Make a Hanging Rustic Storage Crate, or Three!

Make Hanging Rustic Storage Crate

The farmers have been out getting their fields ready for planting in my neck of the woods, and the other day I was thinking about a talk I had with my dad just a few days before he passed away.

He was becoming increasingly confused, but one morning he was fairly alert, and I wanted to engage him as much as I could while it lasted.

I recruited my niece and nephew to assist me, and gave them a little family history assignment that would help my dad focus in order to answer the questions.  As I asked him questions, the kids wrote down his answers.

Pallet wood farmer's market crate - Feed and Seed stencil -

My mom was sitting right next to him, so she helped jog his memory if he couldn’t answer one of my questions.

I asked him where he was born, the names and birth order of all the kids in his family (he was one of nine kids), and I asked him to help me remember old farmers sayings that he’d told me as a child, like “knee high in July”, referring to how high a good crop of corn should be by July.

I love this photo of my dad as a young boy.

farmer boy in overalls

My grandfather was a farmer, but he never owned his own farm.

Instead, he raised crops and cows for other farmers, and his family lived in the houses on the a property he farmed.

Pallet wood wall crate - Vintage Sign Stencil Farmer's Feed and Seed -

My dad was never a big talker, so I really enjoyed this question and answer talk we had.

Vintage Sign Stencil Farmer's Feed and Seed stencil on DIY rustic wall crate -

I was thinking about that talk the other day, and decided I wanted the next stencil design in my line to be in honor my farming roots, with a DIY hanging wall crate project to go along with it!

Farmers Feed and Seed stencil

Farmers Feed and Seed stencil by Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

My favorite signs are “working” signs, so I came up with a pallet wood storage crate that’s easy to make and can either hang on the wall or stand on a counter.

How to Make a Rustic Hanging Pallet Crate

This is an easy project for beginners.

I forgot to take a photo of the pallet being cut, but you are cutting away just one corner of a pallet.

it’s almost the exact same steps as I used to make the Pallet Wood Storage Coat Rack.  Pallets always have “studs” on each side and a few more across them for supports, so you want to cut two of those studs, along with the front and back boards that are connected to them.

This will make a bottomless box.  It will be similar to the photo below, except you won’t have the top and the side studs won’t stick up above the bottom board.  I hope that makes sense!

pallet wood project

Cut one more piece of pallet wood to fit inside the bottom of the box, and screw it in place.  It will look like this when you’re done.

DIY pallet wall crate Vintage Sign Stencil Farmer's Feed and Seed - Knick of Time

Add D-ring hangers on the back side if you plan to hang your crate.

how to make a pallet wood crate -

Just stencil whatever sign you want on the front of the crate, and it’s done.  This project takes about 20 minutes and only requires a saw to cut the pallet, a few screws, and the D-ring hangers, now I’m thinking I should make a set of three of them to use as organizers in my kitchen!

Farmhouse Rustic Hanging Crate -

I had an extra pallet board cut, so I also made a sign.

If you’ve got 5 minutes, you can whip one up in a jiffy!

This sign is available in my online shop HERE.

Pallet wood sign Vintage Sign Stencil Farmer's Feed and Seed -

I used the Feed & Seed stencil alone for this sign, but the Flour Sack stencil and Feed Sack stencil would be perfect on signs as well.

*New Feed & Seed stencil available HERE.

Purchase more Vintage Sign Stencils HERE.

Pallet wood farmhouse sign -

See more projects made with Vintage Sign Stencils HERE.


Vintage Sign Stencils Projects by Knick of Time @

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  1. Sandy McElroy says

    Love it ! I love family history, hope you got some of the answers you were looking for. I know it was a special time with memories you’ll treasure. Sweet picture

  2. This turned out beautifully, Angie! I love that you spent time with your dad like that. I did the same with my father…looking over old photos and sharing memories. I think it gave him great comfort and I loved hearing his stories. A BIG xoxo sent your way…

  3. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thanks Angie I love the crate and the easy way you made it. Thanks for the story wished I had done that. Have a blessed day.

  4. Love that project! Thank you for sharing with us! God bless you Angie!

  5. A beautiful story and so glad you had such a precious time with your Dad. The link to your Etsy shop didn’t work right FYI. God bless!

  6. What a special memory that you will be continuously be reminded of! What a great gift to have that time with him and honor him in such a unique way!

  7. I love this project, Angie! I’d love to have a row of three of these hanging in our entryway to help us stay organized!

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