Eight Must Have Kitchen Gadgets That Cost $5 or Less

Just thought I would check in with you and give you an update on my health status.  I was released from the hospital early in the week.  Originally, I was supposed to have inpatient therapy, but after five days of delay because of the holiday, I decided to return home and do outpatient therapy instead.  I began with occupational therapy three times this week and will begin physical therapy next week.  Thankfully, I began shopping for stocking stuffers a few {Read More}

30+Christmas Decorating & DIY Gift Ideas

Before the holiday season kicks into high gear in November, I like to get my Christmas decorating ideas figured out, and October is the perfect time to do it.

Affordable Gift Ideas & Thoughtful Tips| My Favorites for the Farmhouse Kitchen

When it comes to gift giving, it’s the thought that really counts, right?  Let’s not confuse affordable gift ideas with just being cheap, because it’s totally possible to give a really thoughtful gift without spending a fortune.

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DIY Santa’s Toy Sack Gift Bag

Do you suppose waiting until November is more than halfway over, is too late to get on Santa’s good side? I figured I’d better not take any chances, so I made him a new toy sack. I figured Santa’s toy sack must be getting pretty worn out, and it might score me some “nice” points. It couldn’t hurt anyway, right? 🙂

DIY Farmhouse Photo Coasters

Have you all just wandered around a home improvement store lately?  I’m telling you, even if you don’t have a DIY house project to work on, you’ll still walk out with project ideas you never knew you wanted to make. Last week when I was in Lowes getting beadboard for my drawer-turned-farmhouse cabinet, I was browsing the end caps on my way up to the cash register, …and there it was – the next project I had NO idea I wanted to make. {Read More}

Keeping Time

It was a quiet day at my house today.  The 3 oldest kids were all at work, and my teenager left to stay with a friend, so it was just hubby and I at home. I thought about going to the flea market, since I haven’t been there yet this year, but one look at the forecast convinced me that it wouldn’t be fun walking around during a downpour and thunderstorm. So, since I don’t have any great finds to {Read More}

Well, Butter My Bread! {Baking Center Sign, Apron, and Table Runner}

My poor bread machine has been sitting forgotten and forlorn in my pantry for more than 3 years.  It was one of my most dearly loved kitchen appliances, helping me bake fresh bread 3 times a week, but when we moved from Missouri to Illinois more than three years ago, it got stuck in the barn while we remodeled our kitchen.  By the time the remodel was finished, I had gotten used to buying store-bought bread, and just stopped making homemade {Read More}

Old Feed Sack Style Tote Bag, Sign or Pillow

I can’t believe it’s already July, and I still haven’t gone to a flea market even once yet.  I really need to remedy that soon.  I know they say you won’t miss what you don’t see, but just thinking about all the good pickins’ I might be missing makes me crazy! One of the things I keep a lookout for is old feed sacks and grain sacks, but I’ve only found a few of them in the last few years.

Stenciled Drop Cloth Pillow and Down Time

My stencil sales have been coming in at a somewhat slow and steady pace, which was fine, because it was a pace I could keep up with.  Then BAM, as soon as I introduced the Milk & Cream Co. stencil design, orders started pouring in.  I wasn’t prepared to get so many orders so quickly and I spent the weekend up to my ears in Milk and Cream. Of course, that’s a very good thing, but by yesterday I was exhausted, and in dire need of {Read More}

DIY Farmhouse Chalkboard with Rustic Wooden Frame

I have a big empty space on my kitchen wall, just above our antique stove. I don’t do empty spaces.  I’ve never been a minimalist. I haven’t left the space empty intentionally, but every time I make something and hang it there, then list it in my shop – it has sold quickly.  It makes for great sales, but not for a pretty kitchen. I didn’t want to spend much money, so I designed a farmhouse style rustic wooden frame chalkboard. It’s an easy project that requires very basic {Read More}