House Numbers Sign Hanging Planter

When you live in the country, giving someone directions to your house can be tricky.

There aren’t many landmarks to look for, unless you count fields of corn or barns.

So my directions usually sound something like this…

“Turn at the 5-way, go past three fields of corn on your left and two fields of soybeans on your right. When you spot the water tower in the distance, turn left.”

See the problem?

Turn salvaged junk into a house numbers sign with a hanging planter -

To make it even harder, our house numbers weren’t clearly displayed anywhere.

A few years ago, I  did put our house address on an old little garden spade, but the numbers are small and can only be seen if you are standing at the front door.

It’s cute, but not very helpful for someone driving down my gravel road looking for my house.

I solved that problem this week though, when I found the rusty frame from an old realtor sign in my junk stockpile.

Now I realize that not everyone has a rusty realtor sign in their junk stockpile, so I won’t call this a DIY project.

The point really is to just think outside the box when looking at old junk, and think about what it could become.

The top of the frame seemed like it would be just the right size for house numbers.

repurposed metal realtor sign house number sign

My husband cut an old piece of salvaged wood to fit in it, and screwed it into the holes that were already there.

DIY house number sign

Once the numbers were nailed on, we added a ceiling hook at the bottom of the wood.


DIY hanging planter house number sign

Then I headed out to my new potting bench, and potted some mums into an old enamelware pot.

The chain it’s hanging by was also from my junk stockpile.

I never know how I’ll use most of the junk I bring it home, but it’s always fun when I find the perfect project for some of it.

Repurposed rustic house numbers sign -

The mums are just starting to open up, so I’ll try to remember to take another photo later when they are in full bloom.

Our house numbers can be easily seen now!

Turn salvaged junk into a house address sign with hanging flower pot -

signature 2

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  1. Great idea, Angie! I do have some of these signs!

  2. Shirley Harvey says

    Morning Angie, like your sign, great idea

    Have a Blessed Day,

    Shirley from Tallahassee, FL

  3. Love it! So creative…keep it up!

  4. Instructions to my house include “Turn left at the dinosaurs”. Nobody has gotten lost yet. – Elaine

  5. This looks great, Angie! Adding the flowers was a lovely idea. No one will miss your house now.

    • Thanks Julia – I confess, I love looking at it when I’m driving down our road to come home … and I look at it in m rear view mirror when I’m leaving! 😉

  6. I have one too! I always kept it, but never knew what I wanted to do with it. Now I do! Thank you!

  7. Love it!!

  8. Really nice “attention getting” sign. Nice to have numbers you can read from a distance. The plant is a nice addition. I also have one of those metal frames that I use for our garage sale sign. My pet peeve is Garage Sale signs that can’t be read from the street. Good job Angie.

    • I totally agree about the garage sale signs, Audrey. What drives me even crazier is when people don’t take down their signs, so you waste your time looking for a sale that ended.

  9. This is so lovely. The hanging basket is so pretty and it looks really welcoming. Our house sign is made from an old wheel which I really like but it’s not so practical as you can’t see it that well from the road as it lives in the porch. I have never commented before, but I just wanted to say how much I love your blog and the super ideas you share. Nessie from Scotland, UK x

  10. SO perfect! Another thought, you may want to add some reflective tape or those little reflectors so “WE” can find you at night 🙂

    • LOL – the numbers actually were reflective, Christy, but I didn’t like how silver they looked, so I painted them white! They do show up pretty well at night though.


    That is the cutest and most sensible sign for house numbers I have ever seen!! Great Idea!!…Hope it is not broiling hot in your neck of the woods!..95 degrees here in Massachusetts today!!..Weatherman says it feels like a 105!! I am staying in air conditioning!!

    • Thanks Kathy! It has been hot here, and mostly crazy humid too. I try not to complain too much though, because I know when winter comes, I’ll wish it was summer again!

  12. That sign with the hanging flowers is great! Since I live in the city in a neighborhood it wouldn’t work so well for me. Plus, we have “regulations” as to where and how big our house numbers are to be. But I think it’s a really good-looking make-over for out in the country. And, actually, I, too, probably have an old realtor’s sign in my garage! I’ll have to think of a different project for mine! Any ideas?

  13. Looks great. Don’t forget to water the flowers or you could say look for the dead flowers.

  14. Oh boy this is soooo cool!!!! Love it!!! PINNING!

  15. Great idea! I will have to try and find one of those realtor signs. I really need a sign like this.

  16. cute idea, which led to other cute ideas!

  17. Pam Hueftle says

    Great idea, I’m sharing on fb!

  18. I just love this project, Angie! I just need an old realtor sign–I’ll be looking, too 🙂 Thanks for partying with us at Vintage Charm and for sharing your projects with us–

  19. Christy Roppel says

    Hi Angie!
    Is the the one hook strong enough to hold the pot? I love this idea…as a matter of fact, I called a realtor friend to see if they had an old sign I could have. Yes, they did! BUT, then I lost this post!! 🙁 I looked and looked for it ….I had forgotten where it was…then, LO and BEHOLD! I found it again! I just love your blog!
    Thanks for all the fun “stuff” you share!

  20. Sara Mullis says

    Oooooooh, this is a must add for my junking shopping list (yes I carry one with me always) ! The wheels are spinning at all the fun things that that could be done with these old sign frames. I think I’d put three hooks evenly spaced across in order to swap out small lettered signs in ladder fashion when there wasn’t a lovely flower hanging . stenciled reclaimed boards or just a pretty seasonal piece . Welcome to the Farm, or lake or Beach……. Lots of fun ideas.
    Thanks Angie

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