Farmhouse Friday #18

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This week’s Farmhouse Friday theme is one of my favorites – galvanized and metal projects and decor.

metal decor

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  1. I love galvanized metal!!! Great Post!

  2. Marlene Stephenson says

    I have picked up so many metal pieces from estate sales and now you have given me the ideas i needed for them.Love all things metal,especially old

  3. I not speak English !
    J’aime ton blog et particulièrement le thème : objets galvanized !
    Doux week end

  4. A VERY HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to your Mom…I sooooooo hope she had a wonderful time on her special day!

    I would just LOVE to do a wall in galvanized metal like you did with your guest house…I really love the look of it…nothing says farmhouse like this does! I’d never seen anything like this until I saw it on your blog but now I am seeing it all of the time…you are a trend-setter! And the Milk and Cream Co. bucket it really amazing, too…maybe if I can find myself a nice, old, metal bucket, I’ll give this project a whirl!

    I actually just saw an ottoman made out of a metal washtub on Etsy a few days ago…they also just put a cushion on top so that you could use the inside for storage…but it was pretty expensive…much better if you could make your own. But I love the idea of turning an old washtub into a functional piece of furniture like an ottoman or a table. All of these projects and ideas are fantastic, actually…thank you, so very much, once again, for hunting these all down for us and showcasing them all in one place…you make it easy for us and that is much appreciated! 🙂

  5. My favourite is the absolutely adorable galvanised – they’re gorgeous!

  6. That bucket is the best! I absolutely love your blog — we have a similar style! I blog about thrifty and vintage cottage and farmhouse decor.

    Dagmar ~ Dagmar’s Home

  7. I have a couple of very old farm implements that my dad reclaimed from his childhood farm years ago when we went to visit family (he found them in weeds along the cow path’ I’ve been hanging on to them as a tribute to him without knowing what I could do to make them part of our present day life. Now one hangs from a window latch in our sunporch, but since I’ve seen what you can do, I’m fixing it to the kitchen wall to use as a towel hook. The other few will have to wait until inspiration strikes, but you’ve helped the process along. I love having vintage things from our family past to enhance our home and keep us connected with previous generations.

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