Weekend Project: Easy Vintage Style Glass Bottles and Jars

I have the easiest weekend project for you today!

I’ve shared how to transfer images onto glass bottles or jars before, but a reader on Facebook contacted me about making them.

so  I decided to work on more bottles and jars, and make a video that shows just how simple the process is.

I’m trying to improve my video-making skills, so I’d love to hear your feedback as I learn!

Below are the two images I used on the jars in the video plus another black and white antique receipt that would look great on a jar .  Just right-click and save them to your computer if you’d like to use them.

I have many more free printable antique images you can use HERE.

You can also make your own images using Picmonkey, so the design possibilities with these are endless.

Supplies Needed: (Affiliate links are included for the products I used.)

Extra wide shipping tape

I  also bought  jars with cork lids  to transfer my images on, and filled them with bath salts to give as gifts.

Someday  I’ll try making homemade bath salts, but I  bought lavender scented Calgon (affiliate link) to fill these bottles.  It only costs a few dollars and smells great.

antique advertisement free printable apothecary label - www.knickoftime.net

antique advertisement

antique store receipt

Please be sure to let me know if you make your own.  I’d love to hear about it.  You can even message me on Facebook to share a photo!

You’ll quickly get hooked on making these when you see how easy and fun it is.
You can see the other image transfer jars I shared in the past HERE.

These bottles are some I made last year.  They look like antique apothecary bottles.  You can read more about them HERE.

DIY apothecary bottles

I’m on the train at this moment, on my way to New Mexico to visit my mom while she’s undergoing treatment for cancer.  Your prayers would be appreciated.

I’ll be gone for a few weeks, but I brought some projects along to work on while I’m there, and will be sharing them soon.

Do you have a weekend project planned?  Let me know about it!

Vaya con Dios,


Easy weekend project to make gorgeous bottles and jars with free graphics or design your own! - www.knickoftime.net

Please know that Knick of Time uses affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon to help keep this blog up and running.


  1. I tried this. It did not work. The paper would not come off the tape. It was a big mess. I threw it away….

  2. Hi Angie, Prayers go with you to New Mexico! I love your blog and love, love, love these bottles.

  3. Great tutorial thanks… Prayers for your Mom and family!!!

  4. I’m making this for sure. So easy to do! Thank you for sharing that idea. – Prayers for you and your mom.

  5. Hello Angie, Prayers sent for your mom and your family.
    Thanks for the video it really shows how easy it is to do the image transfers using tape. Love the bottles.

  6. Angie,

    You have my prayers and best wishes for healing for your mom. I am in awe of this technique and yes, I cannot wait to try it 🙂 I love all things Christmas so that is where I’ll be taking this project. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Healing thoughts are sent to your mom, Angie. I am glad she will have you with her for these treatments. Best wishes, Ardith

  8. judy clinard says

    God Bless you and your family but specially your mom during this challenging time. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us on a regular basis. Godspeed 🙂

  9. Prayers for your mom and yourself. Be safe but cherish and enjoy your mom. I got to really know my dad when he had cancer–likewise, with my daughter after my heart attack. Illness can rob us of so much but it can also make our moments together all the more precious.

    Thank you for the transfers and all the D.I.Y. projects.

  10. Christy Roppel says

    So sorry to hear about your Mom! You are lucky you have each other. The power of prayer is STRONG! You have mine.
    You did a wonderful job with your tutorial. I love this project and look forward to trying it 🙂
    Thanks !

  11. Karen Robbins says

    I love this idea and want to try it one of these days (probably when the cold winter months arrive. My prayers are with your mom and you. We are going through cancer treatments with our daughter right now so I understand what a worry it is.

  12. Love the video, Angie! Wish I had a laser printer!
    Sending prayers for your mother and safe travels! xo

  13. Jessica Serrano says

    Please know that you and your family, y tu mama, are in my thoughts in prayers. As soon as I read this I lit my candles for you and said a few words…. Sending all the love, light, strength and positive energy your way! I’m terribly sorry to see that she undergoing this but I Have faith she will fight and beat cancers Culo lol. I follow you and I usually don’t say too much but I wanted you to know you are a very good daughter for going to be with her. She’ll need your strength and good humor I’m sure!
    Vaya con Dios mi Amiga Bonita , please be safe in your travels, take care of tu mama but take care of you as well. please carry my prayers to your mama… Please keep us updated if you have time. I’d like to know how she’s doing and sometimes it’s nice to get it out. Caringbridge.org is a nice website if you don’t already know about it incase you want to keep her journey separate from your craftiness lol. Much love, Jess

  14. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to try this project. Prayers for your mom, may she heal completely and quickly.

  15. Did I miss something? (wouldn’t be surprised), only found one label image to save for bottles, would love to use these on some jars/bottles for making gifts.
    Am so sorry to hear your Mom is ill but how lucky she is to have you and your family loving and praying for her. One of things so wonderful about blogland is so many people to pray along with you and offer much needed moral support. Be sure to take good care of yourself.
    Sending hugs and prayers

  16. This HAS to be one of your #mostloved blogs!
    I’m soo gonna do this for #Christmasgifts (Yes, it’s right around the corner)!
    I’m going to try white font on green wine bottles…..

  17. jodie lumley says

    Thank you for sharing all the printable’s, you have a generous heart. I hope your Mom is dong well, and will remember you both in prayer.

  18. Thank you for so wonderfully sharing this fun project that ends in a vintage look that I love!!! Would you please clarify for me how long to soak the tape and attached paper in the bowl of water . . . a minute? 5 minutes? Thank you. God bless you.

    • Myrtie, you just want the paper to be completely wet – don’t soak it for too long. Keep moistening your finger tips if needed if the paper starts drying while you rub, or for parts that didn’t get wet enough. Have fun!

  19. Good vibes for your Mom. I know what it’s like to go through those treatments, a lot of them. lol I wish that I had a laser printer! 🙂

  20. Absolutely outstanding! Thanks for the video showing me exactly HOW to do this!! LOVE IT!!

  21. Angie,

    This is the most creative project! LOVE! Shared on my FB page & pinned. I can’t wait to make these myself!

  22. Hi! I so enjoy your site and all your help. You may have addressed this question before, sorry if I missed an explanation, but here’s my question. Ok, nevermind, I just looked again and found the answer. You bought a laser printer to avoid going to print shop. So for now, I need to go to a print shop until I decide to fork over $$ for another printer. This will not discourage me, even though it’s an hours round trip to printer. Thank you so much for all your information! I hope your mom is doing well.

    • Allie, I bought a laser printer last year and I’ve never regretted the purchase. For decoupage and image transfer projects, you need prints made with toner ink, and I got so tired of running to the print shop all the time to get them made.

  23. I love the video…thank-you! We finished a reno to our master bath and these bottles are just what I need!

    Sending prayers to your mom.

  24. I like the fact that your video is short and to the point…..also very clean!!! The ONLY thing is that it might be just a tad too fast?? When you put up anything to read, give it a “tad” more time……other than that….GREAT JOB!!!!

  25. Edit Jeremias says

    The video was excellent! Love the bottles!

  26. Very fun labels! Thanks for sharing! Saying a prayer for you and your mom.

  27. Ever since I saw this, I have become obsessed with making all sorts of stickers for glassware. Thank you so much for sharing this idea!!!

  28. Are you kidding me?! just watched your video. . Great job. .btw. I think my jaw actually dropped! Can’t believe it’s that easy. I hate spending money on projects so this is perfect. Thank you! ! I’ve been brain storming storage ideas for my craft supplies. These will be on my shelf for sure. ?

  29. Quinnda McMullen says

    Love it! I’m excited to make these!

  30. Does the image have to be “freshly” printed or can I use old prints?

  31. Josue Zepeda says

    Hi Angie. I have a cuestion. Can i use Contact film?

  32. Actually it can be printed from any type of printer. I’ve used all different types of ways. Even magazine clippings.

  33. If I put this on glasses made of glass would it eventually wash off? I was thinking of putting names of family members on glasses from the Dollar Tree to make a more expensive looking gift. Money is tight this year!!

  34. I can’t wait to try this project Angie! I love what you made 🙂

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