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Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and this was a curveball kind of week.

As I mentioned recently, my parents are here for a two-week visit, but they left for a few days to visit other extended family.  When they returned back to my house last night, my dad tripped over one of our dogs and fell on the concrete right outside my door.  I called for an ambulance and he was taken to the ER.

Well, he fractured his hip and had to have surgery this morning to have a rod put in.    We don’t know yet whether he’ll need rehab or not, but if he does, it looks like they’ll be staying at my house longer than they had planned.  I’m not sure how long they’ll keep him in the hospital yet, so we’ll just have to take the next few days (and possibly weeks) as they come.  It sure wasn’t the vacation they had planned on, but when we arrived at the hospital, I bumped into a gal from our homeschool group, and her father had also fallen and hit his head, and he already had other health problems, so it was somewhat serious for him to fall, then the ER started filling up with young people, which I learned a little while later was because an accident had occurred, killing two local college students.  So while we were pretty bummed for the fall my dad took, in light of everything else going on last night, I feel grateful we weren’t dealing with something even more serious and tragic.

I’m in the middle of several different projects but didn’t get any of them finished or photographed, so instead I have a Halloween sheet music page printable I’ll share with you.  It’s called “In a Haunted Cave”, that came from a 1920’s magazine for musicians.  It’s noted on the page that this type of music was called, “shiver music”, so I think it must sound very suspenseful.


Halloween Sheet Music Printable - KnickofTime.net

I hope to finish up my projects in between hospital visits, so hopefully I’ll have them ready to show you soon, but between my dad, and one of my son’s birthdays tomorrow, it looks like it’ll be a busy weekend.



You can find more free printable antique sheet music HERE.

printable sheet music

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  1. Praying for your father and the others you met in the ER. I know your mother is thankful to have you there to help her and your father right now.

  2. life does take odd turns,,,,praying for your family at this time….for the others and their illnesses and injuries and those impacted by the accident

  3. Your family and the others you mentioned are in my thoughts and prayers tonight, and continuing. I am glad your father’s fall wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

    As to the music selection you posted, It looks wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s written above my level, so I’m unable to perform it as I would love to do. It will give me something to strive for though… and I might just print a copy or two to use in making some Halloween ornaments… perhaps some flying bats or pumpkins with a sinister look to them.

  4. God bless Y O U, as you will probably be the primary caregiver of your mom and dad, when he returns from the hospital and/or rehab. God will carry you through, with patience, love, and calmness through the trying moments coming soon. Don’t try to be SUPERWOMAN – – – let the blog go a bit, your followers will not forget you. I’ve wondered for some time now, if you should take Sundays off from your blog. You deserve it. I’ll be praying for your whole family, Angie!!

  5. Bless you Angie. I’m very sorry about your Dad and I’ll keep your family and friends in my prayers. Although your post is always a bright spot in my day, you dont have to worry about anything but your family right now. Your fans will be here waiting for you.

  6. Angie, I’m so sorry to hear about your father and I hope he heals well and quickly. My heart also goes out to the parents of the students who were injured, those who lost their lives. It is a vivid reminder of how quickly life can turn. Best wishes, Ardith

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s accident, Angie…hopefully his rehabilitation time will be short and he can get back to his normal life soon. Life does turn on a minute…a visit to the emergency room sure shows you that. Prayers for all…take care of yourself, too, Angie…xoxo

  8. Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear this! Fortunately, hip surgery is much less traumatic than it used to be, and recovery seems to be faster, too. So I will pray that your dad will come through all of this like a champion. Praying there will be no infections, setbacks or other bumps along the way…and strength and grace for you, too Angie!

  9. Praying for your family. I’ve been following you for the last couple of months. I love your style. I copied and printed your free printable seasonal birds. I bought dollar store frames for now, hopefully I can get custom frames made later and hung them up in my bedroom. Looks pretty good. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Ellie LaJuett says

    May the peace of the Lord be with you and surround you in your time of need!

  11. I hope your dad makes a speedy recovery and that his time spent in hospital is comfortable. Sounds like you have plenty to do over the next few days and weeks, hope it all goes smoothly and that you and your family still get quality time together.

    Loving the blog and enjoy your creative posts.

  12. Kathy Cagle says

    Angie, tell your dad and mom I’m praying for them. I’m so sorry that this happened to him. Love from your cousin

  13. Sending healing energy and positive thoughts for your Dad’s surgery and recovery Angie.

  14. Oh, your poor Dad…I’m so very sorry to hear about his accident…I’ll bet he was in a world of pain…I hope the hospital helped him to find some relief! You are so very sweet to think of others, even as you go through this…you must’ve been worried beyond belief! Please know I am hoping and praying that your Dad’s recovery goes blessedly smoothly and quickly and that you will find the strength to hang in there! And as Mare said, PLEASE don’t worry about posting to your blog everyday…I think your readers understand you have some very important things to deal with at home! May God bless you and keep you all!

    And very Happy Birthday to your son, as well…here’s hoping this happy occasion will bring much joy and lightness of spirit to all of you!

    Love the sheet music, btw…it would make the perfect backdrop to a Halloween vignette! It also makes me wish I played piano so I could understand more about “shiver” music!

  15. Sending prayers for a speedy uncomplicated recovery for your Dad and prayers for peace and comfort for your whole family.

  16. Angie, I’m so sorry your dad took a tumble and fractured his hip but thankful that this is a pretty successful surgery now a days. Rehab likely to keep those muscles and nerves healthy! Prayers for him and your whole family!!

  17. So sorry to hear about your dad’s fall. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. (((HUGS)))

  18. Sheryl Danner says

    I am so sorry Angie. I know this was traumatic for you all. It is one heck of a way to spend more time with your parents. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for your Dad!

  19. Oh dear Angie, I feel so sad for your Dad and family. Prayers for good healing.

    Thank you for the Halloween sheet music page.

  20. So sorry to hear about your dad, hope he recovers quickly.

  21. SusanIrene says

    Thank you for sending this sheet music to us in the midst of all you are dealing with. Sending back to you all good thoughts for a good recovery for your father.

  22. mary scott says

    So sorry for your dad. At least, he fell in a friendly place & not at some parking lot, etc. Hope he has an uncomplicated, rapid recovery.

  23. Tell your dad to be proud he’s in a elite group of senior citizen .lol It’s now knees hips arm surgery hitting many older people I’m in group I had total knee replacement ,, hope he does fine That happened tio my husband He & another guy paints’ on side they were firefighter’s they were painting a house & their dog ran around his feet he was trying to get out chain & he fell broke his hip he came home started hurting bad had go hosp. so we know what they go through ,Thank’s I log ya Blog,…

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