Watercolor Artwork with Old Calendars

Sometimes we get so used to the things in our house, that we don’t really see them anymore.  For example, I bought a calendar with beautiful watercolor artwork, but I’ve looked at it so many times this year, I rarely ever notice the illustrations anymore –  I’m just looking at the date boxes.

But for whatever reason, today was different, and I really looked at it.  Suddenly I was in love with my pretty dollar store calendar again, and was annoyed with myself that I hadn’t appreciated those 12 beautiful images more.  Soon it will be an expired calendar, so I’ll need to replace it.

Poor, unappreciated watercolor calendar!

I determined I was going to make up for months of neglect, and  turn those pages into wall art I could enjoy, once 2015 passes into history!
Turn old calendars into wall art / I used some expired pages from my watercolor gardens calendar to create some beautiful farmhouse wall art - KnickofTime.net

You many not have a pretty dollar store watercolor artwork calendar like mine, but I’ll bet you bought a calendar with images you love too, so if you have less than 10 minutes, you can turn yours into easy wall art too, and you can make it now, since 10 of the months are already expired pages. 🙂

To get started, you’ll need 4 paint stir sticks, a glue gun, wood stain or paint, and some ribbon.

Don't throw out your old calendar this year / Turn it into beautiful wall art in about 5 minutes with some paint sticks, wood stain, and a glue gun / KnickofTime.net

The paint stir sticks usually have a store logo on one side, but the backs are usually blank wood.  Give them a quick coat of wood stain, or paint them a color that compliments the artwork.

repurposed paint stir stick project - KnickofTime.net

I wanted mine to look kinda rustic, so I used wood stain.

repurposed paint sticks

My calendar pages were exactly the right size for the stir sticks, so I didn’t even need to trim them, but if your calendar is wider or taller than the stir sticks, just trim the page.

Use hot glue to attach a stir stick to the top and bottom of the page.

Turn artwork from your outdated calendars into beautiful wall art for your home - KnickofTime.net

Hot glue the remaining stir sticks on the sides of he page, overlapping the top and bottom sticks.

Turn old calendar pages and paint stir sticks into beautiful new artwork for your home! Easy tutorial at KnickofTime.net

Glue ribbon or twill tape on the back for a hanger.  I bought a huge 100 yard roll of natural cotton twill tape  last year, and it’ll last me a long time!  I  use it when I put together book bundles, and for a canvas art piece for my laundry room. I’ve even used it on a child’s rocking chair makeover.

How to turn old calendar pages into farmhouse wall art - KnickofTime.net

Pretty watercolor calendar…do you forgive me now?

Make your own easy DIY Farmhouse Wall Art in about 5 minutes, with this cheater method tutorial - KnickofTime.net

Make your own Cheater Watercolor Artwork or any kind of artwork with this cheater method using outfdated calendar pages - KnickofTime.net

I’ve always wished I was a watercolor artist (or any kind of artist, for that matter!), but since I’m not, this watercolor artwork makes me happy!

I think I’ll go shop for next year’s dollar store calendar now! 🙂

Make your own custom wall art with this easy DIY method using outdated calendars, paint stir sticks and hot glue - KnickofTime.net

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Turn outdated calendar pages in custom wall art in less than 10 minutes! I have beautiful new watercolor artwork in my farmhouse kitchen, without spending a dime to do it! - KnickofTime.net











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  1. What a clever idea! Love this!

  2. You never run out of ideas! So simple! I have a bunch of pictures to choose from to try this with. Thanks!

  3. You might call youself an artist, but you sure are artistic! Love this idea.

  4. Kathleen Hornbecker says

    Now that is clever with the paint sticks! I must borrow this idea. I have in the past framed calendar pictures, some are really meant to enjoy longer than 1 month. I have also used the picture in craft projects. Thanks for sharing.?

  5. This is a great way to use those old calendars; how simple but i never would have thought it. What a good idea for a nursing home or hospital gift for someone or just because.

  6. It looks so pretty, Angie…I love nice “art on a budget” ideas…

  7. very, very clever! So much better than my technique of saving them and piling them up in corners!

  8. In answer to what I liked most today, was you imagation.I would never have thought of doing this.
    Have a great weekend

  9. Creative idea…I have used this idea with “LATHING” from the lumber yard. If your picture is larger than paint sticks lathing can be cut to any size. Thanks for your sharing of ideas…I read your blog every day.

  10. Teddee Grace says

    Just want to thank you for all of your creative, but uncomplicated and economical, craft ideas. I wish more bloggers would offer the same. I have tossed so many calendars with lovely artwork and so wish I had had your wonderful idea before. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Denise Ann says


    Simple yes, economical, creative, repurposed…. yes, yes and yes again.

    You amaze me! How do you think of so many creations? Your mind must never stop or you have found more hours than 24 per day. And dear lady, you are so and indeed… an artist.

  12. What I love about ALL your little projects, Angie, is your knack for seeing something either beautiful or useful using ordinary materials or objects. There is genius in that ability and I would say that you ARE an artist. Today’s project demonstrates that, I think! Now I gotta go look through all the fabulous art from calendars that is cluttering my office and go buy some paint sticks! Thanks for the idea!

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