Family Movie Night for My Really Weird Family + $50 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

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Gather your whole family together for a fun family movie night!

Here’s how do it with a free movie,  free printables, and a $50 Walmart gift card giveaway!

My family might look like a normal American family, but don’t let those smiling faces deceive you.

       We’re actually weird.

Christmas family photos - goofing around -

We’re really weird.

In fact, we rock at being weird. 🙂

When we are all together, we love to act crazy, try new things, and make memories.

So when my youngest son got his first cell phone a few weeks ago, the data plan included a free VUDU movie credit. He told me we could use the credit for a family movie night.

Can you guess what movie we watched?  (Hint – It has Mel Gibson and corn fields in it.)

It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

We even made headgear so the aliens couldn’t read our minds! 🙂

How to throw a fun oldies family movie night party everyone will enjoy |

The best way to plan a family movie night is to keep it affordable and easy, so you can focus on having fun.

So I’ll show you how I did it, and I have a $50 Walmart gift card a the end too.

First, here are the details about the Samsung Galaxy On5 and Walmart Family Mobile Plus Plan that made our movie night possible:

  • The Samsung Galaxy On5 is rollback priced at $69.  He was worried buying a phone would eat up his whole return, but was relieved that he had money left over to buy some clothes and save for other important purchases – like saving to buy his first car.
  • He chose the Walmart Family Mobile Plus Plan that has unlimited talk, text, & data for $49.88 that includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE† data then 2G.

He takes an online class, so the larger data plan was the smartest choice.  It doesn’t have any overage fees either.

  • Since Family Mobile bills you later, you only have to pay $19.88 for the SIM kit.  There is no activation fee.

The free movie credit is a great perk that comes with the plan.

Weird headgear wasn’t the only thing we had for our movie – I made an easy theater style concession stand too!

How to plan a family movie night with DIY theater concessions |

Supplies I used:  (includes a few affiliate links)

  • folding table
  • plastic table cloth
  • crate or drawer (the link for the tutorial to make the rustic drawer is below)
  • metal washtub
  • boxes of candy from the dollar store
  • white handled bags
  • bottles of soda
  • bag of ice
  • free printables below
  • double-sided tape

How I did it:

I printed the image below and hung it on the wall with double-sided tape.


Then I printed the popcorn label below at 3.5″ x 5″ size.  Four will fit on one page.


I taped the labels on the white bags, then filled them with fresh popcorn.

Family movie night theater popcorn bags free printable labels |

The candy and popcorn went in my DIY rustic drawer.

I love this drawer.  There are so many ways to use it.

Planning a family movie theater at home night is fun, easy and inexpensive with these tips |

I filled the metal washtub with ice and bottled drinks.  I love galvanized tubs so much!

Inexpensive and Easy Party Planning Ideas |

They loved getting to pick their favorite snacks and drink, without having to pay for them!

I’ve never really liked the big TV in our living room, but for family movie night it’s perfect.

We streamed the movie to our TV with Chromecast.

The best part is, we can have a family movie night every month, because the Walmart Family Mobile Plus Plan comes with with a free VUDU movie credit ($7 value), which is the same as a new release rental.

Easy Entry $50 Walmart Card Giveaway:

Just tell me your favorite family movies for teens and adults in the comments below.

That’s it!  That’s all you need to do to enter!

A winner will be announced on March 31st.

This giveaway is run by my site alone. Walmart Family Mobile, Powered by T-Mobile, Tracfone Wireless Inc., and Collective Bias are not responsible for the running of this giveaway in any way or the prize fulfillment.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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How to plan family movie night with a free movie and printables |

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. The Harry Potter movies are our family favorites.

  2. Our family still loves The Goonies.

  3. Rosie Carreno says

    We do the same we stream a movie and we all watch TV. I have three sons two live on there own and the youngest go to college and still lives at home. So I really love when my oldest which is 31 years old takes time to go home on Sundays to still what movies and brings his brother with him. We eat and we all watch a movie.

  4. Dawn Pinnataro says

    We can never get enough of the Star Wars series. Love those!!!

  5. Stephanie Phelps says

    Mrs. Doubtfire was always on of our favorites to watch as a family!

  6. Ellie Wright says

    Aliens in the Attic. My boys love it and I bet we’ve seen it 20 times. It doesn’t get old.

  7. Carol Whewell says

    DIRTY DANCING, oldie but goodie!!

  8. Our teen girls love Cheaper By The Dozen and we’ve watched it a million times. We recently watched Dr. Strange — it was strange, but good! 🙂

  9. Debbie Vetti says

    Debbie Vetti
    We all love the Sandlot!!!
    Have a blessed day.

  10. We love family movies about travel, like the movie “RV”.

  11. Dancing With Wolves. Kevin Costner is a family favorite.

  12. Sharri Sims says

    Our favorite are Star Wars movies.

  13. Amy Murillo says

    Labyrinth was a favorite when my kids were kids!

  14. A League of Their Own is a favorite!

  15. All the Star War movies! Love them all….”ET” is a close second.

  16. we seem to catch “field of dreams” often and love it every time!

  17. Jayme Coonce says

    Our favorite is The Princess Bride

  18. The movie is Sign. love that movie!

  19. We liked some Westerns so John Wayne in “The Cowboys”

  20. LaVonda Popp says

    Every summer when we went on vacation, we always found “War” and watched it. Even though my kids are 25 and 28 now, we watched it again during Christmas this year! As a Lipnicky would say “ding-diddly-ding-dong-ding”!!!

  21. Bonnie Martin says

    great pictures of the family and love your movie nite story..

  22. Kimberley A Mason says

    Our family favorite is Twister! We are grandparents with 12 grandchildren so we very on the movies. Anything Disney of course. But Twister is the most requested I guess because the story takes place in Oklahoma where we live. Love the movie night magic! Great ideas too!

  23. Mr. Mom or ET is some of my family’s favorite movies.


  25. Maria Acosta says

    I had my grandson this past weekend. We enjoyed watching all 7 of the Fast and Furious movies and The Super books

  26. Pam Ballard says

    Just watched the movie Step Mom with my granddaughter.
    She loved it. Always a go to movie for me.

  27. Christine A. Roppel says

    Every Friday at our house use to be: FFF (Family Fun Friday). We would all go to the video store together (just us 3) and pick out a movie. I always had the kids help make popcorn on the stove….yes, they complained at first…”awww, Mom, can’t we make it in the microwave???” But once they knew how it was made they were taking turns moving the pan back and forth and loved hearing the kernels pop. Then, since I am such an old move aficionado, I would make them watch an old movie once a month. They love them!
    The last one was “The Quiet Man” in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Wow, long story short, our “new
    movie” as a family is Tortilla Soup. Our old movie favorites are the “Thin Man” movies. Sorry about the rambling…can you tell I love movies? BTW, I’m pinning and making the popcorn bags!! So Fun!

  28. Our favorite family-friendly movie is the Goonies! The grandkids are now watching it so, so far we have four generations that have watched and love the movie!

  29. Julie Chase says

    Cracking up at the headgear?. With 5 kids, movie night was the closest we came to a night out…Twister was always a good one if it was stormy, Home Alone at Christmas and I’m not really sure why but Gremlins was something my kids always loved?BTW, weird is awesome❤

  30. Christy Frampton says

    We love Signs too! Napoleon Dynamite is always a hit with us too.

  31. Doc Hollywood and Six Days, Seven Nights are favorites, with Christmas Vacation EVERY Christmas Eve!

  32. Christa Bertram says

    Star Wars is always a big hit, but my kiddos are currently getting into musicals, so Hurray!

  33. We love “Signs” as well. We also like, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Rush Hour and Lethal Weapon!

  34. Kim Mullan says

    This is such a fun idea! Our favorite has always been Tommy Boy!

  35. The Blues Brothers!

  36. Cindy Downing says

    Any of the Hobbit movies!!

  37. Dee Johnson says

    I have always loved Freaky Friday.

  38. Lee Mckeon says

    We love all the Star wars movies!!

  39. Gypsyrose says

    Major Payne is our favorite

  40. I always enjoy watching Practical Magic or Troop Beverly Hills.

  41. Terry McCloskey says

    It’s been a long time since I have had teens in the house…in fact my oldest grandchild becomes a teen tomorrow but they live 13 hours away. So my fav movie is Return To Me.

    Fun Family times….love it

  42. Karen Reeves says

    We love to watch the Star Wars movies. We even got our daughter-in-law watching them one Christmas when we were all together. She had never seen any of them!

  43. I think my mom & I have watched Singing In The Rain a thousand times! Most definitely a favorite family movie for us.

  44. We like to watch funny movies as a family. My daughter usually picks a cartoon movie- she currently loves the movie Sing (it always trips me out when my kids think these old songs they redo in movies are new songs). My son tends to go for some classic Star Wars- he quite often walks around humming the tunes from those movies.

  45. The headgears are brilliant idea! My family loves Pixels.

  46. Peggie Russo-Millard says

    Home Alone 1 and 2

  47. My sons-now 29 and 31 loved Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, The Apple Dumplin Gang and Bed knobs and Broom Sticks. Watched these movies a ba-jillion times. Thanks for the reminder of good memories.

  48. Angie, you and your family are much like mine, we enjoy our “silly times” together and realize the importance of de-stressing, laughing, and not taking things seriously!! We are big fans of Harry Potter, Gremlins, and Shrek!

  49. We liked all of the Star Wars movies, Harry Potter, Shrek, Hunger Games, can’t think what else. I really like the tin foil hats; what a cute idea.

  50. Louise Teese says

    We love all different movies…
    October Sky, any Harry Potter movies, any Lord of the Rings, one of my sons LOVES Braveheart.

  51. Louise Teese says

    Oh, I forgot “The Replacements” with Keanu Reeves & Gene Hickman. My daughter and I love it!

  52. I drove an hour and a half to my sister’s house on Christmas and we watched “Fargo.” I asked her how Fargo is a Christmas movie and she said, “It has snow in it, doesn’t it?” We watched Fargo for three Christmases and it is a favorite memory of mine.

  53. We like to watch movies from the 80’s.

  54. It’s been a long time since I had teens, but we enjoyed Sabrina.

  55. Lynn Fowler says

    Hook is a great movie. We used to watch it at least once a week. Gilbert Grape, Pirates of the Carribean, Edward Scissorhands are all great Johnny Depp movies.

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