Update a Thrift Shop Flower Pot + Failed Plans

All winter I had sworn off going to thrift stores, so I could make some progress on the things I already have, but the last few weeks I’ve been binge shopping.  It started pretty innocently when I found this flower pot that I knew could look pretty once I gave it a painted update.  It was the only purchase I made that day, but I made the mistake of returning another day and brought home BAGS full of stuff that I plan to repurpose or update.

Update the look of a thrift shop flower pot - KnickofTime.net

I’ll share more on those later, but here’s what I did with this flower pot…

Update a Thrift Shop Flower Pot

I gave it a quick coat of Vintage Storehouse Silver Fox paint.  It’s a color I hadn’t tried before, and it’ll be my new go-to gray.  The flower pot had lots of grooves, and I wanted the gray to fill those in for the next step..

Update the look of a thrift shop flower pot - KnickofTime.net

I dry brushed white paint over the high spots to accent all the details.


Update the look of a thrift shop flower pot - KnickofTime.net

Update the look of a thrift shop flower pot - KnickofTime.net

I dry brushed around the inside edge as well, since a bit of it will show with a plant inside.

Update the look of a thrift shop flower pot - KnickofTime.net

Here’s the before and after side by side.  Now the details really pop, and the flower pot matches my decor.

Updated thrift store flower pot - KnickofTime.net

shabby flower pot - Knick of Time 7

I’ll be on the look out for more cheap flower pots that have lots of detail , like this one does, because I think it would pretty to have a grouping of them together.  The colors would match, but the details would all be different.

Update the look of a thrift shop flower pot - KnickofTime.net

I had just purchased a little rosemary plant, but hadn’t potted it yet, so my thrift shop binge purchase was actually really well timed!  🙂

I’ve got LOTS more makeovers of all the finds I brought home, so be watching for those soon!

Thank you all for the well -wishes for my husband and I’s anniversary!

It was kind of a spur of the moment idea to go on a short getaway, so we just decided on a destination, but didn’t really do any planning.

As soon as we got in my Jeep to drive there, I started searching for hotels and things to do, and after half an hour of searching, couldn’t find any hotel we wanted to stay in, and couldn’t find anything to do that looked interesting.


We ended up turning around, and drove back.  We did go out to eat, but that was the shortest getaway ever!

Oh well, we’ll have to try again later, and make better plans next time! 🙂

Update the look of a thrift shop flower pot - KnickofTime.net

Viya con Dios!

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  1. Love the painted pots – I’ve got some I’m going to try painting – appreciate the inspiration!

  2. Happy belated anniversary! Sorry your trip didn’t work out, but I’m sure the next one you plan will be even better. Love the pot!

  3. You really brought out the details. That pot is beautiful. 🙂

  4. That is so pretty, Angie…your technique really brought out the detail and made it something special! Looks beautiful with the rosemary plant!

  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    Looks really great and you did a great job, never even crossed my mind to paint one like this, now I will be on the look out!

  6. Ah, we thrift store addicts have great intentions, don’t we? The thrill of finding things is what motivates me and seeing things that can have a new life really stimulates my senses. The thought of going to a store and having someone decide what I should hang, or place in my home is such an alien concept. I love to find something and have an idea…and so do you! So, accept who you are and frankly, I am grateful that I have a hobby that is so cheap to indulge in. MY problem is that I don’t sell what I collect and make and that has GOT to stop. My house is very interesting, but it drives my children nuts.
    I adore your blog and your creations, we are two birds of a feather. Frankly, will we ever stop?

  7. Angie, that flower pot is beautiful. When I first saw it before you did anything to it I tho’t “Oh, that’s pretty–white with the embossed pattern.” Because I love white but with texture and interesting shapes. I almost tho’t you had already done the up-cycle! But, no, it got even better! And I could totally imagine using two or three or more of the same color combination. It’s so subtle, but so lovely.

    I can’t wait to see what else you got and what you do with everything!

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