Chalkboard Lettering on Glass

I’ll warn you right now, today’s project turned out awesome, and I totally love it…but I screwed it up.

You might not even notice the problem up, but it’s a biggie.  I just want to warn you now, so you don’t make the same mistake, but I’ll tell you more about that at the end – if you haven’t figured out the problem before then.

Okay, so I was in the dollar store last week, scoping out the 2016 calendars.  I had just finished turning some 2015 pages farmhouse wall art , and wanted to find a new calendar that can become more easy art.

I found one I love that is filled farmer’s market style artwork with chalkboard lettering, and a different fruit or veggie on every month.

2016 Calendar with farmer' market illustratios -

When I got home that evening,my oldest son had bought a book called, “Creative Lettering and Beyond“.  It had lots of hand lettering techniques and tips, but it also had lots of project ideas to make.

Creative Lettering and Beyond Hand Lettering Tips and Techniques -

When I started flipping through the pages, I loved the idea of doing chalkboard lettering on glass, and I had a light bulb moment that instead of framing the calendar pages, I’d use them as a pattern to drawn the lettering on  glass.  I’m lousy at freehand drawing and lettering, but I figured I could handle tracing over a design.

DIY Chalkboard Lettering Projects -

There were several pages from the calendar that I loved.

Farmer's Market Illustrations -

I had a hard time choosing which one to use, so I decided to use parts of two different pages.

I just slid each page under the glass, positioned where I wanted them, then traced the design with a paint pen.  I recommend taping the page to the back of the glass, so it doesn’t slip around if you bump the glass.

Turn art illustrations into easy chalkboard art on glass -

I was pretty darn happy with how it turned out, until

Make Chalkboard Art on Glass Tutorial -

It was all finished, and I was ready to put it in the frame, and I noticed one of the letters was smudged.

That’s when I realized that I hadn’t used a paint marker – I’d used a chalkboard marker, so my work would smudge – just like chalk does.


I tried to be calm, and sprayed over my drawing with a clear matte sealer, hoping it wouldn’t smudge or run, and thankfully it didn’t.

I cut a piece of black poster board to fit behind the glass, so it looks like a chalkboard.

easy chalkboard lettering on glass tutorial -

You could use other colors of poster board as well, for a different the look.

In hindsight, if you try this project, you may want to use a glass paint marker, since they’re made to paint on glass.

I’m just glad I was able to save mine, but I know I’ll have to be careful when I clean it.

I can’t wait to try this method with other images too.  It’s a great alternative if you aren’t gifted as a chalkboard artist!

DIY Chalkboard Lettering -

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  1. Love that idea Angie. As long as nobody bumped into your artwork, you may have been able to leave it with the chalk marker that way you could change it with the seasons. I’m also terrible at hand lettering, I’m always tracing.

  2. Great idea I love it… that looks like a great book!

  3. Oh my! My head is spinning with ideas for all those vintage windows I have sitting around!!! Thanks for the inspiration and the tips!!! I’ll be sure to get a glass paint marker!

  4. How fab is this, what a great idea. Wish I could read the makers name of the calendar as would like to see if I can get hold of one here in the UK.
    Am enjoying reading your blog and all about your creative makes. TFS

  5. All’s well that ends well. It looks beautiful. I am such a mess when it comes to creating with chalkboard marker so I take my hat off to you. Since you were able to save it no one has to be the wiser, except for us your viewers! 😉

  6. It looks great, Angie. I’m a good tracer, so that would totally work for me. I can’t wait to try it. I’d love to know where you found the calendar; it reminds me of the seed packets my grandfather got his seeds in. I’m 71, so you know that was a loooong time ago. ;D

  7. Karen Robbins says

    This is such a great idea. I love it.. I think your project turned out quite well. I want to try it myself and I definitely want to look for the book.

  8. Love this idea. I have been intimidated by making signs but this I think I could do. Thank you.

  9. This is such a GREAT idea, Angie…I’ve seen that book and have a similar one that I can use for inspiration. Thanks for the paint pen tip, too! I’m going to be on the lookout for frames with glass at the thrift store now…

  10. I just love this idea !!! You have inspired me and I can’t wait to try this! Yours looks great!

  11. This is a wonderful project! As always you always come up with beautiful pieces.

  12. I loive it! Thanks for the tip so I don’t make the same mistake. Where did you find that cool calendar? I want one!

  13. Great idea. I wish I was better at hand lettering too!

  14. Love this idea! That calendar is perfect for this project. What dollar store did you find it at?

  15. Marlene Stephenson says

    My hand lettering is awful but this sounds like it would do for me. I love your calendar it is lovely. You always do a good job,even with your mistakes.

  16. Super cute idea and that calendar is great!

  17. Pam Hawklns says

    Awesome project I too want one of those calendars!!!

  18. Love the sign Angie … you did a good job on it. I’ll be looking for one of those calendars tomorrow. Dollar Tree does have some interesting calendars. Just bought one for Mr.Z. with beautiful landscapes. Love the book your son bought too.
    Audrey Z.

  19. What a good idea to make chalkboard lettering. Whenever I saw that type of lettering, I tho’t, “I could never do that free-hand.” But now I know I don’t have to! BTW, who is the publisher of that cool calendar? My daughter is an organic urban farmer and I would love to be able to frame one of those images for her.

  20. I can totally see myself doing the same thing with the markers! Great find on the calendar.

  21. If I scanned the image and inverted it, could I paint the letters on the inside of the glass? Cleaning would be no problem then. Mind you, I love it just the way you did it.

  22. great idea Angie! I love yow your chalkboard lettering turned out.


  23. How clever! It looks awesome!

  24. This is Awesome,Thank you for the lessons❤️

  25. Very cute! I’d try rubbing the side of a piece of chalk on the background paper and erasing it to make it look even more chalkboard-y.

  26. angelique farmer says

    Love this and it suits my constant need for change (minus the clear coat)

  27. Great idea, Angie! What I love is the fact that you spoke of your mistake when it would have been so easy not to. You did a great job even if it was with the wrong marker and I wouldn’t have known different. Now that’s being authentic; but I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you! Love your projects!

  28. Well I happen to think you’re a genius – I just LOVE this Angie !!!

  29. Absolutely loved it! Love your page with all your projects!

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