Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen Update



I decided last week that we absolutely positively needed a new kitchen table.

Not only did we need it, we needed it before Thanksgiving.

My poor husband.  As soon as I said that, he knew any plans of relaxing over the weekend had just flown out the window.

Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen Table & Chairs -

Let’s take a little walk down kitchen table memory lane, and you’ll see why he’s starting to hate the words “kitchen table.”

Table #1

When we first remodeled our kitchen, this is the table we had.  It was a combination of a base from our previous table and the cellar door from our old house in Missouri.

It was okay, but I never liked the base.

We loved it for awhile, until …

white farmhouse kitchen -

Table #2

And then I brought home this antique table and painted the base.

I had hoped to get more leaves for it, but never found any affordable ones.

Which led to …

Farmhouse Table-

Table #3

I used the cellar door from table #1 and the base from table #2.

I loved how it looked, but it was a knee knocker.  The skirt around the edge was too low for the men in my family, so they couldn’t cross their legs without hitting their knees.

farmhouse table

I didn’t even take a picture of table #4.  It was an antique counter that I asked my husband to turn into a table.  He did, but what I had envisioned in my mind just didn’t work well as a table.

It’s in our garage now and he’s using it as a work station.  So it wasn’t a total waste.

I started searching Pinterest for table ideas and fell in love with some farmhouse kitchens that were black and white.  Most of my kitchen is white, so once my husband finished building my new table, I painted the base black and painted all of our chairs to match.

Farmhouse kitchen table and black painted chairs -

My husband was surprised I didn’t want to go back to a white table base and chairs, but I’m really loving the black and white combination in the kitchen.


Eventually I’d like to replace the chairs between the wall and table with a bench, but it might be pushing my luck to ask him to build one before Thanksgiving.

I know when to quit while I’m ahead. 🙂

I’ll just keep my eye out for an affordable one.


My husband did such an amazing job building my new table and getting it done so quickly.

I can’t wait to have my whole family around it for Thanksgiving.


Vaya con Dios,


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  1. The table looks fantastic, and what a good hubby getting it done so quickly. I love B&W color combination too. It never goes out of style.

  2. I love to read about fellow bloggers who keep changing things until they get it right. Love the new table and your whole kitchen!

  3. Your husband did a wonderful job with your new table, Angie! For some reason we have changed tables a lot, too…I am actually thinking of bringing one my husband built 25 years ago, back into the dining room again. I guess our needs just change through the years!

  4. Angie I really like this black set which is in contrast to the old white kitchen. I’ve also been thinking of painting my dining room table in a deep gray to get rid of that awful wood color.

  5. Love farm house style Where in Missouri did you live.I live in Springfield.I live in a home built in 1908 Love old homes.
    Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  6. Beautiful!!! It looks great!!!

  7. Wow! The other tables were all pretty but this one brings so much character to the kitchen! Great job by your hubby and you!! Love your home….it is perfect!

  8. It looks fabulous!

  9. Love your new table. I love white and black together for farmhouse kitchens too. I am looking for an old small church pew or special bench of some kind for my table too. The hunt is on!!!! Everything looks great for your Thanksgiving.

  10. Angie, the table looks great. I really like the black added in. It gives everything a richness to it. Your kitchen is really beautiful. Enjoy filling up with family on Thanksgiving.

  11. Mary Sue Chatfield says

    Our first kitchen table, 56 years ago, was black ~ a hand me down from a great aunt’s first apartment! Having children led us to a larger table, but we still have the first one repurposed in the living room. What memories!

  12. It looks great!

  13. Wow, I love what I can see of this gorgeous new table your husband built. Any chance we could see a long view of it? Cheers, Ardith

  14. Love the black and white. I have to ask: Are the legs upside down? Adds a different element and look really nice.

  15. I love the table too!! It’s pretty much just what I would like to have. I too would like to see a full length picture and maybe some rough plans on how he built it!! I host all the holiday gatherings for my husbands family so I need a large table and don’t really like the antique drop leaf table that I now have!!

  16. Michele Yates says

    Looks really classy in a “farmhousey” way.

  17. Beautiful!

  18. I came across your table story and it hit a chord with me.
    You see, first I am super impressed that your Hubby can just make a table…for that I am a bit jealous.
    Second, we have table issues too.
    We have had this extending table for about 30 years or so. It has been “just right” for much of that until last year when our Thanksgiving got bigger. We also have big people who sit around the table…and well, it has gotten too small. The search for a new table began and went on for a while…until the cost put it off. A neighbor who is also a contractor offered an idea, to put it a huge 3/4″ plywood slab on top to “extend” the table. Well, yes, sort of, but the extending table still has the same legs…some people will just have to sit around the legs….so there is elbow room….not leg room…
    My Hubby sighs when I talk about it. he can’t just go make one…so I am being hopeful that this Thanksgiving will work ok. Meanwhile, we are sitting around this huge table topper thing for the holiday…

  19. beautifull Farmhouse Kitchen, it could be an inspiration for the my kitchen

  20. Rachael says

    What color did you use to stain? Absolutely love it!

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