Farm Supply Inspired DIY Bathroom Shelf

Farm Supply Inspired DIY Bathroom Shelf

So, we ran out of chicken food the other day, and I ran into the farm supply store to get more.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about chicken food, but you’ve gotta wait for it … 🙂

I flung the bag of feed over my shoulder, passed by the aisle with fly spray and horse bits, and that’s when I saw them.

A shelf full of galvanized buckets and tubs.

Be still my heart.

Suddenly I couldn’t feel the 20-lb. weight over my shoulder anymore.

          And I knew I was buying more than just chicken food.

galvanized wash tub

I turned it into a farmhouse shelf for my bathroom.

galvanized tub bathroom shelf

It’s a fairly easy project that can be finished in about an hour for under $25.

DIY washtub shelf

DIY Wash Tub Shelf

Supplies Needed (affiliate links included)


  • Stain pine board with wood stain.
  • Cut two shelves from the board, sized to fit inside the tub (we cut them at a slight angle).
  • Cut another piece of wood to fit on the underside of the tub (we used scrap pallet wood).

farmhouse shelf tutorial

  • Hot glue the board to the bottom of the tub  to hold it in place.
  • From the inside of the tub, determine the placement of the shelves and mark it with painter’s tape.
  • Pre-drill holes through the tub and wood backing.

farmhouse shelf tutorial 2

  • Insert lath screws from the underside into pilot holes. Flip the tub sideways and align the shelves with the screws.
  • Drill the screws firmly into the shelves.
  • Repeat with other shelf.

farmhouse shelf tutorial 4

  • Drill screws through the sides of the tub into the shelves.

farmhouse shelf tutorial 3

  • Add hangers to the back on the wood.

To use it as a toilet paper holder, remove the lower screw on each side, and replace it with ceiling hook.

farm store shelf DIY

Use hot glue to make a loop on both ends of twill tape to attach to the hooks.

The toilet paper spins easily on the ribbon.  Just unhook one side to replace the roll.  You could also use clean wire or a chain.

KoT wall shelf


Turn a metal wash tub from the farm supply store into a farmhouse bathroom shelf -

And it all started with a trip to the farm supply to get chicken food.

metal washtub farmhouse shelf

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  1. Great project, Angie! I love your tub shelf and the BATH letters are fabulous too!

  2. Fun idea, Angie…looks great in the bathroom!

  3. Terri Hughes says

    I would have never thought of using the tub for a shelf……I love it!

  4. HA, ha. Here in the midwest, my favorite stores are Blain’s Farm and Fleet, for just about everything. They are a hike out into the country or even over the border to Wisconsin, but farm stores are great for purchasing no nonsense, everyday goods…and some even made in the US…which is amazing. Fun post and great idea. Sandi

  5. Very clever, Angie! I wouldn’t have ever thought of doing that with the tub, but it’s cute. I like the galvanized pieces, too. When the chickens are out of feed again, what else will you bring home for a project?? Hey, do they have horse troughs there? They’re galvanized, aren’t they? And if the project isn’t successful, at least you do have a horse, don’t you? Or do I remember you sending her/him to a boarding place? Anyway, you’ll figure out something cool to make, I know!

  6. This is a fun post, but it didn’t stop me on being jealous of your great find. You did a wonderful job using it.


  7. Great idea. Looks really nice.

  8. Amanda Dubuque says

    I love the idea, too cute.

  9. Margaret Cappi says

    It’s not stated what type of drill bit was used to make pilot holes or how to attach it to the wall. I have a vintage one I’m using that looks thicker & heavier with the backing in tact. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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