Best of Farmhouse Friends + Rusty Bike Makeover

I’ve got a special treat for you today!  I’ve teamed up with some of my blogging buddies to bring you Best of Farmhouse Friends, and for our special event, I gave my super rusty old bike a makeover and dressed it up with a farmhouse style  flower basket!
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Give a vintage bike a makeover with a coat of paint and a rustic wood crate flower basket! See more Best of Farmhouse Friends projects at

I bought my old bike four years ago at a yard sale  (see how it looked when I bought it HERE).

It was already really rusty when I got it, but it’s been sitting out in the rain and snow for four years, which was taking a toll on it, and I was afraid it was going to rusty away to nothing.

The bottom of the wicker basket had rotted away too, so the whole thing needed some love!

bike in snow -

I’m including affiliate links to help you find the products I used.

The first step was to prevent more rust, so the whole bike was painted with Rustoleum Rust Reformer.

The spray paint goes on black, and works like a primer to seal the rust.  It works great for metal outdoor furniture as well.

Don’t worry – the bike looks better after the next step! 🙂

bike painted 1 - Knick of Time

I wanted the wheels and tires to stay black, so we removed them, then gave the rest of the bike two coats of  Rustoleum Stops Rust spray paint.  This will give the metal frame some extra protection from the elements.

Once it was dry, the wheels went back on, and the bike makeover was finished.

bike painted white - Knick of Time

Now for a new flower basket!

I wanted something sturdier to withstand the elements  than a regular basket, so I used the wooden crate I upcycled last month.

repurposed old wood crate into bicycle flower basket -

I drilled holes on the bottom for drainage, and drilled two holes in the back so I could hang it on the bike’s handle bars with zip ties.

zip ties holding old crate bike basket

Best of Farmhouse Friends blogger event with upcycled vintage bike -

Give a vintage bike a farmhouse makeover! -

painted white vintage bike with rustic wood bike basket -

My old bike isn’t in good enough condition to ride, but I hope to enjoy it for many more years in my front yard.

best of farmhouse friends painted vintage bike with rustic crate bike flower basket -

Speaking of old and worn out – as soon as our dear old beagle saw us walking down the road, she had to join us.

This poor old gal has had a tough life.  She lost one leg when neighbor dogs attacked her, then got her remaining front leg stuck in a trap, and now has developed a large tumor in that leg.  She’s such a sweetie though, and still always wants to go on walks.  We know her time with us is coming to an end though, which makes me very sad.  My son earned the money to buy her when he was in the 6th grade, and he’ll be 26 years old this year, so she is one old pooch, and such a part of our family.

old pet beagle - Knick of

Now let’s see what the rest of our Best of Farmhouse Friends Team!   has come up with!

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  1. Oh your pup is such a sweetheart…what a little trooper. I know it is hard when our pets age…xo
    The bike is charming, and I love the crate on it, too!

  2. I just painted a bike, too, for the front of my shop, but haven’t blogged about it yet! How fortunate you are to have your dog for so many years, but it’s always so hard to say goodbye.

  3. Love the bike so cute and create is adorable!

  4. What a beautiful bike makeover, that create is brilliant, I may have to “borrow” that idea! You are such a good heart Angie, your pup is so sweet, I’m sure she’s given as much love as she has received. She’s a tough cookie. Thanks for sharing your farmhouse style! Pinned!

  5. Love the bike makeover, but love the location and road even more! It looks like the perfect place for a walk or even better to ride horses. I always look forward to your posts.Thanks

  6. Your bike makeover turned out so nice!! This is such a great idea. I always pass up rusty bikes at yard sales. You have given me inspiration to bring one home next time. I LOVE yours! Loving the dirt road and the photos. Your pup is so sweet!!
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  7. You did better than me, I painted right over the wheels, lol. Great minds think alike I used zipties on my basket too. They are the best invention ever. You look so cute on your bike 🙂

  8. What a darling project; you are absolutely ingenous! I love that you’ve saved two old gals – the bike and the dog.
    And having just lost a beloved dog last spring I know just how hard it is to think about the end coming. Give her some pats from us!

  9. So precious! They’re both saying, “I still have a few good miles left!”

  10. Marlene Stephenson says

    Your bicycle looks lovely now. I love your cute dog ,we do get attached to our 4 legged family members.

  11. Angie you did an awesome job, the bike is so cute! I love the flower box! That country road could not be more perfect!

  12. My heart goes out to you about your pup!!! I love my dogs and had to put my Rusty down as he just couldn’t stay any longer on this earth! Saddest thing I ever did. Love your remake bike, especially the flowers!!

    • Thanks Kim! Fortunately, our dog doesn’t seem to be in any pain yet, but the tumor is SO big, we know it won’t be long before it becomes too large to not to hurt or keep her from walking.

  13. What a beautiful restoration, Angie! And your sweet beagle is so adorable. She may have had some very hard times, but I’m sure her life has been filled with so much love.

  14. I love what you have done with your bike, especially adding the wooden crate and flowers. Your poor dog, she has gone through a lot but I bet she has had a wonderful life with lots of love. She’s a sweetie!

  15. Beagles are such good natured beings.I had two females and they truly were the best companion I could ever have. When they got old and sick I grieved a little every day so I know how you feel. I miss them every day but wouldn’t change a thing. They were a blessing in my life.

  16. Angie, this is beyond beautiful. The crate, the bike AND you! Just love this look! Featured you this weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk 333. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  17. This is such a sweet project. I need to try those Rustoleum products out ASAP! Thanks for sharing them!

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