Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Reveal

I should have titled this post “Farmhouse Bathroom – Take 3”, because I just can’t seem to stop teaking my bathroom.  A few weeks ago I showed you the makeover in progress that I was giving our antique cabinet bathroom vanity.  I thought I’d be showing the makeover to you in just a few days, but one thing led to another, and before I knew it, the entire bathroom ended up getting refreshed in the process.  So let’s recap…

Here’s how it looked when we first remodeled our bathroom over 3 years ago.

farmhouse bathroom

Then I changed the wall color and did some redecorating, and it looked like this.

farmhouse bathroom

Then I decided to repaint the vanity, so you last saw it looking like this.

bathroom vanity

I loved the pretty new color, but wanted to add some detail, so I stenciled the doors, and accented the emblem at the bottom and around the side panels, and now it looks like this… (drumroll)

farmhouse sink

I left the hardware in its original condition.

antique cabinet

After I repainted the cabinet, we talked about replacing the faucet.  I found this one that reminds me of an old farmhouse water pump, and I knew it would be perfect.  I also turned my chalky-painted jar into a soap pump to match the dresser.

water pump faucet

Taking the old faucet out left 3 holes in the wall, but I had a beautifully chippy piece from an antique door that we used to cover them up.

water pump bathroom faucet

I rubbed off the loosest chips of paint, then sealed it with Tough Coat to seal the remaining chips in place, and protect it from water splatters.  It has D-ring hangers on it, so I can easily remove it from the walls – on the rare occasional that I want to wash my walls!

ironstone pitcher

It’s been more than 20 years since I’ve had this much blue in any room in my house.  At one time, we lived in the mountains in New Mexico, and I painted all my kitchen cabinets blue, but when we moved, I never went back to blue again.

antique cabinet

You probably can’t tell, but the walls are a brighter white from “bathroom Take 2“.  I decided to freshen the walls too, since I was freshening up everything else in the room.  I’m a wall paintoholic.  I’ve always joked that I never can seem to go more than 2 years before I repaint walls.  You would think I actually like painting walls, (I don’t), but whenever I start doing some room tweaking, I always feel the need for a fresh coat of paint.  My youngest son is trying to earn money for something he wants to buy, so I hired him to do the painting this time.

He said, “Why do you have to paint every room white?”  The funny thing is that for YEARS I wouldn’t paint any room white.  I actually swore I wouldn’t paint a room white, because it remind me of the apartments I’d lived in before getting married.  They were all white, and I wasn’t allowed to paint them anything else, so I rebelled against that for years with lots of color in my rooms.

You can see, I’ve gotten over it now!
farmhouse bathroom

White looks bright and fresh and clean to me now, and I can add color in my furnishings that really pops against the white, like my cabinet sink vanity.

The cabinet still has all it’s original old-fashioned character, but it is so much fresher looking now.  I love it!

bathroom vanity

I picked up this little wooden sewing drawer yesterday, and listed it in my shop HERE, but I thought I’d get a photo of it in the bathroom first.  It comes with all 3 canning jars, so it’s an instant display!

sewing drawer

Also available in my shop is the antique spigot that we formerly has as our faucet.  It’s available HERE.

antique water spout

If you’ve missed our other remodeled rooms and updates, you can find them all HERE.

Have a wonderful Easter!

signature blessings

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  1. It looks wonderful!

  2. So pretty! and from one bathroom “tweaker” to another – you’ll stop when you’re completely happy (if that ever happens…) LOL!

  3. Looks lovely, I just adore the blue. We just installed the same faucet in our bathroom (except it’s brushed nickel).

  4. Janice Vincent says

    Enjoyed all of your creative & beautiful updates. Would you mind sharing information about the faucet and the towel rack? Thanks so much…… I learn every time I read your blog….

    • Janice, the towel rack came from an antique store. The faucet is from Amazon – there’s a link included that you can click on to get more information and the cost.

  5. Oooo….I like that much better!

  6. I really like the white walls, and enjoyed seeing all the transformations take place. Great post 🙂

  7. Love the lighter look to your bath! Nicely done!

  8. I love the final take! It looks fabulous!

  9. chris aka monkey says

    i love your bathroom a lot xx

  10. Beautiful job, Angie! I love the toilet paper dispenser too! LOL

  11. I love all of the incarnations of your bathroom, but you’re right…painting the vanity that beautiful blue really kicked things up a notch…it looks so fresh, clean, and airy! I just noticed your toilet paper holder this time out, too…very clever! I could live in your bathroom, actually…ever thought about renting it out? hehe!


  13. Looks absolutely gorgeous and rustic all at the same time! Your vanity is one of a kind and so pretty now. So funny that your son said that about white. I have been re-painting my kitchen cupboards white and boy is it bright now. My son came in and asked why oh why do I have to paint everything white?! I was shocked because other than the kitchen all the rooms are dark, bold colors. I guess the white trim throughout the house threw him. It was too funny!

  14. The vanity is lovely and the room looks wonderful! I know you and your son are proud of all your hard work.

  15. I’m glad there are other people out there, that change things as much as I do. Wonderful new looks here. Now … I’m going over to the shop and check out that cute sewing drawer! Wonderful weekend to all.

  16. Marlene Stephenson says

    It looks great,love the new faucet.Everything looks wonderful and new. Happy Easter to you and your family have a wonderful day together.

  17. Very beautiful!! It’s a lot different with this white than apartments because yours has texture! Love the look!

  18. Your bathroom is just so beautiful! Your anti-white, converted to lots of white cracked me up; I’m exactly the same way, haha! I use to just HATE white walls, now I love them! I keep wishing I’d had blogs to look at in my twenties, especially when I see how so many Europeans have amazing homes with white walls.

  19. Love the color and the stenciling too. This one is my favorite version. I felt the same way about white, but just recently started changing my mind. It’s so refreshing!

  20. Love the color and the stenciling! What a gorgeous color of blue, would you mind sharing the paint color name? What is Tough Coat I have several pieces i could use this on. I really like your bathoom and we are about ready to embark on a bathroom remodel!

  21. You have done such a great job with the 3 peat bathroom makeover. The wall color change to white really brightened and freshened things up. The decor change was a great addition… the mirror and sink fixture change. The stenciling on the vanity was a really nice complement to the blue.

  22. This is so fresh and lovely, Angie…I love all of your personal, creative touches! Beautiful!

  23. I love the lighter wall color and the vanity is so pretty!

  24. Sandy McElroy says

    Love it !

  25. Love the look of the entire bathroom, Angie, but that little blue cabinet is to die for. The stenciling added just the right touch. You’ve got me looking around for a piece that I can give the same treatment too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. I love it!!!

  27. I take antique sewing machine drawers and refinish them if need be, and decorate the insides with floral arrangements for all seasons. I liked your idea of using mason jars and putting the roses in them and also the crocheted piece laid over in front gave me another idea. Thanks so much. Your bathroom looks great!

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