How To Make An Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall

How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Photo Gallery Wall When my mom came to visit a few weeks ago, I had a few pictures on the wall in the guest bedroom which looked great.  But it needed something else.  I decided to create an inexpensive photo gallery wall with fall-themed decor. Here’s how it looked when I started.  It looked good, but there was a ton of empty space under the photos. I don’t do empty space!

Lessons Learned on a Family Kayaking Trip

Lessons Learned on a Family Kayaking Trip Every year we go on a family kayaking trip.  I look forward to it every year.  Some trips are very memorable, like the time my sons climbed a short cliff and jumped into the water below and the year we stayed at a campground that had horrible karaoke music.  But this year, our family kayaking trip was memorable because I almost didn’t survive it. Literally.

Engagement Photos, Tree Hugging, and Amazing Views

When my son asked me to come visit him and his fiancée to take engagement photos, without hesitation I agreed. I’m not a people photographer, so I was a little nervous.  But if they weren’t too picky about how they turned out, I was willing to try. Here’s a quick collage to give you an idea of the photos I shot. If you want to see more photos and hear about my “adventure” taking their photos, you can see more below. {Read More}

Christmas Family Photos – The Miracle Edition!

Christmas family photos… It’s that joyful day of the year when mother cheerfully gathers her husband and offspring together, to capture a moment in time in their family story, and preserve it for posterity. Those happy family members look forward to it every year, with smiles on their faces, and joy in their hearts. Bwaa ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa

Same Story…Different Year Family Photos

The same thing happens once every year.   I announce to the family that it is time to get family photos taken…by me.   A universal groan raises the roof, and all the griping begins.  This sets the tone for our family photo shoot every.single.year.   I think many of you mothers will relate to the ordeal, but those of you who: a)  hire a photographer or go to a studio, or b) know how to operate your camera correctly may not. {Read More}

Proud Momma Moments

In hindsight, it seems it was a little prophetic that my son joined the Army Reserves.  When he was a freshman in high school, he and I were in a thrift store one day, when an Army recruiter approached him, thinking he was older than he was, and handed him a business card and encouraged him to consider the Army after high school.  At the time, I didn’t give it a second thought – it seemed so far away. Fast {Read More}

Family Photo {shoot them}

{Warning:  Some families are very, very careful about only using nice words with each other…mine is not.  Proceed at your own risk. :0} It started out as a good plan. “Let’s take our Christmas card photos today, beloved family,” said Mom. Things went downhill from there. You’d think my family would appreciate doing this in September, instead of the frigid November temperatures they endured last year. But, I guess 85 degrees and dripping humid isn’t much better than 15 degrees, {Read More}