DIY Santa’s Toy Sack Gift Bag

Do you suppose waiting until November is more than halfway over, is too late to get on Santa’s good side?

I figured I’d better not take any chances, so I made him a new toy sack.

I figured Santa’s toy sack must be getting pretty worn out, and it might score me some “nice” points.

It couldn’t hurt anyway, right? 🙂

How to make a Santa's Sack Gift Bag with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

These are so easy and inexpensive to make, and you don’t even need to sew to make them!

red pillow cases for Santa's Sack -

Instructions to make your own Santa’s Toy Sack Gift Bag:

Purchase red twin size pillow cases They usually come as a 2-pack for less than $5, and often come in a drawstring pouch that makes a 3rd gift bag for smaller items.

Select your stencil and use painter’s tape to secure the stencil to the pillowcase.  Fabric is a more slippery surface to stencil on than wood, so secure it well.

{Kringle’s Toy Co. stencil available here}

Kringles Toy Co. stencil by Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

{Mrs. Claus Cookie Co. stencil available here}

Christmas stencil

DIY Santa's Bag -

Load your brush with paint, then wipe the brush on a scrap rag or paper towel, so the brush is nearly dry, then “pounce the brush straight up and down on the stencil.

Tip – If you want your gift bag to be washable, make sure to use fabric paint – not regular paint.

How to stencil a Santa Sack -

Carefully remove the stencil, and Ta Da! … the white paint really pops against the red fabric, doesn’t it?!

Stencil a Santa's toy bag with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils

You can see the fabric slipped a little, so the paint smeared a bit, but not too badly.

How to stencil a Santa's Sack -

Using pillow cases to make the gift bags is perfect for larger gifts that don’t fit in regular size gift bags, and kids will love it!

DIY Santa's Toy Bag Gift Sack with KnickofTime's Vintage Sign Stencils -

And in case you are wondering, I shot these photos at my local mall.  I don’t have my Christmas tree put up yet, and the mall had the perfect ready-made backdrop!

So, what do you think?

Will I make it onto the “nice” list with this gift?

I’ve got one more Santa-inspired project to butter him up with, so come back Saturday to see it!

Make a Santa's Toy Sack Gift Bag with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

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Easy DIY Santa's Sack Gift Bag with KnickofTime's Vintage Sign Stencils -

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  1. Nancy Marino says

    Great idea– I wonder if I could find king size… this would be kewl for “wrapping” the dinosaur tree I made for the grandsons for Christmas and easy to store it in from year to year if they take it down.

  2. Angie, everytime I think you can’t get any more creative, you do!!!! We don’t have wee ones at home anymore but, like you said, it’s always good to stay on Santa’s good side!!! Really love this idea!

  3. Oh, I soooooooo LOVE this idea…wish I would’ve thought of something like this when the kids were younger to wrap those awkward-shaped gifts! I admit to getting lazy and throwing such gifts in a garbage bag and calling it “Santa’s sack”…I just put a couple of flour footprints around them to make it look as if Santa had left them. 🙂

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