Upcycled Clay Pots and Farmhouse Patio

I am SO not a natural gardener, but this year I’ve really gotten motivated to improve the appearance of our front yard, with flowers and garden decor.

After planting my “flower chair” a few weeks ago, my oldest son decided we needed even more flowers for our front porch, so he bought more flowers and pulled out some of my clay pots and other containers to plant them in.  I love clay pots, but as I looked at them, they started calling out to me to give them some vintage character.  I was more than happy to oblige. upcycled a flower pot

The obvious choice to put on the flower pots was my Seed Store stencil design (available here).

vintage sign stencil seed store from Knick of Time

It took about 2 minutes to tape the stencil onto the pot, and dab paint over it, and Viola!  It has instant vintage character!

terra cotta flower clay pot

I had an antique ice pick from a fruit and produce company, so I poked it into the dirt too.

garden decor ice pick

I didn’t stop there though.  I had another clay pot that I had dry-brushed white paint on a few years ago, so I gave it the same stencil treatment, but with black paint this time.

DIY vintage sign stencil decor

My front patio is really starting to rock my vintage style now!  Now that I’m looking at it, I’m really tempted to add something to the front of my old milk can.  Hmmmmm…what to do??

Farmhouse patio with repurposed chair flower planter and painted adirondack chairs  | www.knickoftime.net

Aside from needing to rake up some freshly mowed grass, our yard is shaping up nicely this year.  I love my new “quilt” hanging on my barn, and and my Adirondack chairs that I have a makeover are getting a lot of use. I only regret that I forgot to plant sunflowers and hollyhocks along the barn, which I had intended to do.  If any of you with green thumbs know of  flowers that grow tall, that it isn’t too late to start from seed,PLEASE let me know!  I’d love to get some colorful flowers growing out there.

flower and garden decor

I’ve been working out the kinks with some new designs that I hope to have available soon.  I’ll let you know as soon as they are ready for purchase!  I “think” (keeping my fingers crossed) that one will be ready in the next few days! 🙂

signature pin

garden decor with stencils

signature 2

antique sign stencil

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  1. Sheri Vaughan says

    LOVE the stencils!! Going to order tomorrow. Can’t pass them up with my name on them.

  2. Kim Kilmer says

    Love the look. I would definitely stencil the front of that milk can with a dairy themed stencil!

  3. So pretty Angie. You’re way ahead of me with your planting.

  4. love that yellow chair….I think I need something like that in my backyard….

  5. WOW, ANGIE!! I love your claypots stenciled, they really look prettier! Your barn quilt is really starting to stir in me the yearning to make one on MY barn, too…..what colors, hmm? AND, I cannot believe that YOUR milk can is rustier than mine…..unbelievable!! I cannot wait to see what you do with yours….keep us posted!

  6. Carol Paulus-Kalis says

    Don’t say, “You are so not a gardener.” Your pots and your vignette look great. Don’t forget gardening grows on one. Won’t be long and you will be planting more pots and setting up more vignettes. It looks simply charming.
    Carol P-K

  7. Great looks with the pots and chairs. I noticed your rows of grass clippings. If I remember right, you’re a Minnesota gal like me. With all the rain lately, seems like that grows two inches a day! But that rain and the sunny patches in between really make for the grass so green!

  8. Love these. More, more more 🙂 You might want to plant Cosmos. Although not as tall as sunflowers, they grow really fast this time of year and have lovely lacy leaves and multicolored blooms that last a long time. I LOVE them and they are very vintage looking. Good luck!

  9. Oh boy! I’m awaiting this stencil to arrive soon…..and now I have another idea to do! Anxiously awaiting arrival in Bay City of my Vaughan Seeds stencil….and Angie’s newest stencil offering 🙂

  10. Awwww, I just love your little summertime flower vignette here, Angie…for someone who doesn’t consider herself a gardener, you sure had me fooled until you anted up…what you have done here is absolutely glorious! And your clay pots are looking mighty sharp with your stenciling on them. too…what a great way to take a plain clay pot and turn it into something amazing…a real conversation piece!

    I see you are looking for a tall flower that wouldn’t suffer by planting it a little late…you could maybe try Feverfew and/or Snapdragons? And I see Pamela already suggested Cosmos, which should also work. Whatever you choose to do, I am sure it will beautifully compliment your sweet little barn…I hope you will share it with us!

  11. Angie, it is not too late to plant sunflowers and a row of cosmos then zinnias in front would be lovely too. I am in Illinois and while I have planted some of these already, I intend to plant more if I can ever catch a time when it isn’t raining. All three of the flowers are a must in my garden every year.

  12. Looking great there Angie! I’d leave the milk container plain…You have enough going on with the flowers and all the other stencils. IMHO. I really love the quilt on the barn 🙂

  13. This is such a cute idea and looks perfect with your other fun planters and vignette!! I love the ole’ colanders, cute cute!! I need to go in search of more clay pots and stencils.

    Tall flowers: what about Wild Lupin Seeds or Larkspur?

    I would love to invite you to stop by and share your party or other posts, today on my WW
    Hope you enjoy your day!
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  14. sue in texas says

    Seems like your Milk and Cream stencil would be a natural.
    You could try gladiolas or cannas out buy the barn. Both are tall and old fashioned flowers.

  15. Love all of your projects. The finished patio is beautiful. I am having a hard time finding stencils. Maybe you have some ideas. All would be appreciated. Thank you for sharing.

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