Weekending – To Market, To Market

You may recall for my weekend edition last week(changing the name from “Keeping Time” to “Weekending”), I shared a farmer’s market inspired wall that I’m absolutely in love with.  I could’t get it out of my mind all week, so I came up with a smaller scale DIY version using pallet wood.

farmer's market sign

I’d still love to actually build a wall-size version, but this one makes me happy until then!

I’m a contributing blogger over at My Repurposed Life, and you’ll find my full tutorial for the sign HERE!

Pop over to MRL and let me know what you think of it!

farmer's market pallet sign

And more that inspired me this week…

How cute and easy is this apple print bunting!

apple prints

Source – Buckets of Burlap

I can’t decide what I like most about this – the wall hooks, the market bag filled with hydrangeas, the bench, or the pillows on the bench.  I think I just love it all! 🙂

faded charm

Source – Faded Charm

I think I may have gained weight just looking at this dessert pizza, and I’d be perfectly willing to gain weight eating it too.  I’ll just do it with my eyes closed, because I’ve heard that lowers the calorie count! 🙂

dessert pizza

Source – Design Love Fest

Isn’t this book wall the coolest?

I may have to start hitting the auctions again, as my stash of old books is getting low…

Then I need to convince my husband that we need a wall like that!

repurposed books wall

Source – The Lettered Cottage

Got a friend that needs cheering up? A 2-buck Walmart coffee cup and some fresh flowers would make an inexpensive, happy gift!

coffee cup flowers

Source – Creative Cain Cabin

Before I sign off, have you tried the image transfer on fabric method I shared the other day?  Try it – you’l love it!

I hope your weekend is filled with flowers, fresh air, family & fun!

(I guess “F” is my letter of the day!) 🙂



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  1. Hi, Angie. F is a good letter, despite it’s reputation! I mean think about Fantastic, Fabulous, Far-out, Flaming, Firns, Figs, Fair, Fandango….those are just a few of the good words our letter helps to spell. Lets hear it for Fantabulous Letter F!!!

    Just a little silliness to lift the spirit! Anyway, I do like the market sign. I would love to make one for my youngest daughter who is farming for a local urban market. Let’s see, what stencil would I need to order from you? I’ll have to look it up and then get ahold of some palates, which should’nt be too hard. I think she will really like it. As always, thanks for sharing your ideas and talents!

  2. Just checked out your tutorial on MRL…I dunno how you manage it day in and day out, but this is just yet another amazing project coming from your seemingly endless fountain of cleverness and creativity! Just thought I’d also mention that there is no link to your post on MRL where you meant there to be in case you want to fix it.

    I sooooooo need that sweet pizza in my life, but my hips do not…hehe! The book wall is out of this world…I’m going to check the tutorial on that asap! And I can’t believe such a cute little cup came from Walmart…I’d like to buy a few of these to use in gift baskets, actually! Thank you so very much for compiling such awe-inspiring goodness all in one post! 🙂

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