Painting, Pallet Wood and a Farmhouse Accent Table

Have you ever had something that was just begging for a makeover, but you needed some time to decide whether it needed painting, or decoupaging, or glittering?

So you thought, and thought, and thought about it…

     for two years?

Please tell me you sometimes have to think that long too.

Well, this is the story of a little table that finally got the makeover it waited two whole years to get.

Painting, Pallet Wood & a Farmhouse Accent Table

To make a long story short, when my two oldest sons went to college and shared an unfurnished apartment together several years ago, they needed really cheap furniture to get them through the year.

My husband and I bought them a bunch of thrift store pieces, including this little table.

thrift store side table 1

It was ugly, but it was cheap and sturdy, and it served its purpose for the time.

At the end of the year, we brought it back home.  That was two years ago, and it’s been looking this pitiful ever since.
thrift store side table 2

Yesterday, I finally got tired of looking and decided to farmhouse it up a bit, similar to my repurposed chair side table.

Painting the frame white was a must.  The grungy beige color had to go.

(sorry for the lousy photo – my camera kept wanting to focus on the grass and not the table base.)

Painting a Farmhouse Accent Table -

I cut pallet wood pieces the same width as the table top and shelf, then stained them.

little table pallet wood - Knick of Time

I screwed the pallet pieces into the holes that previously held the original table top and shelf, so I didn’t even need to drill through the metal base.

The pallet wood looked SO much better than the original top and shelf, but it still didn’t look quite like I wanted it to look.

upcycled industrial farmhouse accent table -

I felt like a little too much of the table frame showed, so I cut some pieces of lath strips and stained them.

I bought a whole bundle of the strips  for less than $15, and they make perfect pieces of rustic trim.

I glued them to the cross braces on the frame with E600(affiliate link), and it looks more finished now – I love it!

Giving a thrift shop accent table an industrial farmhouse look just needed pallets and painting! -

That cheapy little thrift store side table is now a cute little farmhouse accent table for my living room.

A little pallet wood and painting on a thrift shop accent table -

Our cat approves too. 🙂

rustic industrial farmhouse accent table -

Painting and Pallet Wood on an Industrial Farmhouse Accent Table -

Painting, Pallet Wood and a Farmhouse Accent Table -

It may have taken me two years, but I think it was worth the wait! 🙂

Painting, Pallet Wood and a Farmhouse Accent Table -

Vaya con Dios.


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  1. Wow, you really made that table you like something special…turned out beautifully, Angie!

  2. That’s a great little table and such an improvement, especially the side pieces… genius! Since you asked, I’ve had stuff for much longer than two years before I used it. In fact I have a metal table base for a coffee table I’ve had for probably 5 years and I am going to do what you did, put barn board on the top. I was just thinking of that today before I read your post.

    • Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one, Julie! I have a whole workshop full of stuff that I’ve had for more than 2 years, but I’m afraid to even go out and try to dig my way through it all!

  3. The table turned out beautiful, Angie. Good thing your kitty approved this piece of furniture. 🙂 By the way, what happened to the kittens you left with your Mom? Did she keep them?

  4. Very nice. Well worth the wait. I have a dining table that has been waiting for close to 6 years. Lol

  5. Wow!!! This turned out SO cute!!! I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I saw what you were starting out with-lol! ? But your new/old pallet wood is the Perfect touch!! Nicely done!! ????? also- loving your chalkboard wall (?) in your living room!! ?

    • LOL – thanks Sarah, but I cheated… the chalkboard wall is actually in my entryway! I didn’t feel like cleaning my living room to take the photo, so I used my entryway instead! 🙂

  6. Wow italiano became a wonderfull table!
    Sorry about my english!

  7. Laura Garvey says

    I love the wood but I think I would either make the wood more white washed or make the leg more “rusty” looking. I love the industrial look. I would never have thought to do that with that table and will now give that type of table a second look!

  8. that works really well…a perfect cat perch, lol. Thanks for sharing, even ugly can become interesting! Sandi

  9. Definitely worth the wait Angie, big difference between the before and after!

  10. Beautiful job as usual. And if you needed it there is room to add another shelf.
    I love seeing what you repurpose!

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