Blue and White Delft Style Thrift Store Find

My daughter and I went out of town a few days ago, so we hit every thrift store we came across on the way.

I love thrift store shopping with her because our tastes are total opposites, so we’re never rivals when we’re out thrifting.

I thought we’d find lots of goodies, since many people declutter in January.

But it looked like the only decluterring people did was their closets.

Every store had racks and racks full of clothes, and lots of odds and ends junk.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t good junk, like old wood or rusty metal – the kind of junk I love.

It was true junk that I don’t think they could pay people to take.

Although the stores were a disappointment, I did find just one thing that I couldn’t pass up.

It’s a blue and white decorative vintage jello mold.

The design looks similar to Delft Blue pottery made in Holland, with the pretty blue brush strokes, like this tea set (affiliate link), but my jello mold was made in Japan.

These blue and white molds were just decorative and meant to be hung on a wall, but it’s just the right size to hold a pint of berries, so I’m using it as a little berry bowl instead.

I love this delft blue style blue and white decorative jello mold to use as a berry bowl in my farmhouse kitchen |

It may not be a true piece made in Delft, but it’s cute and I’ll enjoy using it.

blue and white decorative jello mold berries bowl |

If everything goes according to plan, next week I’ll be showing you why my daughter and I went out of town!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Really cute!!

  2. Can’t get enough blue and white!!! So nice!

  3. I’ve got one similar now I have a use for it. Thanks Angie!

  4. Oooh, my curiosity is really peaked! What could you and your daughter have been doing out of town?? Can’t wait to learn all the details. And, that’s a darling little bowl!

  5. I just found one like this like 2 weeks ago at a garage sale

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