Happily Ever After Mini Dresser Makeover + New Quilt Block Stencil

I think all the best stories start with “once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after, and I have a good one for you!

First, let’s meet the damsel in distress…

I found this small dresser at a thrift store with a big “FREE” sign taped to the top.

I’m a sucker for pitiful pieces like this, so I couldn’t just leave it sitting there.

dresser before - Knick of Time

The drawers were broken, but I figured that even if the dresser couldn’t be saved, at least I could salvage the knobs from the drawer fronts and some old wood.

I loved the simple little style of the dresser though, and thought it might have potential to save.

dresser drawer front - Knick of Time

I called in recruits to help me though!

My husband added shelves where the drawers were missing, my son sanded the battered top of the dresser, and I stained the top and painted the rest white.

I felt a bit like Snow White, because I was surrounded by our animals who watched me work on it.

dresser horse cat - Knick of Time

Loki was really curious and supervised my work.

cat horse and dresser - Knick of Time

This star quilt block stencil is the newest stencil in my line. You’ll find it in my online shop later this week.  It’s the same block I used on my Quilt Inspired Chair a few years ago, and I chose it to add a little something special on the sides of the dresser.

star quilt block stencil dresser

I just taped it on the sides, and lightly pounced with paint over it.

quilt stencil on dresser - Knick of Time

Here’s the design freshly painted.

quilt stencil dresser painted - Knick of Time

I wanted a slightly worn look though, so I distressed it a bit.

dresser stencil powder - Knick of Time

So, here’s that little damsel in distress, feeling all rescued and loved!

small dresser makeover - Knick of Time

My husband used hinges to attach the drawer fronts.

painted dresser - Knick of Time

I looks like it still has drawers, but they flip open into shelves.

refinished dresser - Knick of Time

Don’t you just love a happily ever after? 🙂

small oak dresser stenciled - Knick of Time

painted white dresser - Knick of Time

happily ever after furniture dresser makeover - KnickofTime.net

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Once Upon a Time - the story of a Broken Dresser Makeover - KnickofTime.net

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Vaya con Dios,



  1. Look so elegant.. i have pinned it to my board
    i like

  2. What a spectacular makeover!!! Love how you have saved this poor old thing and transformed it into something wonderful again!! Your photos are just AMAZING!!

  3. She is adorable! Especially the quilt block on the sides.

  4. That’s a fantastic save, Angie! What a happy piece of furniture it is now. Two thumbs up! Cheers, Ardith

  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    It looks wonderful.

  6. Love how it opens like that to have shelves!

  7. That make-over is really inspired. I love the way you used the drawer fronts and kept the wood on the top unpainted. I also love that it has those little casters on the legs. That little dresser really does have a happy ever after life now!

  8. That is a super makeover — love it! Inspires me to go pull out a few of my “I can’t give up on this” pieces and give it a try!

  9. AnnaMarie Sanderson says

    Would make a great entertainment console if you put a hole in the back for the wires. Tv on top with game system and controllers inside. Close up to conceal when not in use.

  10. If the person who marked it free only knew it’s potential. Wow, talk about trash to treasure, Angie! The stained drawer fronts and top are beautiful. Love a good rescue story 🙂

  11. Look so wonderful.. Thanks angie

  12. Simple yet elegant. Thank’s for this semi tutorial project, angie 😀

  13. Look so wonderful.. Thanks angie

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