Weekend Project: Easy Vintage Style Glass Bottles and Jars

I have the easiest weekend project for you today! I’ve shared how to transfer images onto glass bottles or jars before, but a reader on Facebook contacted me about making them. so  I decided to work on more bottles and jars, and make a video that shows just how simple the process is. I’m trying to improve my video-making skills, so I’d love to hear your feedback as I learn! Below are the two images I used on the jars in the video plus another black {Read More}

Spice Rack Makeover: Thrift Shop Flip

I’ve said before that I’m a sucker for gingham, so when I spotted this vintage spice rack, filled with jars that had gingham lids, at a thrift store – it was a given that it was coming home with me.   I wasn’t crazy about the color of the wood, and it looked a bit blah, but the shape reminded me of the wall shelf I made over last year with a Milk & Cream Co. image on it, so {Read More}

Bee Image Clip Art from McGuffey’s Reader

 Today, I have a charming bee image from an early 1900’s McGuffey’s Reader.  The bee is hovering near a vine with blooms on it.  It would be perfect for an image transfer project, but for those of you gifted with painting skills, I think it would also be so pretty with watercolors added to the image, for a greeting card or wall art. Here is the complete school book page the image was on – isn’t it cute?!  I love {Read More}

Antique Business Letterhead Printable

Here’s a really wonderful image from an antique business document from the late 1800’s.   It was the top of a letterhead.  It would make a really nice antique-style sign or image transfer. I cleaned it up, did a little editing, and cropped just the top of the letterhead.  The original letter was actually written in response to a complaint from a customer about a chandelier they had purchased. Many more antique documents and free vintage images are here.

A Little More Milk & Cream

Lest you think I finally got bored of using the Milk and Cream Co. image on things…I haven’t.  I was just waiting for the right piece to use it on. When I hung my new/repurposed Primitive Wall Cupboard in my kitchen, I hung it where this paper towel holder/shelf previously had been.  It seemed perfect for the Milk & Cream graphic. I wanted to do it as a transfer, rather than using a stencil, so that the shadow border would {Read More}

Antique Graphics Wednesday – Three 1800’s Antique Alphabet Fonts

I love letters and numbers and all the many styles of type, so today I’m sharing with you 3 sets of antique alphabet fonts that came from some of my Peterson’s magazines from the mid 1800’s and were included in the magazine for marking on fabric to stitch. I hope you’ll enjoy them too! If you use them on any projects, I’d love it if you would share a photo with me!  This one is a gorgeous alphabet that was probably {Read More}