Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel – A Room with a View

I didn’t plan to show you my farmhouse kitchen remodel until
Friday, because I had a lot of photos to go through before
posting about it, but my mom is going on a camping trip
today and she wasn’t too happy when she found out she
wouldn’t get to see my kitchen until she got home late Sunday night.
I stayed up until the wee hours this morning
finishing this post for you, Mom –
I hope you like it and have fun camping!I think the hardest part about this kitchen remodel
was getting the whole room clean at the same time so
I could take photos of it.  Every time I turned around
there were more dishes by the sink, or someone’s junk was
stacked on the kitchen table, or the floor needed sweeping again.
But I got up early before anyone could make a new mess, and got the photos taken!

Welcome to my kitchen!  Come on in and sit down.
My daughter even baked some fresh German chocolate cupcakes for you.

Repurposed Rusty Bolt Candle Holder -

This kitchen was fairly outdated.
It had a very small window above the kitchen sink that wasn’t
doing justice to the lovely view of the pasture and forest beyond it, so
our goal was to open up the view and let as much natural light as possible come in.
My husband installed a new, large window over the sink and added
another one right next to it on the adjacent wall.

We also installed an antique window from a historic courthouse
between the kitchen and the living room to open up the view
between the two rooms and allow some of the light from the kitchen
into the living room as well, which has only one window.

Repurposed Window Farmhouse Kitchen -

For those of you who are “skip the details and give me the big picture” kind of people –
you just got it.  You’ve seen the overall kitchen.
For those of you who are into every little detail…
you’re in for it!
I’ll take you around the room, from top to bottom, starting at the sink.

Remember the door that I’ve created a bunch of coat racks out of?
Well, the side piece that had the hinges became the shelf over the kitchen sink.
I made something out of every single piece of that door.

Farmhouse Kitchen Window Display with Salvaged Door -

Lots of old pots, a bulb planter, a flower mister and some gravy boats adorn it.
Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel vintage terra cotta pots repurposed vintage garden tools -
In between the two windows hang some old metal fryer baskets.
Repurposed Vintage Wire Baskets as Wall Fruit Baskets in Farmhouse Kitchen -

Not many moms tell their kids not to eat fruit,
but I had to guard this fruit from my kids until
I could take photos.  It was killing them not to eat the clementines.

Repurposed Vintage Wire Baskets as Wall Fruit Baskets in Farmhouse Kitchen -

Lots of canning jars sit in the smaller new window.

Farmhouse Kitchen Budget Remodel -

Vintage Ball Lightening Jars Farmhouse Kitchen -
I love the way the sunlight filters through the glass.
Find tons of Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Ideas -
And my old farmhouse sink…I love it.
Farmhouse Sink White Kitchen -
I cut up an old canvas bag to make the curtain under the sink.
The wood piece on the front is salvage from an
antique side table.
Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Feed Sack Curtains -
Next to the window are a few shelves and my “old lady”
microwave stand I showed you a few weeks ago.
Farmhouse Kitchen Repurposed Vintage Open Shelves Antique Side Table -

My old eyeglasses display hangs above our drinking glasses.

Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelves Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles Ball Jars -

An assortment of old cups hangs under the bottom shelf.
Vintage tea cups -
At the bottom of the microwave stand sits my market basket
filled with blue Ball canning jars and jar lifters.
Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelves with Wire Basket of Ball Jars -
The only window treatments the two smaller windows
got were some antique handles off of 2 push lawn mowers.
I bought the mowers for $6 each at an auction and sold the wheels,
so the handles were free for me.
Farmhouse Kitchen Window with salvaged antique lawn mower handle -

I love the typography on both of these.

Farmhouse Kitchen Window with salvaged antique lawn mower handle -

A little further down the wall is another shelf to display
some old treasures on.
Farmhouse kitchen home decor
In the center of the kitchen sits my new table
made from our old cellar door and under the table is
the wonderful wood plank floor we discovered after tearing
out 4 layers of linoleum.  You’ll notice there are only a few
chairs and a stool around the table.  I’m still painting the
remaining chairs, so I’ll show you all of them later.
Farmhouse white kitchen table
I think my son’s Min Pin has claimed the stool as his own though.
Min Pin dog in Farmhouse kitchen
Hanging over the table is an old milk can strainer lid
that my husband converted into a light.
repurposed milk can lid Farmhouse light

The corner by the entryway has my old cookstove
and the ironstone display I made from another part of the door.
Underneath is another display of tarnished spoons.
Half of an old wooden screen door makes a mock window
above the stove, with some curtains made
from flour sack towels.

Farmhouse Kitchen Antique Cook Stove Tarnished Silverware Ironstone

To the right of the ironstone display is the doorway from
the entryway into the kitchen.  We have another milk
can light in the entryway and I placed a little ruler
over the doorway with the Golden Rule on it.
Believe it or not, these rulers were made by the Coca-Cola
company.  You rarely see advertising like that anymore.

Farmhouse kitchen home decor antique ruler

On the other side of the doorway is the wall between the kitchen
and living room I showed you a few weeks ago.
repurposed books
Turning the corner is my counter with the window
that came from a demolished, historic courthouse.
Everywhere you see the “tin” ceiling tiles (they are really
flexible plastic!), is where cabinets previously had hung.
We needed a way to hide the damage left from taking them
down, so my husband came up with using the faux tin tiles.
He’s one smart cookie!

Farmhouse kitchen plank wood floors

He reused some of the glass cabinet doors to make an
illuminated cabinet over the refrigerator where I keep my favorite white
serving dishes.  The backside of the cabinet faces the living room
and also has glass doors, so it’s visible from both sides,
with a different vignette showing on the other side.

Farmhouse kitchen cabinet

On the other side of the refrigerator is a little alcove for the stove.
Since I have very limited cabinet space, everything
becomes wall art in my kitchen, like all my
cast iron skillets.  Food staples look pretty in glass jars,
so they become decor also.

Farmhouse kitchen spice rack

Farmhouse Kitchen open shelves

All the shelves in the kitchen were made from the top
of an antique table.  My husband just cut the pieces to size.
All the brackets were purchased 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby.

If you enjoyed touring my farmhouse kitchen,
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    I will be back to be inspired again another day!!
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  83. Your farmhouse kitchen is so warm, rustic, and inviting. I love how you use the items that you have on display. Everything has its place and everything is used. The patina of the floors, cabinets, and all of your collections is gorgeous. I will be moving to a farm in two years, and I hope to have a fabulous farmhouse kitchen also. Thanks for sharing.

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    P.S. If you haven’t burned it already, I absolutely wouldn’t burn the linoleum, because depending on its age, it could be made of asbestos and that is worse than you can image to breathe near, let alone set on fire.


  101. amazing makeover! It’s hard to believe that’s the same kitchen. It looks so great. I have that ruler in my kitchen window!!!


  102. Completely charming and beautiful! I used to own SO many of the same type of items you’ve used in your kitchen. I got rid of so much of it because my husband didn’t like all the “stuff”. Now I’m single and kicking myself for not hanging onto more of the things I loved. Sigh…live and learn. You and your husband have done a fantastic job of creating beauty and personality on a small budget, just love it!

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  104. I LOVE your re-do…I love all the stories and explanations that went with each and every piece, thank you for that, seriously, it helps bring everything together, I actually felt like I was IN your kitchen and you were taking me around!! You mentioned you lived in MO, I do, I live in Ozark!! What part did you live in?
    God bless and happy New Kitchen and MUCH better than the before!
    Becky…oh, if you wanted to get a hold of me, my email is:

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  108. Hi Angie,

    All your hard work deserves many high=fives and whoo hoo’s! The photographing alone was enough work to make me want to go take a nap. I have done enough “do it yourself” to know that doing it yourself isn’t as easy as it looks on HGTV. You rock, Sista! You and your husband did a wonderful job that shows caring and love and an intense amount of creativity. I hope you get to enjoy making many great memories in this kitchen and enjoying the fruits of your efforts. This kitchen is just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  109. Your kitchen is awesome and has so much character. Love love all your collections and how you have them displayed. I’m sure your mom will love seeing the photos before she heads out and my guess is the kids have attacked the fruit already. I agree with others that I could spend hours in there just checking stuff out, but it looks so organized at the same time. Thanks for the detailed tour.

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  115. Angie, your farm kitchen is a dream. It’s REAL kitchen, not just fancy schmancy sit and look pretty kitchen. The utilitarian aspects of it are waht make it beautiful to me…everything has a home and a purpose. You made the ordinary look darling. I would love to see your table and chairs when complete!

  116. Your kitchen is awesome!! Thanks for the tour. It’s so lovely.

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  120. My goodness, you have so much cool stuff! I absolutely LOVE your kitchen! I just remodeled my kitchen & took down the upper cabinets & installed open shelving to ‘display’ some of my very own cool stuff! Love your flooring, the cast iron skillets, the ceiling, just everything… it’s all so vintage & AWESOME!!! =)

  121. what a gorgeous kitchen! i love all the vintage touches that make it so warm and cozy!

  122. OMG what a beyond fabulous space this turned out!! Thanx for sharing it with us. Newest Follower here!:)

  123. Angie your kitchen is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! You have so many awesome finds in it… I love ever square inch!

  124. Super cute!! I love everything about your kitchen. Soooo inspiring!!!


  125. Angie,
    Since I loved this makeover, I just had to feature it today at my party. Come on by and grab my starfish featured button for your blog.


  126. awww I love this!!! superb job!

  127. Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage says

    I love everything about it, Angie! It absolutely bubbles over with farmhouse charm!

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Come by tonight to see yourself featured.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  128. I found you through Kims place and love your style. The kitchen turned out just adorable. I have an old stove like yours also, is your in working order. I can’t wait to look around your blog more. Have a lovely evening. I am your newest follower. Stop by my kitchen if you have some time.

  129. amazing transformation! details, details details… my favorite ones were the fryer baskets for the fruit with the vintage signs on them and the potato pin turned garbabge can… love that!

  130. Love your kitchen! I love all the vintage details and especially that you reused and reclaimed. Beautiful!!

  131. Very beautiful homey kitchen! I could totally sit on one of those chippy chairs and sip coffee! Great job for little money! Traci

  132. That was an amazing transformation and so INSPIRING! You did such a great job with all the little details I love it!

  133. That is just crazy awesome! There are so many inspiring bits & pieces here, it leaves me speechless! Congratulations on being featured at Miss Mustard Seeds blog! That’s a HUGE deal & SO deserving!

  134. Absolutely wonderful!! My jaw is still hanging open! What a fabulous transformation. You’ve just created my dream kitchen! I have to show my hubby your photos. He’ll love it too. WONDERFUL!!

  135. Yes, congratulations on being featured at Miss Mustard Seed’s blog! Your kitchen is beautiful. It’s so welcoming that I’d love to sit and have a cup of coffee with you at that gorgeous table.

  136. Angie – It’s gorgeous! SO charming and vintage chic. I LOVE that it’s a real cook’s kitchen with so many things at the ready. That’s what I’m going for too. We really gotta work our little kitchens, don’t we?! (Well, yours is a pretty good size but I’m talkin’ countertop & cupboard space.) I have a collection of vintage cheese graters as well. If I don’t end up displaying them, I know who I’m gonna send them to! The before & after is awesome. Shows that there’s a clear difference between vintage and outdated! Please tell me it took you a year to create this loveliness because that’s where I’m at. 😉 Love.

  137. Adorable and Amazing!! Congrats!

  138. I can not believe your kitchen makeover! It is literally my dream come true! I am SLOWLY filling my kitchen with old things i love…it would be an accomplishment if it someday looked like yours!

    Found you via Miss mustard seed

  139. It looks wonderful!! Good job!!

  140. Your kitchen transformation is so amazing I hardly can take it in! Your vintage treasures all look so wonderful and serve a purpose too. Beautiful job! I know you must love spending time in there every day.

  141. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love every bit of it! Katherine

  142. Angie you and your husband did a remarkable job! It’s just so dang charming. Can you believe that floor???? I bet you about died of happiness when you found that! I could be perfectly happy in that kitchen – at least with the pantry added on….just lovely.

  143. Wowzer, one of a kind spectacular….BRAVO

  144. Really fabulous redo. You’ve given me an idea or two for when I, hopefully, begin my kitchen re-do. Congrats on the feature at MMS.

  145. Just wonderful! I love reading about, and seeing, kitchen re-do’s on a budget.

  146. Just wonderful! I love reading about, and seeing, kitchen re-do’s on a budget.

  147. Where do I begin?! This is one fabulous, vintage filled delight! You must never leave this kitchen! Love those push mower handles, eyeglass display, wooden shelves … the list goes on and on! The best $1,000 every spent!

  148. AMAZING…love the skirting under the kitchen sink! Actually there is so much to comment on! You just did a beautiful job! Huge applause…standing ovation! 🙂

  149. ummmm…you have me drooling and oohing and ahhing right now!~ I saw your link up at our pinterest party and I had to come over…WOWZA off to pin now and I thank you for joining.

  150. Your kitchen is full of wonderfulness! Love it all!

  151. Wow the ingenuity behind your budget conscious design ideas is incredible! Your kitchen is amazingly beautiful and has such vintage charm. Nice work.

  152. I love your style!! Thanks for linking up on ‘Or so she says…’, hope to see you again tomorrow for another round of ‘Your Great Idea’.

  153. Well, I just had to come over to see your kitchen! Wow, what a transformation! I do see similarities in our styles. It feels so good to use what you have. It really does bring out your creativity. Lookin’ good, Angie!

  154. What a great DIY! I love how much fresher, cleaner and modern the kitchen looks!

    By: Federal Way Handyman

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  158. As home owner I have a plan on kitchen remodeling and the main focus is to have new pantry doors which has divider at the back of it. It seems that kind of door really nice.

  159. your kitchen is SO wonderful, angie! how wonderful to find those floors! your creativity and collections make this room a vintage charm:) oh, love that trash holder and cute pup, too!

  160. Hi Angie

    I found your blog while looking for royalty free clips for my own vintage project- a stash box for my fabric, and stopped to look around after picking up some ideal pictures, thanks! I will try and (work out how to) send you a picture when it’s finished.

    Your kitchen is truly stunning, as is your laundry room (that’s as far as I got so far! Couldn’t continue without commenting!)It’s so bright and airy. I live in what I guess you’d call rural England and your kitchen wouldn’t look out of place in any village house or cottage here. People here in towns and cities pay many ten’s of thousands of pounds to try and achieve the same look and they are not half as lovely as yours, many are mass produced, brought from specialist ‘design’ chains and just look like over priced faux country kitchens! I’d rather have yours any day!

    My projects are small items. Jewellery, gifts, storage, personal and items to sell for charity. I find inspirations in objects big, small, old and new. I don’t have a blog- maybe one day. I can only do a little at a time due to illness so I’d rather craft than blog 😉 When I can’t craft I look online to fuel the fire for when I can! I can see me doing a lot of refuelling right here!

    With very best wishes and crafty hugs,

    Tracey 🙂

  161. What an amazing transformation. Can’t believe it’s the same kitchen. I am planning to pin so many photographs. Every bit is way beyond creative. Superb job:)

  162. What a beautiful kitchen! It brings a tear to my eye that the flooring has been covered up all these years. That was the first thing I saw, it is gorgeous. I really love the whole space. It is warm, cozy, inviting and very charming. Besides the floor, my other favorite items are the antique window between the rooms, the milk screen light and the cellar door table. Great job!! You can really tell a lot of time and love went into the room.

  163. This is really such a beautiful kitchen design. Great example how to keep the kitchen in a best manner. Could anyone guide me the best kitchen remodeler in los angeles. I am very glad to see that.

  164. Great information and beautiful blog.Thanks for sharing it.

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  165. I keep putting off our kitchen remodeling in Tempe AZ. I need to get on that before my wife gets upset.

  166. Great looking kitchen! I’ve been browsing the internet for inspiration and ideas to start my own kitchen remodel. I already have my table picked out and I plan to go look at double oven range tomorrow. What is the most durable and cost-effective counter top material, in your opinion?

  167. Your kitchen is so beautiful! I love all of the details that you have incorporated especially the tin ceiling tiles. 😉

  168. Wow! What a gift you’ve been given in being able to display all your little goodies and collections in such a wonderful way! You are truly a “designer”! Everything is just to my tastes, and how I would love to have some of the things you have on display!
    My one question is on the wood flooring…. Would you tell us more about how you did it? It’s just lovely, and I’m thinking it’s probably some DIY project I’d like to imitate! Did you use wooden pegs to nail it down? A little tutorial would be so appreciated. I’m a 72 year old gr-grandma, but I do all my own work, still! I have done all my own floors in my house, and now want to change the kitchen floor. It’s the only one left with vinyl tile on it. Your floor looks exactly what I’m looking for…. care to share some tips on your labor?

  169. You’ve put the chic in country chic!

  170. You and your husband are an inspiration to me and mine. I’m also blessed with a wizard at being my personal handyman. I have received the gift of many ideas from your kitchen and some I’ve already done. We are very frugal and do things on a reuse, renew, renovate kind of budget. Thank you for opening your kitchen to us all. Bless you!

  171. One might as well pick a kitchen planner who is parcel to offer one broad record determinations for the kitchen remodeling beginning from bureau, embellishments, and machines up to beautifying fittings. The decorators must illuminate one about the styles incorporating conventional, up to date or contemporary and present day styles.

  172. I can tell that everything in the kitchen is in the right place and I am loving it then.

  173. Wow! That is amazing! What a great use of the space. I love all the little details! 🙂

  174. I saw this on hometalk while searching “farmhouse kitchens” – just love it – all the little details. So sweet. I sent the link to my sister-in-law for her consideration while planning a kitchen remodel. Thanks for sharing. NancyLee

  175. God bless people like you. Praying that through this post, you will inspire more people.

  176. Anonymous says

    I love your kitchen remodel…I am going to build a barn next year and plan to put a small apartment in the back for my husband and myself. My son and family live in the house on our 11 acres. I totally love your kitchen. I had planned to use my hoostier, and several other wooden cabinets in my kitchen in place of the standard cupboards. After seeing what you have done in your kitchen I am very excited. I have the exact stove as yours. I use it to store pots and pans in the oven, plastic containers in the cupboard area on top and in the middle I keep my microwave. I am so jazzed by all the great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  177. Anonymous says

    I wanted to share my name but profile selection wouldn’t let me…sorry

  178. Wow Angie… your kitchen is gorgeous! The details are amazing! I love the way the sun comes through the window… so bright and sunny! Beautiful, beautiful room!

  179. Anonymous says

    I love this kitchen and thank you for the details. I especially like, really like, the low cost of the remodel. Money for anything to do with decorating for me is pretty much nonexistent. You give me hope and ideas. Thank you.

  180. Your kitchen is super cute! I especially LOVE the floor!!! My husband and I recently bought a “new” old house. All the floors have be stripped down to the original hardwood plank floors and I want to keep them sooo bad! They are sadly covered in nails, (somebody nailed the carpet to the hardwood) but I want to try and save them. Could you please let me know how you did yours? Thank you, Emily Kendall

  181. Wow.. Very nice blog.

    Here is very good information.
    Thanks! for sharing this post.

  182. I’m totally in awe of your kitchen makevoer!! I love, love, love farmhouse style. I live in an old farmhouse and really want to make some updates but fear starting – afraid it won’t come out the way I’d hoped or running into bigger issues. I LOVE that floor you found under all that linoleum!! That is GORGEOUS!!

  183. I love so many things about your kitchen and just pinned several images. Thanks for the inspiration!

  184. I love your new kitchen! We have a very small kitchen and I want to redo it. All the cabinets are a dark stained wood, as are all the trim too. It’s dark and boring. I want to paint them and also remove the doors off of some of them by the sink, for putting my dishes in. We also have some cast iron pans that I’d love to hang up, but no wall space. I plan to go through all the cabinets and get rid of the stuff we don’t use. And I want to move my spices away from the sink and away from the stove. My boyfriend said I can do whatever I want to the inside of the house, but questions why I want to do this or that. CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY! LOL. Anywats, I love that country feel of your kitchen. It’s what I want.

  185. I’ve seen some of your kitchen redo Angie but not all of it. Wowee – what a difference! I love how you used an old wood burning stove as a coffee center – too cool. So smart to divide the rooms with an antique window – love this idea.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  186. I love it! It’s awesome! You did a beautiful job!!! I like all of the reused materials. I want to study all the photos more closely. I’m in the process of remodeling one kitchen and also starting from scratch on a new kitchen somewhere else but I want it to look vintage (beginning with a 1948 Wards stove). I’m trying to reuse and do them both on a flea market budget, I’m not nearly as good at it as you are….I just love your kitchen!

  187. Angie – Your hard effort has paid off. Everything is so beautiful. Love the sun pouring into your kitchen.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  188. Awesome, I love the photos!

  189. Thank you for the wonderful farmhouse kitchen tour. It was so lovely! I love ever corner in your kitchen.

  190. One of the most enjoyable home tours I have seen. And as the new owner of an old farmhouse, I am so inspired!! Jealous of your old stove:) Keep up the great work.

  191. Just gorgeous. Lots of details and quite a collection you have there! Love the floors….

  192. Amazing Work…!!!

  193. This is by far the prettiest kitchen I have ever seen. I love every little detail. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  194. Anna Bertram says

    As I read your blog and looked at the pictures I was struck that not more then 3 feet away from me I had an undervalued treasure! It is an old ruler in bright pink. One side says “Study to show thyself approved unto God: –II Timothy 2:15. The other side lists all the books of the Bible, old and new testaments. It is nicked and scuffed enough to just add interest. I will hang it in my kitchen pantry now. Thanks for the idea to display it. Actually the edges are too “rough” from years of wear to be a good measuring tool.

  195. Love the kitchen! Is the sink top one big piece with sinks bowls and drain boards on both sides??? I have a metal cabinet with the sink I described in basement collecting dust. Never thought to take it off yucky cabinet.

  196. Amy Jo Weishaar says

    Hello! I am IN LOVE with your kitchen! My husband and I just moved into an old farmhouse and are always looking for new ideas on how to decorate. Right now we are trying to figure out how to make a rustic milk strainer into a light above our kitchen sink. I really like how yours is hung! Would your husband be able to give me a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it?

    I greatly appreciate any insight on this! Thank you!

    Amy Jo

  197. Love your kitchen, As a very tiny farmhouse owner I also use every inch of wall space. I do like the quirks and nooks and crannies in old farm homes. Your kitchen is so sweet and very welcoming.

  198. You may have already answered this above…what do you use those super skinny cupboards for next to the sink base?


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