Old Shipping Crate – New Stencil Design!

I’ve been batting around ideas for a new stencil design, and the thought of creating one that could be used to make antique style wooden shipping crates popped into my head.  I absolutely love old crates, but have you seen the prices on them lately?  Yikes!  They are super expensive – especially if they have cool typography on them.

I love getting the real thing when it’s affordable, but since I haven’t found one in several years, creating my own is the next best thing, so I’m going to show you how you can use brand new wood to create your own, as well as how I created a sign with the same stencil.

Are you ready? 🙂

DIY wooden shipping crate - KnickofTime.net

I purchased this plain wood  crate locally, but you can also purchase them online here. (affiliate link)  It measures about 17-1/2 x 12-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ tall).

wood shipping crate

To give the wood some age, the first thing I did was bang it up a bit and used the claw end of a hammer to put some small gauges in it.

how to age new wood - knickoftime.net

I used black paint with the new Shipping Stencil to add the typography.  The stencil design was inspired by this antique advertisement I shared here.  “Baker’s” is a trademarked name, so I edited the name to Baker and Co.

shipping crate stencil available from KnickofTime.net

Here’s how it looked once the stenciling was done.

make an antique style shipping crate via KnickofTime.net

The only thing left to do was stain it.  I used early American color.

I’m thrilled with how authentic it looks, and plan to make several more.

old sign stencil old wooden crate - KnickofTime.net

DIY antique shipping crate - KnickofTime.net

I also created a sign on a cutting board I purchased at a thrift store. wood cutting board

I didn’t need to use a hammer, since it already has all the cut marks on it.  Here’s how it looks after stenciling and before staining it.

stenciled cutting board - KnickofTime.net

And here’s how it looks after staining.  I’ll definitely be looking for more cutting boards, because these take so little time to turn into an instantly aged sign.

shipping crate stencil on cutting board - KnickofTime.net

how to make a vintage looking crate - KnickofTime.net

The Shipping Crate stencil is available HERE.

antique shipping crate stencil

Find more Creative Crate Projects HERE.

Vaya con Dios,

Click on the images below to see more farmhouse stencil projects.

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  1. I love it, Angie…and it does look great under the stain!

  2. Once again, I love your new shipping crate stencil! Your ideas just keep flowing, thank God, and therefore I would imagine your stencils are selling by the buckets!! GOOD!! That makes me happy! A stencil that you might consider making is “Farm Fresh Eggs.” I know i would do my best to buy it! Thank God I am a retired teacher, almost 3 years ago now, and finally have time for making the things that make ME happy…NOT the principal!!

  3. Your crate turned out great Angie! Banging things up to age them can be quite therapeutic. lol. I’ve been meaning to ask you how you got your subscribe pop up done. I had one when I was on blogger but that one doesn’t work on wordpress. I have no idea which plug in to use… there are so many. I’d really appreciate knowing which one you used.

  4. angel niemeyer says

    I love all of your things that you make. Very creative and cant wait to try out some of them. Keep up the good work.

  5. How cool is this…your crate DOES look like an authentic antique crate! I love everything about it…from the stencil to the stain you used…and how clever to give the wood a bit of a beating to make it look older! I had no idea you could buy wooden crates from Amazon…oh dear…there goes my paycheque…hehe!

  6. I love your crates! While looking at them, I had a “flash” of ‘what if.’ Some of the old crates have metal on the corners. What if you cut pieces of roof flashing and tacked them to the edges? The flashing is, I think, thin enough to cut with a strong pair of shears. Just a thought. Thanks for all your great stencils and projects!

    • Tracy, I actually wanted to put some metal trim on it, and knew I had some, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Of course, I found it last night, after it was too late to add it and take new photos. Oh well!…

  7. The crate and stencil look great, Angie! I really like that you took a new item and made it look aged. The stain color choice is lovely, too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. KitsyKeelSmith says

    Hi Angie,

    I look forward to your blog everyday and am very fond of your creations. Keep them coming, they give us so much inspiration to try the same.

  9. I adore this crate! I can imagine a bunch of these around my kitchen and home. You did an amazing job with it.

  10. Rita O'Dwyer says

    I see a lot of Frrençh things on the blogs but never find anything Irish even though I’ve looked. If I do find something, it’s leprechauns or shamrocks, nothing authentically Irish. Surely I’m not the only person who would like something reflective of my Irish heritage. If you would consider making an Irish stencil, I’d be happy to make some suggestions.

  11. Rita O'Dwyer says

    I love your crate. It looks so homey and welcoming, and I love the stain and aged look. Also love your stencils, especially the Milk & Co .

  12. Looks great, Angie, both the stencil and the crate!

  13. I am a crate-lover, too! And I think it would be fun to make them the way you are. As for them being much cheaper than what you can find in antique and junk stores, I’m not so sure. I clicked on the link to the web-site that sells them that you gave and found three sizes ranging in price from $12.90 to $22.95 depending on the size you order. I tho’t that wasn’t too bad price-wise, but then I looked at the shipping cost for the smallest one and saw that it was $11.22! That brings the price for one raw-wood crate size 16″ x12.25″ to $24.12. To me, that is expensive when I just saw on an auction I follow on-line several authentic ones sell for $15. and under. Maybe your area of the country prices things higher than here in Michigan–mid-Michigan, not the touristy areas. I’d say go to JoAnn’s or Michaels or some place like Hobby Lobby and check their prices. I bet they are lower and no shipping. Just sayin’.

    • Naomi, it’s pretty rare to find a nice antique crate for anywhere near $15 on Etsy or Ebay, and by the time you pay shipping, the price would really be expensive. But if you found some online that are nice antiques – point me in their direction!! 🙂

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