Grocery List DIY Paper Wall Dispenser

I think my family is under the impression that I walk around with a grocery list and pen in my pocket at all times.

They are wrong.

Create a rustic pallet wood craft paper wall dispenser for your grocery shopping list, weekly menu or just for doodling! -

If I had a dollar for every time someone tells me we need milk, or we’re almost out of toilet paper, or we need something it would never occur to me we need, like popcorn seasoning …

I could afford to hire a personal shopper. 🙂

They should know me well enough to know that my memory is pretty lousy.

If it isn’t on a grocery list or doesn’t magically fall into my cart while I’m rushing through Walmart, I’m not gonna remember to buy it.

I’m lucky if I remember to put on real shoes and not go to the store wearing slippers!

So I decided to make it nice and easy for them to write it down on a wall-hung paper dispenser.

It was easy to make, and I love how it looks in my kitchen.

I’ve got the simple tutorial for you below.

DIY wall hung kraft paper memo roller -

Supplies: (includes affiliate links for your convenience)

12″ roll of masking paper

cafe rod

flat metal bar (I don’t know what these are called, but they are by the rebar in home improvement stores – make sure to get a thin piece made of aluminum.)

pallet wood or other rustic wood

wood stain (I used Minwax Early American)

flat black spray paint

acrylic spray sealer

drywall screws (I use drywall screws because they are matte black in color, not silver like most screws, and they work well for most wood projects.)

Pallet Wood Grocery List DIY Paper Wall Dispenser tutorial -


  • Cut 3 pallet wood boards about 20″ long and screw them together with 2 shorter pallet scraps.

Pallet Wood Grocery List DIY Paper Wall Dispenser tutorial -

  • Stain the wood.
  • Spray paint the cafe rod, rod hardware, and flat metal bar with black spray paint and let dry.
  • Spray acrylic sealer on the cafe rod parts to protect it from getting scratched.
  • Screw one of the rod hangers onto one of the vertical pallet pieces.
  • Put the cafe rod in the hanger, then slide the masking paper over the rod.
  • Pull the rod open as far as needed to position the paper between the two vertical pallet pieces.
  • Put the other end of the rod on the other hanger and screw it in place on the other side.
  • Attach D-ring hangers to the back and hang it up.
  • Use tin snips to cut the metal bar to 14″ and drill holes in each side.
  • Center the bar beneath the paper and screw it into the wall.  The bar is used to tear the paper.
  • Feed the paper through the bar, and it’s ready to use!

Of course, you don’t have to use it just to write a grocery list.

You can write fun messages or doodle on it too.

Pallet Wood Grocery List DIY Paper Wall Dispenser tutorial -

DIY pallet wood memo pad kraft paper roller -

Pallet Wood Kraft Paper Wall Dispenser tutorial -

DIY kraft paper dispenser wall roller -

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Easy to make butcher paper wall hung shopping list memo paper holder -

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  1. This is so beautiful and it does look perfect in your kitchen! Pinned 🙂

  2. I love this, Angie! Great tutorial, too!
    I love the idea for writing quotes on it!

  3. Angie this is awesome. Love this. Girl you are rockin it on this one!
    Happy Weekend.

  4. Oh I love this. So super simple. I want to make one. I’ve pinned this idea.
    I hose theme parties at my blog. In January I am hosting The DIY/Hack Party.
    I’ll have the button up soon.
    I hope you’ll be able to come and join.
    This month is Fall/Thanksgiving
    Have a great weekend.

  5. mare williams says

    Once again, you grocery list blew me away with its rusticness, beauty, and usefulness!! Thanks so much for so many super ideas!!!! I really only like things that I TRULY can use!!

  6. I ❤️ This…I wouldn’t even care if I walked around the store with the list ripped off from this because it’s soooo cute❤️

  7. I love this idea.


  8. Great idea, Angie! Here’s what I would like because I don’t have wall space in my kitchen to hang something this big: a mini version of this with magnets that I can hang on my refrig. What do you think? Can you adapt it? The wood would have to be much smaller and lighter weight than pallet wood, I think. And the rod would have to be shorter. I think they make pretty short ones. And, of course the paper would have to be narrower, but I think it could work. I’ll let you know if I try it.

  9. I love this! My only problem is my kids would use all the paper for drawing. 🙂 Pinning it!

  10. I LOVE this project so much Angie! Would be so cool to have in my workshop for sketches. I’d never loose a post it note ever again.. 🙂

    I’ve featured you this weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk 354. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  11. pauline morris says


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